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The woes of finding the perfect swimsuit (and finally pulling the trigger on the high-waisted trend!)

Jun 11, 2015

Strapless/halter swim top and high waisted bottoms: c/o Aerie // Sunnies: c/o Aerie // Rings: (old) similar here and here // Striped beach wrap: c/o Aerie // Straw beach bag: Target 

Admired high waisted bathing suits from afar, but never actually thought you could pull it off?

Me too. But turns out, they’re freaking A-DORABLE, and this one didn’t make me look or feel like a grandma at all (contrary to popular belief). Even Neal admitted he actually loved it.

I have major issues with bathing suits. I can never find tops that fit properly. Evidently I am more weirdly shaped the the majority of women because swim shopping is possibly one of the most difficult things I have to do on a yearly basis. (Actually, I never ever shop for bathing suits because it’s so frustrating I just give up.)

Example: over Memorial Day weekend at the lake house, Neal confessed to me that the bathing suit I was wearing looked ratty. When did I buy that?

In fact, I had purchased it Freshman year of college. So there we go.

Luckily, days later, the lovely team at Aerie must have sensed I needed a bathing suit overhaul, because they offered to send me a suit of my choice. Which (obviously) put me in a big of a panic.

I first ordered a different version, but it didn’t fit quite right. Then I ordered the one you see above, and it was perfect.

First let’s discuss the top. The versatility factor of the halter vs strapless is a favorite of mine, and a swimsuit with a tie in the back is a must-have, because the ones that aren’t adjustable never fit snug enough around my ribcage.

Second, the bottoms. I’m wearing them high waisted here, but you can roll them down to be mid-rise, or even bikini cut. Plus, it’s really comfortable!

I know, I know, you’re going to tell me that you don’t want weird tan lines from high waisted bathing suits. And I agree with you–there are certain occasions for certain bathing suits.

For pool parties and social activities, I will opt for this high-waisted version going forward because it’s A. Adorable (obviously) and B. It’s no secret of mine that it’s been about 2 years since I’ve seen the inside of an actual gym, so running around in public clad in little more than dental floss is not at the top of my priority list.

For your average “I’m not here to socialize” pool day or lake trip with girlfriends, a significant other, or your family, of course–roll the bottoms down (or opt for a classic bikini) on the days where your sole goal is getting some color.

Neal and I shot this at his rooftop pool (he’s back in action as Kelly was on the East Coast this week and Blair was busy packing for her upcoming London trip!) I’m definitely going to miss the views at this place when he moves out! It has the most amazing view of Navy Pier (perfect for summer fireworks).

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