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Adorable iPhone backgrounds you need right now

Aug 19, 2015


Every so often, you need a little bit of change, you know?

Sometimes all it takes to satisfy that little itch is something like, er, changing up your iPhone wallpaper. (Is it sad that iPhone backgrounds are the type of change I get excited about?)

If like me, you’re also in the market for a little iPhone background switch-er-roo, I picked out a few that I think you’ll love!


Feeling Lucky 

I loved this cheery typeface from LaurenConrad.com! It’s always good to be reminded that you’re a lucky girl, even if you’re having a bad day–don’t you think?


Confetti Sparkle 

How fun is this wallpaper by Sweet C Designs? Every time you unlock your phone, you’ll feel a little sparkle.


Cactus Flower 

Who doesn’t love a cute cactus? I’m getting back to my Arizona roots with this one from Free People.


Pineapple Express 

PINEAPPLES. AGH. Why are they so cute!? Modcloth for the win on this one.


Singing the Blues 

I just stumbled upon this blog to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. I’m a sucker for great design, and all of May Design’s options do not disappoint, especially this beautiful blue pattern. She has tons of amazing iPhone backgrounds to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one!


Leaf Me Be 

(My puns are getting out of control.) I’m not entirely sure this print I found on Tumblr is supposed to be an iPhone background, but it sure is cute!


Where else have you found cute iPhone backgrounds? 

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