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The All Purpose Booties You’ll Wear 7 Days A Week

Oct 19, 2017

Fall outfit inspiration

Ankle booties: Dolce Vita–also come in black. This pair is also very similar and comes in a really pretty deep chestnut color! Jeans: Rag & Bone and the J.Brand Maria’s are my other favorite pair  Reversible poncho: (yes! Reversible!) AQUAStriped turtleneck: old, but similar here and here! (up to 30% off right now!!) Sunnies: old, similar here

Happy Thursday!

We are ALMOST to the weekend–it’s so close I can taste it!

Today I’m thinking of going to scope out a new coffee shop–any reccos? I checked out the new Haven Lounge last week in the Den Theatre–have you been inside yet? It’s SO cute! (You can check out my full list of best Chicago coffee shops in this post, by the way!) Tomorrow I’m hoping to make it to Orange Theory and maybee squeeze in a lunch date with Shaheen at Janiks! I also have my cousin Kate’s bachelorette party coming up on Saturday which I am so excited for!

Anyway, we’re a little heavy on the outfit posts on the back half of this week–but you don’t mind, do you?! (Make sure to come back tomorrow for this week’s Capsule Wardrobe Remix post! It’s a good one you won’t want to miss!)

Shaheen and I shot this earlier this week when we were out and about–how pretty is this front stoop? No, it’s not mine. And yes, I am a COMPLETE creep. We walked by and saw it and were like OMG THIS HOUSE. WE HAVE TO SHOOT HERE.

Then we saw a car in the driveway and were afraid the owners were going to open the front door so we just kept whispering to each other and tried to shoot as fast as we could ? (Does anyone know the owners of this house? Can you tell them it’s my favorite one on the block? Hopefully they don’t mind.) The weird things I do for my job ?

Okay, had to tell you that story. NOW we can talk about the clothes.

all purpose booties

Well, specifically–let’s “kick off” (BA-DUM-PSHHHH. My sense of humor might be turning into a 45 year old dad’s?) with the booties. 

If you’re looking for chic, classic, affordable and comfortable booties that you can wear day in and day out–with a littttllee bit of a heel so you can feel good wearing them at night but not toooo much of a heel where you can’t walk a mile around the city in them [whew that was a long description] THESE. My friend. Are them.

They’re the Dolce Vita “Cassius” booties. (Also come in black!) And by the way, they’re on sale for up to 30% off! More details below…

The cutest Fall outfit: reversible poncho and all purpose booties

Why I love the Dolce Vita Cassius Booties

The brand:

I have loved Dolce Vita shoes for YEARS. Every pair I’ve owned has been so cute, really high quality as well as comfortable, and their prices are always really reasonable! (Under $200 for a quality pair of boots? Sign me uppp!) I also got these loafers that I’ll be sharing with you next week! Bloomingdales has quite a few really cute pairs of Dolce Vita shoes right now which you can shop right over on this page! I love Bloomies selection of both shoes and clothing–it’s always a really well-curated selection of items that are totally different than what you’d find anywhere else!

The color:

So, the color of these booties is honestly is not what they look like online. Online they look a bit darker brown, but they’re actually really beautiful light tan/taupe/grey color which looks really nice against their wooden heel! Also, if you aren’t into the light color, this similar pair, also by Dolce Vita, is very similar and is a really pretty rich, darker chestnut!

The shape:

I’m a firm believer in the fact that booties are most flattering when they have a bit of a pointed toe (not like, anything extreme, but, just slightly). An “almond” toe, if you will. Why? Because a pointed toe elongates your leg–a rounded one makes your feet and legs look more stubby. Because they are, well, booties–they already naturally cut you off at the ankle–having a pointed toe helps to counter-balance that!

Additionally, I also like that they’re cut a bit higher (slightly above the ankle) than normal booties because this means they hit at the thinnest part of the ankle–resulting in a more sleek, minimalistic, chic, look than say, a chunkier bootie that cuts you right at or below mid-ankle.

The price:

They’re only $140, which is a great price to begin with–but that’s NOT including the fact that they’re currently on-sale! (Hooray!) Right now, you can snap ’em up for 20% off (which is $112 if I’ve done my math correctly…)

Sizing info:

These run true to size, FYI, so order what you’d usually wear in flats!

So. Now that you’ve got the booties down, let’s talk about what to wear with ’em!

reversible poncho

Jess Keys of The Golden Girl blog

What to wear with these all purpose booties:

The answer is–honestly, everything. ? But today, I’m sharing one of my favorite combinations…

Reversible Plaid Poncho:

When I saw this reversible plaid poncho from AQUA (that’s Bloomingdales own brand, it’s super affordable and their stuff is so. Darn. Cute. It’s one of my favorite parts of shopping at Bloomingdales!) It comes in 3 different color combinations–plaid on one side, striped on the other! I’m also obsessed with this blanket scarf that is a similar color and pattern! (You can shop all AQUA stuff right here! They have the cutest dresses, too!)

High-waisted skinnies:

You’re like “blah blah blah, beat a dead horse, Jess, I know you love Rag & Bone jeans and that you wear yours 5 times a week.” But really, they’re high-quality, super comfy, and really flattering! What else is there to love?! My other favorite pair are the J.Brand Maria jeans, which come in a ton of washes and are part of the 20%+ sale, too!

Striped turtleneck:

Another staple I have worn over and over and overrrr for the last several years. Do you have that ONE item of clothing that you just can’t wait to pull out each fall? The striped turtleneck is probably my #1! It’s so great for layering!

all purpose booties paired with a reversible poncho for Fall

all purpose booties

[one-half-first]Reversible Poncho[/one-half-first][one-half]

Reversible and super versatile Poncho for Fall


every day ankle boots

What is your favorite way to wear ankle booties this fall?

Thanks to Bloomingdales (a retailer I love and shop at often!) for sponsoring this post! 

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