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A Happy Rain Jacket For Your April Showers

Apr 8, 2020

Madewell Rain Jacket

Today’s featured items…

Jacket: Madewell (available at both Madewell and Nordstrom!) Jeans: Everlane (I took my normal size! See in-depth sizing in my Everlane Denim Review) Sweatshirt: C/O Everlane––comes in many colors, I also have the oatmeal color! Sneakers: c/o Everlane––the sneakers I’ve been wearing the most lately! See my review of them right here! If you’re looking for something a little more preppy, you know I love my classic white Tretorns

We’re halfway through the week! 

I feel like Monday and Tuesday really flew by––probably because we got the most BEAUTIFUL weather! It was seventy degrees in Chicago yesterday. It was so, SO glorious. I spent many hours working on the balcony and I felt so lucky the weather is turning! (So much so that it feels a little odd to be writing this post with a rain jacket and a sweatshirt ????) We grilled chicken for dinner last night!

Even this morning, we’ve had some beautiful sunshine! I’m about to go for a quick walk around the neighborhood right after I hit publish on this post! I hope that you’re soaking up the sun wherever you are, too! 

On the flip-side, I looked at the weather forecast for the rest of the week, and we’ve got plenty of rainy days ahead, so looks like this post is going to be quite relevant after all. (I mean, the April showers are real!) 

We took these photos last week on our walk (mind you, we live in a quieter neighborhood and nobody else was around–– I would definitely not advocate bloggers who live in densely populated areas be shooting blog photos outside right now)!

Funny enough, I haven’t shot casually around the neighborhood with Neal in a long time. (He rarely takes my photos anymore, but obviously, circumstances have changed!) One reader DMed me and said, “I love it! My favorite fashion bloggers are getting back to their roots!” It’s so true. It feels good to be back! 

We’ve really come a long way from when Neal first started shooting me. (Check out this post from 2014 for some truly CRINGEWORTHY material from the early years–not to mention WTF WAS I WEARING!?!?) When I started blogging, neither of us had ever operated a camera or taken photography lessons (actually, we still haven’t ????) and we started shooting outfits during the dead of winter! He would pick me up and carry me over snowbanks so I wouldn’t get snow in my heels. (Why was I shooting heels in the snow–nobody knows.) He’s always been such a good sport and my best cheerleader. ❤️Thankfully thanks to years of dedication, our photography has improved immensely. ????

Anyway, let’s talk about the stars of today’s show, yes!? 

Madewell Rain Jacket: 

(On sale right now at Madewell, by the way!)

Come spring, I always get asked for recommendations on cute rain jackets (and I think being able to get outside every day is more important than ever for our sanity!!) so when I saw Madewell had come out with this packable jacket (that condenses into it’s own little pouch!!) in the sunniest yellow color, I knew I had to try it out. It makes me SO happy! It’s available at both Madewell and Nordstrom and comes in other colors as well! 

What I love about it is that it’s SUPER lightweight––so often I want a jacket that I can wear when it’s warm out, and I didn’t have one that was light enough to do that! It’s also loosely cut, so it’s still roomy enough to add layers underneath when it’s NOT so warm! (It was about 60 degrees when we shot this and I was perfectly comfortable temperature-wise with this combo!)

Honestly I didn’t even know that it folds into a purse/fanny pack until after I shot this and I saw it on the website! GENIUS!! Another fun fact: the material is made from plastic water bottles! 


No surprise here, my tried and true Cheeky Straight jeans have been a popular choice during quarantine as well because they’re super comfy and not too tight! These jeans are my #1 bestseller and I’ve received so many DM’s about how wonderful they are, so I know you agree. ????I have a whole review of my favorite pairs of Everlane jeans in this post!

(My other go-to pair right now is my Levi’s wedgie jeans!) 


I love this nubby sweatshirt and have it in two colors––I love that it adds a cool amount of texture to your outfit, and in general just looks way more pulled together than your average sweatshirt! It runs TTS, I’m wearing a small! 


Everlane’s sneaks that I’ve been reaching for most often lately! I loved them especially on a misty day because they’re leather and wipe off easily, I don’t have to worry about staining them like I do with canvas sneakers! However, I do still LOVE my Tretorns, if you want a canvas sneaker or are looking for something super duper cushy! 

[one-half-first]Madewell Rain Jacket[/one-half-first][one-half]

Everlane sweatshirt


Madewell Rain Jacket

Everlane sweatshirt

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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