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7 little ways to add simplicity + joy into your everyday

Everyday Ways Im Starting Fresh in 2022
7 Easy, Everyday Ways I’m Starting Fresh in 2022

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Hello! Happy New Year!

Kendall here today talking about starting fresh — how original right?! While I love the clean slate, hopefulness and possibilities that a new year brings, I’ve always been intimidated by traditional resolutions. Looking more than a month out can be daunting and prioritizing my subsequent bevy of thoughts is always overwhelming. So this year I’m taking a different approach. I’m starting very small and tackling everyday details that make my daily routine better — because details are approachable in the now, yet help you achieve big goals over time.

With never-ending curve balls and rescheduled and canceled plans over the past few years, I think a lot of us are timid to plan too far into the future these days. Recent events have taught us many lessons in creating our own joy, finding possibilities in setbacks and the importance of prioritizing rest and balance. If your goals, priorities and outlook have changed drastically recently, you’re not alone!

Let’s get back to basics and find ways to add joy, simplicity and calm into 2022. Check out these 7 easy, everyday ways to revamp your routine. Maybe they’ll resonate with you, too?

7 Easy, Everyday Ways I’m Starting Fresh in 2022

1. Updating my tech backgrounds

I bought a new computer last summer and never changed the default background that comes with it — why?! It took me no time at all to add a photo that means something to me and swap out my phone background to an updated photo that brings me joy. A new tech background is the simplest tweak that makes a big difference when I open my computer or phone to start my workday!

2. Adding 10 minutes of journaling to my morning routine

This one is new for me. As a writer by trade, I write all day, but hardly ever just for fun. This year I’m going to prioritize journaling over my morning coffee to wake up my mind, get the creative juices flowing and release anxiety. I plan on pulling journal prompts when/if I get stuck on what to write, but for now I’m simply putting pen to paper for 10 minutes to see what comes out. I’m excited to see how this affects the rest of my day, too!

3. Creating a new playlist

I love listening to music for so many things throughout the day — working, walking, working out, relaxing. Creating a new playlist for every mood/task I check off each day will undoubtedly inspire joy in the New Year. (If you don’t have the energy to make a new playlist–Spotify has so many great pre-made ones! This is also an awesome playlist roundup!)

4. Starting and ending my day with a glass of water

The easiest way to feel better fast — drink a glass of water. While I strive to drink enough water every day, I’m looking forward to formally incorporating water into my morning and evening self-care rituals and reaping the mental and physical benefits. (Flavoring your water can also help immensely–try adding some frozen or fresh fruit, or Waterdrop!)

5. Indulge in “fancy” rituals every day

I’ve always been one to save “fancy” things for special occasions — outfits, makeup, recipes, etc. In an effort to shift this mindset, I’m going to indulge in something daily — burn the nice candles, spray the scent, scribble in the nice notebook, pop the champagne, wear the dress around the house — and make every day a celebration.

6. Make a physical shopping list

In an effort to both organize my thoughts and better stick to a monthly budget, I’m going to make a handwritten shopping list every time I go to the grocery store, Target, etc. There’s nothing worse than forgetting one important ingredient or getting so overwhelmed by the aisles, that you buy way more than you can consume in a week. Making a list will help me slow down long enough to get my thoughts together and actually stick to what I truly need. (Bonus: writing it out on cute stationary is also a little happy boost!)

7. Pick a mantra that speaks to you

Lastly, I’m hopping on the mantra train! I plan on picking a mantra each Sunday to set the tone for the week and serve as an encouraging reminder. (But you could totally just pick one that applies to your whole year if that’s easier!) This week it’s: do one thing each day that your future self will thank you for. ✨ Even better: Write yours on a post-it and stick it on your desk, or on the mirror where you can see it each morning!

Wishing you a New Year filled with effective simplicity! Cheers to a bright 2022 ahead!

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