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Sep 18, 2017

Anddd WE'RE BACK | Jess And Neal wedding



I can’t thank you enough for your understanding and patience with my falling off the face of the earth these past couple of weeks! As many of you read in this post on Instagram, things didn’t exactly go as planned for our wedding. Long story short, due to a heartbreaking forest fire in the Columbia River Gorge, we had to change our wedding venue just three days before the wedding, and essentially, we planned an entirely new wedding in 36 hours. (We didn’t even know where we were getting married when we landed in Portland on Wednesday morning.)

More to come, and I’ll definitely be spilling all the details, but at the moment, today, I’m working on catching up on more awesome content for you guys so we can get back in the swing of things! (You have NO idea how liberating it is to now be able to have my full brain capacity back, haha! GLORIOUS!)

Okay, that’s all for now, just wanted to give you an update and say thank you thank you. So many people have said, “you must have been so glad you had a social media break!” and honestly, I didn’t feel that way at all. I really missed you, and I’m so thankful to have such an awesome community of “internet friends” to get back to 😉

Also, I couldn’t not share my favorite photo yet–taken by, of course, who else?

Kelly–who stepped in as my second shooter (along with Mitch, Cassandra, and Shaheen’s help, too) when, of course, something happened to mine day of and she was unable to make it! I was so upset at the time that Kelly had to do double bridesmaid/photographer duty. And honestly, I still am, but it truly makes this photo even that much more special. I love you Kelly!

The moral of the story is–the day didn’t go as we planned, and everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, but we have never felt more loved by our family and friends, or more in love with one another, and it just served as further proof that as long as we have each other, we can tackle anything. Neal, I am so proud to be your wife.

…like I said, more to come later. See you back here tomorrow!



P.S. My dress is custom designed with Lova Weddings, but you can now buy it as part of her new line–our new venue was the gorgeous Bella Madrona Gardens, and none of this would’ve been possible without my INCREDIBLE wedding planner, Becky Hart of Event Crush.

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