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A Moody Navy Bar Cart Nook

Dec 9, 2015

Transform your bar cart nook with deep navy! Wall color: @DutchBoyPaint in Wish Upon a Star #TheGoldenGirlBlog


I’m not going to lie–this might be the most excited I’ve EVER been to share an apartment update post! 

I surprised myself with this one. I worked my way out of my “white, white, white, only white” funk, and decided to take a plunge. 

A navy plunge. A dark, deep, navy plunge. 

And guess what? Neal and I decided this little corner is now, by far, our FAVORITE part of our entire apartment. It’s amazing what a fresh, dramatic coat of paint can do, right? 

I originally wasn’t going to go with anything but white. Maybe. *MAYBE* a light grey could be acceptable. But then I went on Pinterest, and saw this photo and this photo, and said to myself, “Guess what, self? I think you could do this whole navy accent wall thing. Let’s give it a go.”

Then I had to convince Neal, who surprisingly, was all for it. (50% of the time, he looks at me like I’m a lunatic, and 50% of the time he looks at me like I’m a genius. This time it was the latter–green light!) 

I was between a deep hunter green and a navy, but I’m so happy with the navy! 

Before & After: The difference a coat of navy paint makes

IMG_9402 IMG_9125
For the job, I selected Dutch Boy Platinum paint in “Wishing On A Star.” (338-7DB, for easy reference.) I wanted very very dark, deep navy, and there were a zillion colors to choose from, but ultimately I landed on this one. (My backup was “Beyond the Stars” (number 339-7DB) which was a close second, but I went with this one as it was slightly darker). They have a ton of options at Menards, with a plethora of swatches that are easy to navigate based on your needs–whether you’re a newbie (cough) or a DIY pro. If you’re having trouble deciding between colors, you can also use their online Color Visualizer. 

Dutch Boy paint is both a paint and a primer in one–which made life way easier. (Honestly, I’m the most impatient person ever. If I had to wait for primer AND two coats of paint to dry, disaster would ensue, I’m sure of it.) 

Time for a quick sentimental story? My Granny and Grandpa used to own a paint store when my mom was growing up. My Grandpa also framed artwork, which he called “Lorie Cross Wall Decor.” In their store, one of the most popular brands of paint (and their favorite) was Dutch Boy paint. So when they reached out to me and asked to collaborate, it made me feel a little bit closer to my Granny and Grandpa (who are both no longer with us.) 

Even more special? The key artwork you see was framed by my Grandpa, and used to hang in their entryway right when you walked into the front door of their house. The black key piece is actually my earliest memory of my Granny’s cottage in Eugene, OR. 

So, in reality, this whole project has my beloved grandparents written all over it, which gives me so much joy now each time I look at my new wall. I’m tearing up writing this!


So, the color. It’s pretty wonderful, yes?

I love the way it’s almost black when the light isn’t hitting it, but turns a gorgeous blue hue when the sun shines through the windows in the afternoon light. (When these were taken. Usually it is quite a bit darker.) 


For materials, Neal and I borrowed a plastic drop cloth that had been at the lake house that had been an extra of Neal’s Papa (thanks, Papa!) and for tools, I used a roller and paint brush, both made by Purdy. Admittedly, I know nothing about painting supplies, but these did a great job and I had no complaints! You can pick up everything you need (including the paint) at Menards


Navy industrial bar cart nook – Chicago Blog, The Golden Girl

Transform your bar cart nook with a fresh coat of paint a a gallery wall of vintage frames. (Paint color: @DutchBoyPaint in Wish Upon a Star!)


What do you think? Would you ever do a navy accent wall? 

Thank you to Dutch Boy, me and my Grandpa’s favorite paint brand, for sponsoring this special post, and allowing me to break my white-walls-only decor funk. All opinions are (obviously) 100% my own. And thank you to my GG readers, for supporting the brands who support GG! xo

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