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A Few Favorite Summer Beautycounter Staples (Plus, a huge skincare promo!)

Summer Beautycounter Staples

Let the 4th of July celebrations begin! ?

Yes yes, don’t worry–I’m working on a roundup of all the best sales as we speak–but, this one deserves it’s own post! Beautycounter, my go-to for all clean beauty products– is running what is perhaps their most incredible promo to date. (Seriously–I’ve been using the brand for like 2.5 years and have never seen any special this good! By the way, if you need a Clean Beauty 101–head over to this post next!) 

Right now, spend $175+ on any product order, and receive a FREE starter sized skincare collection from the line of your choice: either the Countermatch line or the Countercontrol line! (Crazy, right?) It’s super easy to redeem–as soon as you hit the order minimum, you’ll get a prompt to add the gift of your choice to your cart! 

If you read this post (where I totally geeked out over your skin’s moisture barrier and a few things that might surprise you about your skin) you’ll know I’m a big fan of Beautycounter’s Countermatch collection–which comprises most of the main components of my skincare routine! It’s super hydrating and great for dry to normal skin. 

If you have oily skin (as in, you wash your face and it’s oily immediately after!) then I’d recommend the Countercontrol line.

It will really help keep oil in check during the hottest summer months! (Note: The use of the *full line* all together is really only best for true oily skin–but other skin types will benefit from adding some Countercontrol products into the rotation to help with occasional breakouts, occasional oiliness, etc–make sense? I think it’s important to make that distinction!)

The Countercontrol set it includes face wash, spot treatment (my fave!), all over acne treatment, and matte effect gel cream (which I’ve heard from my oily skinned friends is a lifesaver for wearing under makeup and controlling oil all day!) 

If you’ve been wanting to test out some of these products (or even if you love them and you want a smaller set to use when you travel!) definitely stock up–it’s a great time to try some new products as well with a ton more added value! ??

Stay tuned next week:

Because Beautycounter is also launching their big all-purpose, anti-aging skincare line with their CLEAN version of retinol! ??That drops July 9th! If you want to be the first to know about it, and also want access to special deals, samples, and more, make sure you’re on my Clean Beauty Email List! 

That being said, here are some of my favorite Beautycounter products I’ve been using on heavy rotation this summer! 

Summer Beautycounter Staples: 

SPF Lotion + Face Stick

The SPF lotion and Mini Sunscreen Stick have totally changed the sunscreen game for me. (Okay so I didn’t photograph the sunscreen stick because I forgot. ?But just know it gets equal amounts of love.)

First of all, the lotion is hydrating and has a yummy citrus scent that just makes you happier putting it on. It’s a mineral based sunscreen–which is known for leaving an impossible to rub in white residue–BUT–this is by far the best one I’ve tried. It does get a little white at the end of the day if you’ve spent all day in the sun and SLATHERED on multiple heavy layers (like I do), but for the most part it really does a great job of rubbing in and sinking in fully.


After testing both the lotion and spray in heavy sun (i.e. outside all day at the lake for hours on end) I’d definitely go with the lotion. The spray is great for convenience (and for kids) but it definitely doesn’t rub in as well and leaves a chalky residue after the initial application. The lotion doesn’t do that! 

The sun stick is perfect for stashing in your purse, beach tote, or even your jacket on a winter ski trip–it can go everywhere, applies in two seconds, doesn’t need much rubbing, and goes on totally clear. Ideal for kids, and also for applying over your makeup–since it isn’t “wet” it doesn’t mess it all up and cause the need for reapplication! 

After Sun Cooling Gel: 

WHYYYY have I not purchased this sooner!? It came out a couple months ago now, but I only now got around to ordering it to give it a try. It smells like absolute HEAVEN–like a Hawaiian vacation. (But not in like a sickly sweet kind of a way–in a fresh floral mixed with coconut kind of way. It feels wonderful after a day in the sun! 

Sea Salt Spray: 

I’ve been using this spray for years now–it’s by far the best sea salt spray I’ve found. I air dry my hair as much as possible and always spray this in my hair for a beachy, perfectly imperfect finish. It adds texture without being crunchy and emphasizes loose waves! I love it! 

See my full tutorial: How to air dry your hair for beachy waves

Highlighter Stick: 

I have this stick in the bronze and clear version! I love the bronze for giving a very subtle sunkissed glow–it’s great for swiping on for a day you don’t want to wear much makeup but want dewy, glowing skin! The highlighter stick is wonderful swept across cheekbones and the bridge of your nose for a tiny hint of natural dewiness without adding any color! The clear highlighter stick is also a GOD SEND for tired dark circles–I swipe it on over my under eye concealer to help brighten! (I love it because it’s the only one I found that brightens without creasing! Note it’s not enough coverage for spot concealer though. Still trying to find a good clean spot concealer. Why is it so hard?) 

Balancing Facial Oil: 

You know I’m a huge fan of both Beautycounter’s Brightening Vitamin C oil already–but I also LOVE the Balancing Oil–both are wonderful for different reasons. The brightening is great for, well, duh–brightening your complexion, evening out redness, dark spots, and making your skin really glowy! It smells like a juicy fresh clementine! 

The Balancing oil though, is what I wanted to highlight here, because sometimes the summer heat can inflame skin–exacerbating breakouts, oil production, maybe making it oily in spots and flaky in others– you know–all those fun freak outs. (Thanks, sun and humidity!) If this is you–I would highly recommend trying out the balancing oil to sooth your skin, help to regulate the oil production, and overall, get it back to its balanced state! It also smells so lovely–like fresh Jasmine! It also absorbs quickly and doesn’t make your skin feel yucky or greasy. 

Happy pink lipstick

I honestly have never been a huge pink lipstick fan, but there’s something about it this summer I am ALL about! I actually have two new favorite shades: First Date, which is a softer rosy pink that I love during the day, and Garden Party, which is a punchy statement pink that is perfect for going out at night! If you aren’t usually a pink lipstick gal, I urge you to give these a try–they are so much fun! Also, I love this lipstick formula–it’s highly pigmented but unlike most pigmented formulas–is super hydrating/not matte, so it doesn’t dry out your lips! 

Charcoal Bar: 

A great all purpose bar of soap, my friends. I actually keep mine in the shower to help banish body breakouts as well (those seem to amplify in the summer in the hotter temperatures!) I rub it on my body with a loofah mit for added exfoliation/breakout fighting goodness. It does a really good job of helping to combat oiliness without totally stripping your skin! (Heads up though: this is best for normal to oily skin–those with dry skin will likely find it too drying!) 

Beautycounter Rewards: 

Want the charcoal bar for free!? Get it as a free welcome gift when you join Beautycounter Rewards! 

Did you know Beautycounter has an awesome rewards program? It’s called Band of Beauty–it’s $29 per year, gets you free shipping on all orders over $100, plus you’ll earn 10% cash back points toward your next purchase, on EVERY purchase!

Right now, if you spend $50 or more when adding Band of Beauty to your cart, you’ll get my favorite charcoal bar as a free gift! All you have to do to enroll is add “Band of Beauty” to your cart before you check out! I highly recommend everyone who is a fan of the brand sign up for BOB rewards! It’s a no brainer! (Also, if you’re already a Band of Beauty member, remember, you probably have product credit you can use today!) 

Questions on which products are right for you? Head over to this post for my master list of Beautycounter favorites. Also, feel free to email me at and I’m happy to help you! ?