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A Foolproof Method To Getting Out Of Bed Early

Jan 11, 2017


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Happy Wednesday!

I know it’s been a little quiet over here as we’ve been on our Mexico trip, but today we’re officially back in the swing of things!

Admittedly, I am THE WORST when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. (Especially the day after returning home from travel!)

I miss the days when Neal and I were first dating, and he had to get up at 5:30am to get into the gym before driving to work. This meant if I slept over at his place, I was dropped off at my house by 6am, wide awake, and ready to get to work! I got so. Much. Done. 

But now we have much more flexible schedules. He doesn’t have to get up that early, which means he isn’t usually forced to drag me out of bed. Unfortunately, you know what that means.

Yeah, my whole “getting up early” thing has really fallen by the wayside. Which is a bummer, because I really am a morning person. I love being up early, getting ahead on my day, and it really is the time where my brain functions the best.

(That is…if I can GET UP.)

Sleeping in for two weeks straight due to the holidays hasn’t helped either, and the past few days, I’ve really been struggling.

(Please tell me I’m not alone?)

Anyway, I came across something that FINALLY gets me out of bed in the morning, like, without failure. 100% success rate. I had to share it with you, because really–who doesn’t have trouble getting out of bed?

It’s the most ANNOYING app in the entire world, and makes you want to throw your phone out the window, in the best way possible. (Seriously, I almost sent it sailing across the room this morning.) You’ll both love it and hate it.

It’s called Kiwake, and I found it through an ad when I was scrolling through Instagram. It was free when I went to download (I think? Now it’s $2.99, which in my mind is the same as free?) so I thought, whatever, I’ll give it a try. Essentially, it’s designed to wake up your body AND brain. (Side note: if you’re wondering, I’ve never spoken to anyone at Kiwake, this is all me, guys.)

It works like this:

You set your alarm within the app, like you normally would, but it comes with much more appealing sounds. I choose to awake to the soft sound of birds chirping (ahhh namaste) but they have more obnoxious options if you’re the kind of person who needs that.

Then, you choose an object to take a photo of that is far away from your bed. (Mine is the coffee machine in the kitchen). You set that as “your reference photo.” When the alarm goes off, it’s soft at first, and gradually gets louder. You can hit “snooze” once–which is really designed to give you time to stretch, and take a few minutes to leisurely get out of bed. (However, I use it as a snooze button).

The alarm is back on again, but this time, it doesn’t stop until you take the same photo of that object within the app.

(Don’t try closing the app either, because that doesn’t work. It will keep going. Panic will ensue.)

Then, after your photo is a “match” it will prompt you to do a quick, simple, [but impossible to complete if you aren’t awake enough]–mind game. I choose one that prompts you to “remember the color sequence” or “remember the shapes.” Take too long to do it, and the alarm goes off again. (AHHH PAY ATTENTION!)

Finally, it allows you to input your goals of the day. The final step of the sequence is to read and swipe each of the goals you’d like to accomplish.

This sounds like a lot, but really only takes about a minute! When I have my Kiwake set, I immediately jump out of bed, because I know what’s coming if I don’t.

Yeah, it’s pretty magical, and I knew I had to share it with you!

Would you try this out? What are your tricks to getting out of bed?

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