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ABLE Merly Jean Jacket Review

ABLE Merly Jean Jacket Review

*This post brought to you in partnership with ABLE* 

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Happy Friday!

How was your week? I hope it was a great one as we continue to fly through December. Sometimes I feel like the holidays are so busy and stressful (mostly due to work with me–this being my busy season) that I want a Christmas after Christmas. Like when you’re exhausted from vacation and you need a vacation? Do you feel like that too?

If you’ve been searching for a great jean jacket to round out your wardrobe, I have a treat for you today, because (today only!) ABLE is running a surprise special on their much-loved Merly jean jacket–marking it down $35 today, but you can use my code JESSKEYS20 on top of that to knock off 20% on top of the special price–bringing the total down to $98! 

Due to this one-day-only occasion, I thought it was only fitting (haha, see what I did there?) to do a little review of it–I get many questions on it (as well as their Maha leather jacket–another ABLE staple in my wardrobe–that review will be coming in a couple of weeks when they do a re-stock, so keep an eye out!)

Let’s chat more about the Merly!

ABLE Merly Jean Jacket Review:

ABLE Merly Jean Jacket Review

Outfit details here 

Able Wardrobe Staples

Outfit details here 

Before I started working with ABLE, they generously offered to gift me some items last spring to test drive so I could assess whether or not we would be a good match for a partnership! (I was a quick convert as a customer as well as a brand partner!) I was really drawn to the mission of the brand and how their entire reason for existing is to provide women around the world with job opportunities and economic advancement. (You can read more about their mission here!)

The Merly was one of the first items I tried from ABLE and it was definitely a standout to me along with their leather bags. (I review all my favorite ABLE items in this post, if you’re curious! Just note my new code is JESSKEYS20 and not the one listed in that particular post!)

I will admit at first I wasn’t sure if the Merly jacket was going to be too distressed for me, but I have heard Karla rave about it for so long (and I trust her recommendations implicitly and she also has style similar to my own) I wanted to try. I asked you all on IG stories if you had it and what your thoughts were–and you all convinced me to give it a whirl–I’m so glad I did!

What I love about the Merly jacket:

It’s more distressed than the classic jean jacket, but it’s definitely not too much once you have the jacket on and see it with the rest of your outfit. (You know me, I don’t own a lot of distressed things!)

I like it because it’s different than my classic jean jacket! It’s got a more vintage feel, it’s WAY softer (SO SO SOFT) and more comfortable, and I think it adds a little more personality to your outfits! Right out of the box, it already feels like that homey, lived-in piece you’ve had and loved for years.

Where/how can I wear it?

The great thing about any jean jacket is that it’s truly a year-round staple. (Of course, if you live somewhere with cold winters, you’ll have to layer on top of it) but even in the dead of summer, I like to have a jean jacket with me to battle the chilly AC!

In terms of how to style it–a classic jean jacket goes with just about anything! I even have a reader who wore her Merly jacket with her wedding dress to her wedding reception. ♥️

I will say something to keep in mind is that the original wash is distressed. So it can tend to feel a bit more casual than a non-distressed jean jacket–but I still wear it with the same things, if that makes sense. I also don’t feel like one kind of jean jacket can be more “dressy” than another–at the end of the day, a denim jacket is a denim jacket–you know? But it’s just about YOUR personal style and what you want out of your jacket! I still wear mine out to dinner with a pair of heels and I feel like that’s plenty dressed up for me!

Sizing Tips for the Merly: 

I can only speak to the fit of the original wash (they’ve since added two more washes though–a non-distressed blue and a faded black–which they say to size up in!)

I ordered both the small and medium of the original wash to ensure I chose the best fit. You can do the same if you’d like, as they have 30 day free returns and exchanges!

I personally found that I liked sizing up to a medium better because I wanted a more relaxed fit, but the small still looks cute! It just depends on how you want it to fit, but overall, the consensus among you all was to go up a size! (I also happened to be pregnant at the time, so the extra room was nice–however, I still love the fit now–sans bump, the medium was still the right choice!)

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I hope this was helpful! Remember, the $98 price is good for today only! (Use JESSKEYS20 at checkout!) More questions on the Merly? Feel free to follow along + DM me on Instagram! 

Huge shout out to ABLE for their amazing continued partnership–I hope you adore their items and mission as much as I do! Thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog going! ♥️