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A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy’s Grooming Routine!

A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy's Grooming Routine!

Hey gals!

Neal here taking over the blog again, thanks for having me back! Today I’m excited to be diving into a “guy” topic that Jess gets a lot of requests about, such as…

“How do I get my husband to adopt a skincare routine?” 
“Does Neal have any good, budget-friendly men’s grooming products he recommends?” 
“How do I convince my husband that anti-aging is important?” 
“Has Neal found a clean deodorant that actually works?” 

The theme here seems to be that while YOU don’t need to be convinced of the importance of a quality skincare and haircare products, you may not necessarily be able to say the same about the men in your life.

That being said, we think you’re going to love today’s post. Jess and I are both really thrilled to be teaming up with an awesome (clean!) men’s brand called Every Man Jack to be reviewing their skin, body, and hair products. (Plus, you guys get a special discount too––enter code JESS20 for 20% OFF sitewide and 30% off your first subscription through 12/19/19 until 11:59pm PT!)

Now, I’d like to point out that we’ve actually been approached by quite a few competitors (I’m sure you can guess which ones) to work together, but always turned them down because we didn’t feel it was a fit, or we didn’t feel the products were up to par. (As you can probably guess, I’m a little bit of a product snob.)

I have been using Every Man Jack’s body wash for a while now–I found it perusing Amazon–it was affordable with clean ingredients, and had great reviews––AKA the “add to cart” trifecta.

It was a home run, so I’ve been repurchasing it since.

I had yet to try their other products though, so when Jess’ friend moved jobs to work at Every Man Jack, she was so nice and sent us a ton of products to test out. I was so impressed with them that we both knew it was a no-brainer “YES” when they asked if we’d be interested in teaming up for an official sponsorship. So, that brings us here today!

It seems like there is definitely a hole in the market right now for affordable, clean men’s grooming products––and Every Man Jack absolutely fills that void. Their branding was spot on in naming it “Every Man Jack” because I truly think these products are for every guy–whether that’s your significant other, brother, dad, or grandpa. We’re really excited to turn you onto a brand we think your guy will really love. Here’s why:

[ggheading style=”light” size=”3″ text=”Why Every Man Jack Gets Our Stamp of Approval:”]

They’re clean and quality 

You know Jess is all about Clean Beauty, but it’s harder to get your average guy on board with understanding how important it is to be putting non-toxic products on his face and body–maybe he thinks quality products are too expensive, or he thinks they’re “too girly” or any other laundry list of excuses he might give you as to why he refused to adopt a real grooming routine.

The good news is that he honestly doesn’t have to know these products are “clean” if you don’t want him to. ????They look, smell, and perform like any other guys’ product out there, and the price point is unbeatable for any other clean mens’ grooming brand out there. He basically has no argument now.

They’re sustainable 

More and more, it’s important to us to be giving our dollars to companies who are putting more good into the world, and I’m guessing you feel the same. All their packaging is made from at least 50% recycled plastic, and being a San Francisco born company, sustainability is a core part of their company’s culture and mission.

Made in the USA

Not only was the company born in San Francisco, but almost all of their products are manufactured in the USA as well!

They’re affordable 

Perhaps their most distinguishing factor––in that the products are very much up to par in performance with premium skincare and haircare brands, but at prices that are attainable for everyone. (Right now, if you get a subscription on any of their products, they’re even more affordable! Use code JESS20 at checkout for 30% OFF your first subscription order!

They’re easy to find 

I think for most guys, in order for a brand to work with their lifestyle, they’ve got to be easy to buy. Every Man Jack is sold everywhere from Amazon to Target and again, they also have a great subscription program he can sign up for so he never has to think about stocking up at the store again! (Plus, he can save $$ with a subscription, too. Use code JESS20 at checkout for 30% OFF your first subscription order!)

They’re a one-stop-shop 

I don’t have to tell you that when it comes to men, we like simple and easy. When we find a brand we like and they have products for everything we need all in one place, it’s a big win.

Now, let’s get into some product reviews.

A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy's Grooming Routine!

[ggheading style=”light” size=”3″ text=”Neal’s Every Man Jack Favorites”]

Sandalwood Deodorant: $6.00

Named “Best No Frills Buy” in the deodorant category by Esquire, so I was hopeful that this would be the one clean deodorant to actually work–and I was right. I put it to the test for the first time this week on a 6 mile run and it worked great. The sandalwood scent smells so good, too–woodsy but fresh.

Speed Shower Body + Face Wipes: $6.00

This was the product that really caught my eye that I was most excited to put to the test. Such a great idea that he’ll use all the time. These wipes are perfect for face and body anytime, but especially post-gym (if you’re going straight to brunch, for example) or for a refresh during the workday, or even when you’re traveling. A great stocking stuffer, too!

Sandalwood post-shave face lotion: $6.50 

I’m all about a product that can do double-duty, and I like that this face lotion is soothing enough to condition skin post-shave (or anytime, really). If your guy is just starting out a skincare routine (and is still getting used to the idea of lotion in general ????) I highly recommend this product that kills two birds with one stone.

Body Wash: $8.50 

They make a couple different body washes that I’ve been testing out and I really like their formula. The Activated Charcoal version is awesome if your guy works out a lot–it’s clarifying and will help fight post-gym breakouts. The Shea Butter formula is great if he typically deals with drier skin in the winter–it’s hydrating and soothing!

Manual razor starter set: $20 

I have tried other “budget friendly” or “subscription” competitors in the past, and none of them have stood up to my favorite big brand men’s razor–like I said earlier, a couple have them have reached out to us to work together and we’ve turned them down because I never thought their products were up to par––but this razor really is. I love the design–it’s easy to grip and has a great weight to it–and the blades are sharp and every bit as good as the expensive guys. I also like that it comes with a stand that looks nice on the counter. $20 for the razor, 4 cartridges, and the stand! The refill cartridges are only $10 for a 4 pack with a subscription! (Enter code JESS20 at checkout to receive 30% OFF your first subscription!)

Shea Butter Shave Gel: $7.50 

I’ve always used the same brand of shaving cream––what my dad used, so that’s what I have always used, too. Granted, I was never a fan of the chemicals on the ingredient label, or the way it used to dry out my skin–but I never was able to find a clean alternative that lathered the same way, until now. This formula lathers great and doesn’t leave skin feeling stripped–it leaves it super hydrated and soothed.

Antiaging Eye Cream: $10 

Pretty hard to beat that price to get your guy on an anti-aging regimen! Absorbs easily and takes 2 seconds to apply–he has no excuse not to be on the anti-aging train now.

Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizer: $10 

Another great lotion of theirs I really like–while the other one is great for post-shave, this one is great for day and night if anti-aging benefits are important to him. (Or you. ????) I like that this formula is lightweight and has a matte finish to help reduce shine that other lotions can give you. Jess likes that it has Vitamin C, E, and lots of antioxidants.

[one-half-first]Guy's Grooming Routine[/one-half-first][one-half]

A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy's Grooming Routine!


Guy's Grooming Routine

A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy's Grooming Routine!

A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy's Grooming Routine!A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy's Grooming Routine!

A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy's Grooming Routine!


[ggheading style=”light” size=”3″ text=”Every Man Jack Gift Ideas”]

[one-half-first]A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy's Grooming Routine![/one-half-first][one-half]



A Neal-Approved, Clean, and Affordable Guy's Grooming Routine!



Body, Shave, Beard, and Skin Starter Kits: $10 

Choose from 4 different starter sets when you start him off with a subscription–options include body, shave, beard, or skin options.  These starter sets are only $10 and honestly this is a deal that can’t be beat if he wants to try a bunch of products at a time! Plus with code JESS20 you’re getting 30% OFF your first subscription! So even better of a deal

Shae Butter Razor Kit $30 

If he’s looking for some new shaving products, this shaving starter kit is a great way to go. Includes: Shea Butter Shave Gel, Razor Handle, Four 6-Blade Cartridges, Bonus Razor Stand

Sandalwood Beard Kit: $25 

I don’t have a beard [obviously] but I know great products for bearded guys are hard to come by at a good price–so this would definitely be a great gift option for your man, dad, or brother with a beard! This set includes deep cleansing beard + face wash, moisturizing beard oil, and styling beard balm, all with Sandalwood (my favorite) scent–plus, with a free beard comb!

 Sandalwood Body Kit: $25

Like I said above, a great body set that doubles as a great gift. This one includes bodywash, 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, and my favorite aluminum-free deodorant. It also comes with a free toiletry bag. All the scents smell good, but Sandalwood is my favorite.


That’s all for me today–again. I hope it’s clear how excited we are about this brand, everything they stand for, and the great products they make. If you have any specific product questions, feel free to leave them below, or DM Jess–we’ll make sure to get back to you. If you decide to make a purchase, remember to enter code JESS20 for 20% OFF sitewide and 30% off your first subscription through 12/19/19 until 11:59pm PT!

This post sponsored by Every Man Jack, all opinions are all our own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that we love, trust, and that allow us to continue creating the best possible content for you, our internet family!