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9 Awesome Donut Recipes for National Donut Day (And where to score free ones if you’re kind of lazy.)

Jun 4, 2015

Did you know tomorrow is National Donut Day? There really is no better way to start the weekend than with a free donut, am I right or am I right? And speaking of sweetness, I’m so excited to introduce you guys to GG’s newest team member: Morgan, GG’s summer intern! She’ll be popping in here to blog from time to time, and will be a busy bee behind the scenes over the next few months! 

Knowing you’re pretty amped to get back to the donuts, I’ll cut the chit chat, and hand it off to Morgan, who is sharing with us 9 amazing donut recipes below: 

Happy (almost!) National Donut Day!

While it’s easy to run out and grab a box of Ho Ho’s in celebration of today’s holiday (those count as donuts, right? Maybe?) wouldn’t you feel more accomplished by baking your own? Here are 9 recipes you can whip up to celebrate National Donut Day in your own kitchen!

(Also, lazy gals, don’t worry, just scroll down to the end of this post to find out where to score some free ones–no effort required!)

15 minute homemade donuts

This recipe is short and sweet, easy to do and in only 15 minutes you have yummy little donut holes! The perfect morning sweet.

Baked donuts with cinnamon & sugar

If you want to take the previous recipe a little bit of a step further, and make a bigger version (probably a little more filling), this recipe will do the trick! With the coating of cinnamon & sugar its just the right amount of sweetness. Plus, they’re baked! So they’re basically healthy. Ish.

Peanut butter cream filled donuts

I have always been a fan of cream filled donuts. It’s always a delightful surprise the second you bite into the cream-filled inside! If I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement with this peanut butter cream filled version.

Easy raised donuts

I imagine these donuts to be like little puffy clouds of deliciousness. Easy to make and the recipe calls for a strawberry glaze, how good does that sound?.. Really good!

Chocolate frosted cake donuts

No better way to get down to the original chocolate frosted donut then with this recipe. Pour yourself a glass of milk with this one, because theres nothing like having your cake (donut) and eating it too.

Dark chocolate donuts with orange glaze

This recipe really caught my eye and we all know that dark chocolate and orange is one of the best flavor combos in the universe! I can only imagine the dark chocolate donut with a slight hit of orange glaze would really hit the spot.

Nutella filled sugar donuts

Not only are we talking about Nutella, these donuts are covered in more sweetness!  Any chocolate fan (including myself, obviously) would be ecstatic with this donut. This recipe may take a little bit more time, but the end result will DEFINITELY be worth it!

Glazed and sprinkled chocolate donut holes

Ah! The more donut holes the merrier! Preferably I like chocolate donut holes, and with this recipe you get the best of both worlds, sprinkles and a little bit of sugar glaze.

Copycat Krispy Kreme donuts

No one likes being a copycat, except for when it comes to this recipe, because who doesn’t love a classic Krispy Kreme? An easy to do recipe, with the beautiful result of the soft, glazed goodness of Krispy Kreme donut, homemade in your own kitchen.

If you haven’t been enticed by the above deliciousness, and would rather take the lazy girl way out (no shame) hit up one of these spots (or both?):

  • Krispy Kreme: ANY free donut of your choice! No purchase required. (Except for Connecticut. Connecticut is not allowed free Krispy Kreme, so they claim. Awkward?)
  • Dunkin Donuts: Get a free donut with purchase of any drink!

Happy National Donut Day!

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