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A no-cook, low-effort summer salad

A no-cook, low-effort summer salad

Back with another no-recipe recipe today! Okay, actually, I did base this off of a recipe–a Barefoot Contessa recipe, but it doesn’t actually require one. No real measuring here–and barely any slicing or chopping, either!

A no-cook, low-effort summer salad

When I saw this heirloom tomato and blue cheese summer salad, I knew it was the perfect thing to whip up for a summer dinner alongside a store-bought rotisserie chicken. I added some bagged arugula with some avocado for extra greens–but you don’t even NEED that!

All you need is some sliced heirloom tomatoes (regular ones work fine if you don’t have access to heirlooms–but they’re the best picked up at the farmer’s market!), some good blue cheese to crumble over the top (I like to ask at the cheese counter–we don’t like super strong blue cheese, so I ask their intel on a mild variety!) with fresh herbs (I used basil and dill) over the top. Added bonus: some sliced red onion is delicious too!

Drizzle with your favorite good quality finishing olive oil and vinegar (I LOVE this champagne vinegar but Ina calls for red wine vinegar) and the final touch: sea salt and black pepper. You’ve got a delicious, fresh summer meal that requires ZERO cooking. And if you want step by step instructions, see Ina’s recipe right here!

I like to serve mine with rotisserie chicken, but it would also make a delicious side for grilled chicken, pork chops, steak, or fish! Or, it could be a vegetarian meal all on its own with just the addition of some crusty bread! (Perfect for a picnic!)

Hope you love this one as much as I do!