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A Cute and Comfy Travel Outfit

Jess Keys' outfit details: Top: Urban Outfitters–on sale for $34! // Jeans: Rag + Bone // Everlane Tote

Top: Urban Outfitters–on sale for $34! Comes in SO many colors! I’m wearing small because they didn’t have XS in this color, so it’s more oversized–you can’t go wrong with sizing it just depends on how you want it to fit! Splendid also makes a really cute more form-fitting thermal henley too! Jeans: Rag + Bone (also marked down!) One of my favorite pairs of jeans, I have had them for years and they are my most comfortable pair–they’re so soft! Sneakers: Tretorn (available at both Nordstrom and Shopbop)–I know you’re probably sick of seeing these ?but you know I’m an outfit repeater–once I find something I love, I wear it into the ground! Run TTS and they are so comfortable! See how else I styled them here, here, and here. I also wear these no show socks with them. Other sneakers I love: Jack Purcell (my old standbys) and I think Vejas are SO cute! Tote: Everlane Day Tote (my other favorite is the Madewell Transport Tote, especially if you want something that zips!) Necklaces: Nashelle and Dana Rebecca
HAPPY FRIDAY, my friends!! 

When I was traveling to AZ a few weeks back, several of you commented on my travel attire and asked me to do a post about how to look comfy and cute while traveling–so, here it is! ??

I’m definitely an avid proponent of looking put together whenever you’re in public–but I haven’t always been this way. I really never embraced this philosophy until I studied abroad in Italy and realized that walking out of the house looking like a human garbage bag (human garbage bags being my go-to outfit for class in college) isn’t really a thing in Europe.

Admiring the outfits of many an Italian woman made me realize that you don’t have to put forth that much effort to look put-together–we really have no excuse. ??‍♀️After that, I never wore schleppy baggy sweats or old hoodies in public again. ?I fully believe you have to dress for the life you want and that putting yourself together is something you just owe to yourself. 

Therefore–you will not see me wearing a schleppy outfit while traveling. For myself, and also because you just never know who you’re going to meet on a plane, you know? Comfy and put together is a completely achievable balance! 

This is the outfit I wore home on the plane from Phoenix, but obviously it’s not JUST a travel outfit–it’s such a good combination for when you just want to be comfortable for a movie, casual dinner–whatever!

Let’s break it down, yeah? 

A Cute and Comfy Travel Outfit

Thermal Henley: (on sale for $34!) 

One of the few stores I walk by on a daily basis is Urban Outfitters. I always pop in to peruse what they have (it’s such a fun store) but I don’t buy things that often. However, when I spotted this super soft top in the prettiest blue, I KNEW I had to have it! They actually didn’t have it in XS (what I would’ve usually gotten) so I got in in Small because I wanted it that bad–so it’s more oversized, but I really like it that way! If you want it a little less loose, you can go with the smaller size! 

It comes in SO MANY COLORS–you can tie it in the front or just leave it hanging loose. This is a great loose top to wear with leggings as well–it would be a perfect “errands” outfit (or another travel outfit) paired with Allbirds

Tretorn Sneakers

Yes, yes I know you’ve been seeing them a lot lately. But hopefully that just shows you how much I adore them and how they really are the best classic white sneaker ever. They are the PERFECT travel shoes. They are so comfortable and are very easy to slip on and off! (Again, Allbirds would be another sneaker of choice that would also look cute here!) I also wear these no show socks from Amazon with them! 

Rag + Bone Skinny Jeans: HALF OFF! Under $100!

I’ve owned these jeans for a few years now–they sold out for a long time but they finally released an updated version and I am SOO excited they’re back so you guys can buy them again! They are 50% off at Nordstrom right now! They are probably the softest, stretchiest jeans I own–making them perfect for travel! In all honesty I probably can’t speak that much to sizing because mine are the older version–based off the reviews, it seems like they run true to size though! 

Everlane Day Tote: 

One of my favorite versatile totes! This is my go-to tote when I want to be polished and professional (which is why I brought it because I was in town for a conference), but it’s so roomy that it’s amazing for travel too. My only knock on it is that it doesn’t zip at the top–I wish it did, but also, I think that’s what makes it so roomy! I think it fits even more than the Madewell tote–which is my other favorite (that also comes with a zipper, so that’s a plus!) I do think if you’re looking for a polished, professional tote, you can’t beat this one for the price. It’s also made of super sturdy leather, so you can bang it around and it won’t look battered! (It also easily wipes clean!) 

Jess Keys' outfit details: Top: Urban Outfitters–on sale for $34! // Jeans: Rag + Bone

Sneakers: Tretorn 

Jess Keys' outfit details: Top: Urban Outfitters–on sale for $34! // Jeans: Rag + Bone Sneakers: Tretorn  A Cute and Comfy Travel Outfit

Hope you have an AMAZING weekend! 

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