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8 “Petite Indulgences” To Partake in Over Your Holiday Break!

8 "Petite Indulgences" To Partake in Over Your Holiday Break!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a BREAK, y’all. Not a break to “catch up on other things” like the breaks of the past–I mean, an actual break break. A zero checklist, zero goal, zero anything break. A pretend like I’m actually on vacation break. So, after I hit “publish” on this post–that is exactly what I intend to do! ????????

But before I go, I wanted to share some little things that can make your holiday downtime a little extra special this year! (Because we all deserve something a little special!) 

One of the things I’ve really learned to embrace in 2020 is the power of the “petite indulgence”–or my fancy way of describing the little special moments baked into average days that bring you happiness. The only thing required to well, indulge, in a petite indulgence is a little bit of extra time (and the intention to go out of your way to do them!)–and lucky for us, we don’t really have anything else to do right now, right? ???? 

Here are a few thought-starters that are on my personal list, but they can really be anything that makes you smile! The key is that it doesn’t cost much money, time, or effort, but has a hugely positive ROI in happiness! I hope we can ALL fill our holiday breaks with some of these little joy sparkers and come back feeling replenished and inspired in the New Year. 

8 “Petite Indulgences” To Partake in Over Your Holiday Break!

1. Make a special fancy beverage

You can’t not smile when making cocktails! But even we are guilty of sticking to the same cocktails over and over. Why not use the holiday downtime to mix up something different, something you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the chance to master? I have my eye on an espresso martini–my friend Alex just shared her recipe on her blog and they look phenomenal! 

You also don’t have to drink to partake in the fun–the New York Times, for example, has tons of great non-alcoholic beverage recipes that look delicious, too! As long as it’s festive–it totally counts! 

2. Indulge in a fancy croissant from your local bakery “just because”

This is my favorite thing to do lately. (Every so often, in moderation, of course. ????) I treat myself to a chocolate or almond croissant from my favorite bakery, Alliance, and eat it on a walk around the neighborhood while listening to a book or podcast. It brings me a crazy amount of happiness! 

3. Cook a more intricate recipe for lunch or dinner 

What kind of recipes did you used to say, “I would love to try that–I wish I had the time to cook it!” MAKE THAT! There’s no time like the present! Whether it’s trying your hand at making your own potstickers, attempting a lavish cake, a recipe your grandma used to make that you would normally never attempt–whatever. Something you would normally never do, that takes a little more effort than usual. Being able to zone out in the kitchen is always such a great way to relax, you’ll feel so accomplished, and you get so much satisfaction eating something that you put so much love into! 

4. Go on lots of walks to new neighborhoods 

Getting outside always does wonders for my mood, and bonus points if you can get to a new neighborhood! Chicago has 77 different neighborhoods and we hardly ever get within a mile radius of ours! I love the idea of driving to a new neighborhood to explore, see all the houses decorated and how it differs from where we live! (If you live in Chicago, check out some secret Chicago spots to explore!) 

5. Call a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while 

If you’re on your walk solo, it’s a great time to call up a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a long time. Talking to a loved one, laughing at old jokes will make you glow for the rest of the day! 

6. Buy yourself a small present from a local shop 

You bought gifts for everyone else this year, but what about something small for yourself? It’s been a year–you deserve it! Whether it’s a fun new scrunchy, a new pair of earrings, a scarf, a candle, fluffy socks, whatever! Even if it’s just a few dollars–buy something that makes you smile! 

7. Read something light and fluffy 

One of my favorite parts of holiday breaks is extra time to read! I just started both Winter Stroll by Elin Hilderbrand and One Day in December (both holiday-themed light reads) and I’m excited to get lost in something fluffy and I have zero qualms about it. ????

8. Put on a REALLY cute “real clothes” outfit at least once 

I know, it sounds like a wild idea, but I put on real clothes for the first time last week (and went out to late lunch in the Gold Coast where they have lots of sidewalk tables with heaters!) and I can’t tell you how good it felt. Even if it’s just to walk around, or drink your fancy cocktail, you’ll be happy you got dressed for once! We’re talking like JEANS or a dress, and REAL shoes. (They don’t have to be heels, but they must be real shoes. ????) Do your hair and makeup like the old days.  You’ll feel like a WHOLE new person! 


The list doesn’t end here–these are just some ideas to get you started. I hope that you have the most WONDERFUL holiday break, and I will see you back here in–can you believe it?!–2021!! WE’RE ALMOST THERE! I love you all so much, I am so incredibly thankful for you every year, but especially this one. We couldn’t have gotten through it without your love and support. Cheers to 2021!