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Amazing On-Sale Fall Essentials

Okay okay, don’t get all fussy on me for posting fall stuff yet because I am NOT LETTING GO OF SUMMER YET. 

However, there are some pretty good deals that are coming to end soon (this weekend!) with the Nordstrom Sale, and I couldn’t let you pass those up, could I? 


So, click any of the products above to shop! There are a ton of great fall essentials at great prices–including some reaaalllyyy cute transitional pieces that you can start wearing now, and well into the winter.

…And there’s also the less-exciting stuff more closely associated with major temperature drops, butttt you should still buy them right now to save the major $$ (looking at you, Patagonia zip-ups at less than $100 and Duck Boots for $79!) 

Remember, the sale ends on 8/7, so make sure to stock up while you can! 

Anyway–what are you guys up to this weekend? I’m so excited because it’s my good friend Kristine’s wedding! She’s getting married at Nellcote which is only one of the most beautiful restaurants in Chicago–so to say we’re giddy about that would be an understatement! 

Neal and I are also looking forward to actually getting out and about exploring our neighborhood. I keep telling him that he needs to get a bike so we can go on bike rides, but secretly I think he’s stalling because he thinks that’s too dorky of an #adulting activity to do ;-P 

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing weekend, and happy shopping!