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Beach towel A-Game: 15 adorable versions under $30

May 7, 2015

There’s really nothing worse than being that girl with the icky towel on the beach, right?

Okay, there’s a lot worse, but still. It’s always embarrassing when you run into friends on the beach and you’re all like, “Oh, that’s our spot over there! With the-um-ratty little mermaid bath towel?” 

The other annoying thing is that beach towels often come with a hefty price tag. Why? I have no idea, but no, I’m not forking over $150 for a piece of terrycloth that is going to get grimy with sand in less than 2 seconds. Now, $29? That sounds much better!

So I was really excited when I came accross the beach towels at One King’s Lane. That’s one website I always forget about, until I happen across it again and I think to myself, “oh my GOSH if I could LIVE in a website it would be this one!” And their beach towel game? Totally on point.

So, without further delay, I present to you, 15 adorable (and affordable) beach towels.




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