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My favorite A.Golde jean shorts review

Apr 13, 2021

Favorite A.Golde jean shorts on sale!

Abercrombie oversized tie dye tee (wearing large, sized up for LR), AGolde shorts 

Whenever this time of year rolls around, I always get asked what my favorite pair of jean shorts are, and right now, my #1 most recommended pair are on sale during the Shopbop event–but they won’t last for long! Right now, Shopbop is running their buy more, save more sale.

Favorite A.Golde jean shorts on sale!

How to get the most savings during the sale: You have to hit the $200 spend threshold in order to get 15% off, but here’s the trick to doing so (and I’d recommend doing it anyway, because #onlineshopping)–if you want to buy the shorts and nothing else, buy them in two sizes, try on both pairs, see what works best, and then return the size that doesn’t work. You’ll hit the threshold for the discount, ensure you get the best-fitting pair, and you’ll get the best price! If you want to add anything to your order, you’ll hit a 20% off discount if you hit a $500 threshold. (More Shopbop sale picks at the bottom of this post!) 

Shopbop has Amazon Prime shipping and includes a free return label in every order. (Just make sure to return the pair that doesn’t work within two weeks!)

Now, about the shorts! 

For years now I’ve been a big fan of A.Golde jean shorts–I finally took the plunge and got the Parker shorts (specifically this pair!) a few years back, and they are still a favorite to this day and I highly recommend those if you are going for something a little shorter and more distressed! It looks like they recently came out with a longer Parker pair too, so might be worth adding those to your cart to try on too! (Again, Shopbop has such easy returns!)

This year though, I decided to invest in a pair that are a little bit longer and provide a bit more coverage. (Not to mention, my Parker pair was purchased PRE pandemic–so after going up a size or two and THEN getting pregnant on top of that, I wanted a pair that realistically fit my body moving forward). So, I sprung for the A.Golde Relaxed Reese shorts–I was not disappointed!

Now, of course, keep in mind that I could button them for approximately one wear before LR got too big for them to button properly (I bought them before our Florida trip) but I know I will wear them for many occasions and years to come! Right now, I can easily still get away with a belly band/the rubber band trick, along with a long tee or tunic. So that’s my plan for the next couple of months as the temps heat up.

What I love about these shorts: 

They’re not too short, not too tight, are high-waisted–which emphasizes your waist and gives you some great coverage at the same time–and the relaxed fit means they’re not tight on my thighs which I very much appreciate. I also love the raw hem which will only look more vintage with wear. Truly the perfect summer shorts with a little more coverage than your average daisy dukes.

(Tip: you should always wash your denim as little as humanly possible. And never dry raw hems in the dryer to prevent too much fraying!)

Sizing: I sized up so they would be roomy postpartum. But the reviews say they run true to size. But like with most no-stretch denim, expect them to mold to your body/stretch a bit with wear.

Color/wash: The pair I’m wearing here is “Wonder” which is the exact wash you see in the photos. I definitely think the wash appears darker, not as blue on the website. I would describe these as a classic light blue denim wash–made to look like your favorite go-to pair of vintage jeans.

Are they worth the price?! 

Believe me, the sticker shock is real. (It took me two years of my friends raving about this brand of shorts to take the plunge for that reason!) But I have never loved any other shorts nearly as much.

If you have the budget (and only if you have the budget, nobody NEEDS expensive jean shorts) I found that I have worn my A.Golde shorts 10 fold more than I have ever worn any pair of budget jean shorts. They hold up, they last, they’re comfy. And they make me feel confident (which is hard to find). I have worn my one pair more than I have worn the last 5 budget pairs over the years combined. So for me, investing in a nice pair is worth it!

Favorite A.Golde jean shorts on sale

Favorite A.Golde shorts

Favorite A.Golde jean shorts

Other things to buy during the Shopbop sale:

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My favorite (pre pregnancy, pre pandemic) jeans–Levi’s Wedgie Jeans

Now I’m off for my morning walk! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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