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Abercrombie Try On: 7 New Casual Summer Staples

Abercrombie Try On

Happy Friday!

I know I’m basically a weather girl these days. (Just call me Cheryl, minus the cute beagle.) Midwesterners cannot stop complaining about the weather. If you live in the Midwest, you’re tired of complaining, if you don’t, you’re tired of listening. 😆 I KNOW, I KNOW.

BUT…guess what? Summer temps are FINALLY in the forecast for next week!! So… I finally don’t feel guilty posting summer items as the weather is finally going to be warm! 😂

I don’t know about your thoughts on the matter, but in my opinion, Abercrombie has been KILLING the game lately–from great basics to cocktail dresses, it seems like they have really cute on-trend items for every occasion. I ordered a few new pieces from them and thought I’d do a little try on in case you’ve also been in the market for any of these.

If you’re not in the market to shop, why not hop over to the Explore section of the blog to find a different blog post that might serve you better? Right this way, Madame!

Still here? OK! Guess you’re in the shopping mood then. Let’s jump in. 😉

Abercrombie Try-On:

cropped henley tank white
cropped henley tank black

2 Pack cropped henley tanks:

First up are these great cropped tanks! I was in the market for some comfy tank tops to wear casually with jeans, jean shorts, and bike shorts, so I decided to order this two pack, which is a great deal for $39! It comes with a black tank and a white tank, and I love that they’re perfect with high waisted bottoms! Exactly what I was looking for–something easy but cute to throw on in the summer, and will look cute dressed up with jeans, heels, and a leather jacket!

Dad shorts:

I purchased my first pair of Abercrombie Dad jean shorts right after I had June. (Obviously none of my other jean shorts fit me at the time, and after so many months of waiting to wear jean shorts, I wasn’t going to let that stop me! CANNOT emphasize enough that it’s important to *buy the size that fits you NOW*–you’ll feel SO much better and so much like yourself!)

Anyway, the pair I bought right after having June no longer fit as my body has changed over the past year, so I ordered them again this year in the size that fits me best now so I could compare. I love them just as much! They are a bit longer in length than your average pair of jean shorts, but not TOO long, and they are roomy in the thigh. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative (similar, but not identical!) than the A.Golde Parker Long shorts, then I highly recommend these!

The one’s I’m wearing here are the original fit, but they also come in curve! If you find that you typically always have gaps in your waist, then try the curve line, because the hip to waist ratio is different! So many of you rave about the curve line!

Sizing: Run TTS, I’m wearing size 26

Puff sleeved crop | Abercrombie Try On
Red Puff sleeved crop top | Abercrombie Try On
Red Puff sleeved crop top | Abercrombie Try On

Puff sleeved crop:

“Date night tops” continue to be the number one request from you all, so I’m always on the hunt! I LOVE this one, especially in this beautiful punchy red! It might be my favorite thing of the whole bunch. (OK maybe tied with the white linen shorts, but I’m fairly certain that my date (ahem, Neal) would argue this top is his favorite by a landslide 😆)

The sleeves are a cotton material (almost poplin-like in their volume but softer and less prone to wrinkle than poplin is!) and the body is a SUPER soft lightweight rib, so it’s formfitting. I was worried it was going to be too cropped (it looks very short in the photos) but it’s perfect with high-waisted shorts, jeans, skirts, etc. The sleeves can be worn on or off the shoulder!

Sizing: TTS, wearing small. I would say I have an average length torso.

White linen shorts for summer

White linen shorts:

These shorts definitely exceeded my expectations! I never imagined them to be so soft! And I love that they’re elastic waist in the back, but a clasp in the front, ensuring a polished look that is super comfortable. They’re polished, but so soft you’ll want to wear them everywhere. It’s also nice that they’re a longer length! A really nice pair to have in your wardrobe that is easy to dress up, long enough even to wear into the office, and just as comfortable as your elastic-waist shorts!

Sizing: TTS, I’m wearing smalls!

Abercrombie Linen blend crop top

Linen blend crop top:

Another slam dunk! Not only does it have elastic smocking across the back to ensure a great fit, it also has adjustable straps that adjust via button holes in the back. The straps are also wide enough to cover bra straps! (I know many of you prefer to wear regular bras, so I always like to note this!) If you’re a big stickler about bra straps slipping out/showing, of course that will happen from time to time, so it really depends on. your own preferences! (I prefer to wear petals or a sticky bra!) I love the semi-sweetheart neckline, and the fact that it comes in lots of amazing colors/patterns! Gives me Reformation vibes for sure.

Sizing: TTS, wearing small. I have an average length torso.

Smocked maxi dress

Smocked maxi dress:

You know I cannot resist a smocked maxi. I think they’re the easiest, cutest, most convenient thing to throw on in the summer and I especially LIVED in these postpartum! (This would be a great thing to wear home from the hospital is it’s plenty voluminous for your postpartum diapers, haha!) You can get away with no bra OR if you prefer to wear one, the straps are easily wide enough to cover it! It comes in lots of colors as well, but I have a weakness for yellow and gingham!

Sizing: I got an XS and it’s too tight in the top so I have to exchange it. Should’ve gone with a small. I would go with your larger size if you’re a range, or you’re regular size!

Hope this turned you onto some fun new pieces!