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How to Mix and Match a Matching Set 5 Ways!

Sep 21, 2021

How to Mix and Match a Matching Set

Top // Joggers // Mules (also available on Amazon! This pair is a similar woven look for $100) 


Okay not like, actually BACK BACK to posting 5 days a week, but, this is my first real “outfit styling” post since June arrived and I feel like that counts for something! ???? Realistically, I think more regularly scheduled programming can be expected after October is over, when June is in daycare and after my trip to Paris. (Remember when I was like, “maybe I’ll start blogging again after a month at home with June!” I know all you experienced moms were snickering to yourselves. HA.) 

Anyway, during my maternity break, I’m beyond thrilled to have signed a long term partnership with one of my favorite brands, ABLE! If you’ve been following for a while, you know how much I love them and what an honor I consider this to be! ???? They are a smaller brand with a HUGE heart–and their goal is to empower women around the world, providing them with job opportunities by helping to produce their ethically made clothes, shoes, and accessories. Every ABLE item purchased helps women provide for themselves and their families! My stories today are sponsored by ABLE, but I wanted to make this into a blog post too! 

How to Mix and Match a Matching Set 5 Ways

ABLE has some REALLY great items for fall, and what you see in this post today is just the beginning! Today I’m styling their Cher patch pocket top and Chelsea joggers which can be worn as a set, or mixed and matched! I’m about to show you just how versatile these two can be! As always, you can get 25% off your entire order (minus a few exclusions here and there) with code JESSKEYS25. The code can also be used multiple times for repeat purchase as well! 

Let’s talk a little more about these pieces, shall we? 

SO comfortable: They’re made of lyocell, so they’re SUPER soft, and the fabric is really pretty and drapey, so it looks a bit more elevated than your basic button down or pair of joggers! At first, I wasn’t sure if the cargo style was really “me”–but when I tried it on and styled it, I was sold! 

One thing to note: This fabric DOES wrinkle, but the wrinkles steam out very, very easily. As someone who can’t stand wrinkles and steams almost everything before putting it on anyway, that doesn’t bother me at all. As long as I hang up the top after I wear it, it doesn’t need another steaming before the next wear. Just wanted to share as an FYI, if you’re someone who refuses to buy anything that wrinkles, that might be a deal breaker for you! 

Very versatile: I love these pieces worn together, or apart, because they’re comfortable enough to work from home in, but look polished enough to wear to the office, on zoom, to a meeting, on a date, out to drinks, for travel–I honestly can think of very few situations in which you couldn’t make these pieces work! 

Sizing: I think these items run true to size, but if you’re in between, I would size down, not up, as the cut is loose and flowy! I’m wearing smalls in both. 

How to style them as a set

And tips for styling any loose-fitting outfit! 

ABLE Cher patch pocket top and Chelsea joggers 

One thing I will note, is that these items, when styled together (like any boxy or loose-fitting outfit) will need some styling in order to look flattering and chic! Here is what I did. You can use these tips for any outfit to make it look more polished! 

How to make a loose-fitting outfit look chic and flattering: 

I hear from people all the time who say, “I can never make loose things look good on me!” but that’s simply not true–you just have to know how to style them! Can you believe this is even the same outfit? All it takes are a few little tweaks to make this set go from looking like PJ’s to a chic, casual outfit perfect for working from home, running errands, a coffee date with your bestie, school drop off, you name it! 

Cuff the pants: 

I prefer a pant that hits me above the ankle. I just think it’s a much more flattering cut that makes your legs look longer! You can apply this trick with any kind of pant (jeans included–I often roll my jeans!) 

Front tuck the top: 

Front tucking will forever be my #1 styling tip. It just makes EVERY outfit look more put-together and flatters your outfit by defining your waist. Tip: Pull your shirt forward, give it a little twist, tuck it, then pull it out slightly. This should make the material fall nicely! 

Unbutton the top button (or two): 

Showing off your collarbone is a really great way to take a button-down from frumpy/stuffy to polished with a little “something.” I often will unbutton one button for a more professional/conservative setting, and two buttons for a night out. 

Roll the sleeves: 

I always, always roll my sleeves or push them up. This is another tip if you can’t quite figure out why your outfit doesn’t look “finished.” It’s also a surefire way to avoid looking frumpy or messy! 

Add a pointed toe shoe for extra polish: 

Of course, this outfit would look great with a sneaker too! But if you’re going for a more polished/chic look, a shoe with a pointed toe will go a long way here. (Here I’m wearing my Freda Salvador mules which I adore!) You could also add something with a small /low heel! 

How to mix and match this set for every occasion or kind of weather! 

How to Mix and Match a Matching Set

Top (TTS, wearing small) // Belt (TTS) // Booties (TTS) // Jeans (TTS, see sizing note below)// Use code JESSKEYS25 for 25% off ABLE items!

This is one of my go-to fall outfit formulas: A button down, a great-fitting pair of jeans, and neutral booties. (Really, it’s been my go-to for years–just see this blog post!)

The booties:

If you’re looking for a well-made pair of leather booties, these nubuck ones from ABLE are really beautiful. I think they have the perfect heel height and the perfect slightly pointed (but not too pointed) toe. Obviously it hasn’t been chilly enough for me to wear them out in the wild, but at first test-drive, I think they’re very comfortable–they don’t seem like they’ll need a ton of breaking in, but my guess is that they’ll take a couple wears. Use JESSKEYS25 for 25% off. 

Tip: make sure to get a nubuck waterproofing spray as well as some nubuck cleaner to keep them looking good! (I don’t have a brand I’m loyal to.) 

The belt: 

I feel as though it has been…years?…since I got a new belt? Why have I forgotten about leather belts? They’re so great! Per usual, Able hits another beautiful leather item out of the park with this belt. I love the slightly western feel it has to it, giving your outfit that “perfectly imperfect” vibe. Use JESSKEYS25 for 25% off. 

The jeans:

The first (and only, if we’re being honest) pair of jeans I’ve purchased postpartum. I didn’t have any jeans that fit me, and after bringing a child into this world, the least I could do was buy myself a pair of properly fitting jeans that made me feel great and not like I was trying to stuff myself into a sausage casing.

Luckily we have a Levi’s store nearby, so I went in and tried on the 501’s–a classic pair I’ve had my eye on for a couple of years now, and I bought them. Highly recommend! They’re a vintage-style straight leg–no stretch, but they do stretch out and mold to your body beautifully! Hard for me to judge pant size at the moment but I believe they’re true to size–they definitely will stretch out to fit to your body, so you want them pretty tight at first! 

Matching set worn 5 ways

Top (TTS, wearing small) // Alo Bike shorts (TTS, wearing small) // Sneakers (TTS) // Bag // Use code JESSKEYS25 for 25% off ABLE items!

The great thing about this top is that I think it’s a great length to wear it untucked with a pair of bike shorts (for warmer temps) or leggings (for cooler temps!) Whether you’re walking to grab coffee on a weekend morning, or you’re working from home but need to look professional from the waist up for zoom meetings–this is the perfect outfit option! 

The shorts:

I’ve had these Alo shorts for a couple of years now and they are some of my favorites! I really like that they’re thicker, so there’s no show through, and I love the 6″ length. Included in my roundup of favorite bike shorts

The shoes:

These are also from Freda Salvador! Fully reviewed in my favorite white sneakers blog post. Since I purchased them, they’ve been my #1 most worn sneaker, and actually–one of my most worn shoes of all time! A slip-on sneaker that was not a mule is something I didn’t know I needed, but I can now never be without. ???? These are SO comfortable and I also love the d’Orsay cut, which not only makes them slip-on-able (that’s a word now), but it gives them a more feminine flair than most sneakers have. They were well worth the investment! 

The ABLE Abera convertible backpack purse

The ABLE Abera convertible backpack purse: (Save $50 with code JESSKEYS25)

This little purse has become my go-to purse anytime I leave the house, with or without June! It’s the PERFECT size and can transform into whatever kind of bag I need it to be–whether that’s diaper bag essentials for June, work essentials, like my 13″ MacBook and notebook for working at a coffee shop, or fitting my big DSLR camera and a scarf for travel–it’s an on-the-go staple you will love for years. It’s the ideal bag for someone who wants *just enough* stuff but doesn’t want to haul around a big full sized tote or backpack! The straps also clip off, so you can carry it as a regular handbag! 

How to Mix and Match a Matching Set

 Tee // Joggers // Similar cardigan here and also love this versatile one // Sneakers Use code JESSKEYS25 for 25% off ABLE items!

And now, for more ways to style the pants! 

Many of you asked for cute work from home outfits, and that is what you shall receive! I love that these joggers are more elevated and stylish than your average sweatpants! I threw on a tee and a cardigan and it’s zoom-approved, but feels like PJ’s! 

The tee: 

I think the Mae Drapey tee was the first thing I ever got from ABLE, and it got me hooked on the brand! I have the tee in both white and black. It’s incredibly soft, the perfect drapey material, and the white is not remotely see through–which is huge! ???????? It’s stretchy and easy to knot and front tuck, but hits at a really flattering length if you prefer to wear it tucked-out. 


The one I’m wearing here is old, but this one is similar! I also love this version from ABLE because it buttons and can also be worn as a dress! (Use code JESSKEYS25 for 25% off!) 

How to Mix and Match a Matching Set

Jean jacket (see sizing below) //  Tee // Joggers // Mules (also available on Amazon! This pair is a similar woven look for $100) // Backpack (reviewed here!) Use code JESSKEYS25 for 25% off ABLE items!

Last but not least, a travel-inspired look for your next plane or road trip! I always try to wear something comfy and an outfit full of staples I’ll get a lot of wear out of during my trip, along with some easy to slip-off shoes! I like this outfit because it’s basically an elevated version of sweats, but more pulled-together and polished! (You never know who you’ll meet on an airplane!) 

The jacket:

You first saw me review the Merly jacket here and it’s truly an incredible jacket. It is so, so soft and comfortable–it’s also a longer length and has more distressing than my classic jean jacket. It’s also a GG reader favorite! I went up a size to a medium for an oversized fit! 

The backpack: 

I LOVE the Alem backpack. I use it for work, travel, and as a diaper bag! You can see my full review of the Able Alem backpack here! My code gets you a big discount too! 

Able Alem backpack

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed this little wardrobe remix session! 

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