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9 tips for an easy move


Image via My Domaine

There’s really no such thing as an “easy” move. Maybe I should rephrase: As painless as humanly possible? Is that better? 

After Neal and I moved into our new place back at the end of July, we both swore we were NEVER moving again until we decided to buy our own house. Which, let me tell you, is definitely in the distant future. 

It’s just so…not fun? Aside from costing an arm and a leg, you always seem to forget how much work it actually is until it’s too late to look back. 

That being said, there are definitely things you can do to make a terrible thing less terrible. At least 9, to be exact. 


1. Pack an overnight bag (including makeup) 


Image via Kelly In The City

Don’t make the mistake of not being able to find any underwear the day after your move. I have lived through far too many moves to know the effects of such a thing. 

Instead, pack an overnight bag. The same overnight bag you might use to go to a lake house, or a weekend getaway, for example. Make sure it has a change of clothes, PJ’s, toothbrush, face wash, and your makeup bag. (You don’t want your makeup packed in a regular box–it could break, shatter, and cause a huge mess!) 

I promise, it saves a lot of headaches! 


2. Pack fragile items in t-shirts 

I seem to ALWAYS run out of packing papers (another reason I love RediBox, see below!) so another solution is to pack your fragile items, like plates, cups, etc, is in t-shirts. (Finally, my old Tridelt Indiana tees get to see the light of day. Briefly.) 


3. Look into moving box rental, like Redi-Box

Moving Boxes Chicago Redibox

Neal and I used Redi-Box to rent moving boxes  and it made things SO much easier. They deliver boxes to you a week in advance, along with packing papers. They stack perfectly on top of one another, and come with a little cart. All you have to do is stack ’em and then load them into the elevator! 

While we moved by ourselves, it would be even more beneficial for someone who was using movers (who charge by the hour)–as it saves A TON of time! They’ll pick up your boxes the week after you move, too. (If that’s not motivation to get unpacked, I’m not sure what is.)

I can’t say enough great things. Redi-Box is a Chicago based company, but if there are any moving box rental companies near you–I’d definitely recommend checking them out! 


4. Stock up on essentials like TP, soap, paper towels, before your move 

We all know what the scene looks like after a big move. You can’t find anything. Stop by the store the day or so before your move to make sure the essentials–like TP, hand soap, paper towels, etc, are all ready to go, and readily accessible. (Because NOBODY wants to be sifting through a huge box trying to find the TP in a hurry!) 


5. Tie garbage bags around bunches of hanging clothes, and move them by hand

There is nothing I hate more than wrinkled clothes–other than folding and then unfolding them immediately, only to hang them up again. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. 

That’s why I move my hanging clothes by hand by tying garbage bags around a bunch of 10 or so hangers. Just hang, untie, and voila! You’re done! 


6. Get creative with meals the week before your move

Scrambled Eggs

I hate wasting food! Things you forgot you even had seem to stockpile in the pantry and the freezer especially. Go through and take inventory the week before you move, and get creative with your meals! It’s like Chopped, but at-home! Use up all of those ingredients! 

One my go-to’s? Scrambled eggs! They taste amazing with just about anything in them. (Seriously, I’ve even made scrambled eggs with leftover chicken and stale tortilla chips–heelllooo chilaquiles!) Learn how to make the perfect scrambled eggs here


7. Pack still-good food in a cooler, and transport it in the car 

You know that collection of condiments, spices, and canned goods you worked so hard to build up?  Or that new bag of baby carrots you didn’t finish? The mostly full half and half? 

DO NOT throw them away! They’re all still good! Just pop everything in a cooler bag, and take it with you. *Cough* someone (who lives in my house and shall not be named) “accidentally” through away lots of refrigerator items before our move recently, and the grocery bill to replace them was hefty and completely unnecessary. 😉 


8. Don’t want to do something? Look to Craigslist!

Before my move, I only used Craigslist to find furniture. And I loved it then. But now. NOW. I love Craigslist even more. 

Let me tell you a story. 

Remember when I told you we were getting our apartment painted? Well, we were going to do it ourselves. But there was a problem. 

We needed a 10 foot ladder to reach our 15 foot ceilings. Which shouldn’t be a problem right? You can rent one at Home Depot! 

Wrong. A 10 foot ladder does not fit in a regular car. 

Solution: Neal decided he would WALK with the ladder 1.5 miles from Home Depot to our house. 

Horrible idea. Next. Maybe we could rent a truck? 

Then Mitch (Kelly’s husband) suggested I look on Craigslist. “No Way!” I said. Paying a painter is way too expensive! 

Wrong. I found the best painter ever for a price that was too good to pass up. For what we would’ve paid to rent a car to haul the ladder in, rent the actual ladder, buy the paint, drop cloths, brushes, and other supplies. (PLUS the time taken to accomplish all of this!) It was actually cheaper to go with a painter! (P.S. If you’re also looking for a painter, email me, and I’ll give you the details!) 


9. Have an “oh sh*t” plan of attack


Don’t let this face happen to you. 

Neal and I got locked out of our apartment within 4 hours of moving in. I have talked to so many people that also have this same story to tell. I don’t know what it is–maybe the excitement of moving causes people to forget their keys, or they haven’t figured out that the door locks automatically. Regardless of what it is, have a lock-out plan. (GOD I wish we had.) 

Get a spare key made IMMEDIATELY. Leave it at your front desk, or give it to a friend who lives nearby. If neither of those are an option, at least add the nearest locksmith into your phone! 

Have you moved recently? What are some of your favorite easy moving tips?