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7 Great Warm Weather Staples I Bought for Florida

Mar 2, 2021

Happy Tuesday!

Our last week in Florida is officially in full swing. ????Already getting sad about leaving (I always get mopey at the end of our trips), but so we’re both just grateful for this time we’ve had here. It has really saved my mental health and reminded me what it feels like to well, just feel like MYSELF again! I’ve heard the weather is finally breaking in Chicago too, so that’s something to look forward to! (Really hoping all the snow is gone by the time we get back! ????)

Finally getting around to sharing a try on of some summery staples I purchased for our trip! The majority of these are actually affordable Amazon buys which I know are crowd-pleasers as they don’t break the bank, so if you’re excited to get a head start on your summer wardrobe or also planning a safe/covid-friendly getaway of your own, I hope this is helpful! 

7 Great Warm Weather Staples I Bought for Florida

smocked midi dress | 7 Great Warm Weather Staples I Bought for Florida smocked midi dress | 7 Great Warm Weather Staples I Bought for Florida

Wayf Smocked Midi Dress

(Available at Shopbop, and Nordstrom–comes in plus at Nordstrom!) 

Sizing: Wearing Medium, but wish I’d stayed with small! 

This is the softest dress! Comfortable, feminine, and flattering at the same time! I would say it runs big–I sized up because I’ve been doing that lately to accommodate the bump (and boobs ????) but I wish I’d stayed with a small because the top part is so stretchy that I didn’t need to size up and the sleeves, as a result, tend slip off my shoulders sometimes in the medium, but I don’t think they would’ve done that in a small. It’s okay, minor detail–I love it so I kept it regardless! 

I would equate this to a “nap-dress” style but IMO the material is WAY softer than the material on the actual nap dresses. Comfy enough to wear around the house, but cute enough to dress up for dinner! Also looks so cute with sneakers! 

amazon mini mumu | 7 Great Warm Weather Staples I Bought for Florida amazon mini mumu | 7 Great Warm Weather Staples I Bought for Florida

Amazon mini Mumu: 

Sizing: Went up to a large based on reviews, runs small 

Same maker as the famed mumu, but a mini version! Short length, short sleeves–I love the additional subtle ruffle details on the sleeves and the bottom! It also has a little tie so you can make it slightly less pillow-case shaped which is appreciated. The LIGHTEST material making it an essential for hot summer days! Also perfect to wear with a jean jacket and sneakers for transitional spring weather! 

amazon baby doll shirt dress | 7 Great Warm Weather Staples I Bought for Florida amazon baby doll shirt dress | 7 Great Warm Weather Staples I Bought for Florida

Amazon Babydoll T-Shirt Dress: 

Sizing: Went with a Medium, so I think it’s TTS. 

I have Megan to thank for introducing me to this gem in her try-on last week. I ordered it and then the next day I also saw Caralyn styling it on her IG–it’s definitely making the rounds so you know it’s good! ????It comes in so many colors but I really loved this sweet little daisy print! (Another daisy dress!!) It’s tiered and a babydoll shape which I love because…again, I like anything that is pillowcase in shape. What other kind of dress shape would I want to wear in a pandemic? ????

The little details on the sleeve are also darling! So cute with sneakers, flat sandals, ballet flats,, wedges–you name it! 

amazon mumu dress vneck amazon mumu dress

The Mumu’s sister! 

Sizing: Wearing a medium, fits TTS

And here we have, shocking, another member of the mumu family. I like to call this the classic mumu’s sister because she’s cut a bit differently but still has the mumu qualities we know and love. Same soft and super light material, but has a button front and an elastic waist (looks like a drawstring waist, but it’s elastic). Comes in so many colors! Great for vacation to throw on over a suit or to wear out to dinner!

(BTW they have tons of great colors but I don’t see this exact one anymore, it’s called “Pink #1 and I only see Pink #2 and #3 now!)

Palm print beach robe

Palm print beach robe: 

Sizing: Went with a small–it’s definitely roomy! Wouldn’t size up! 

I have never considered the concept of a “beach robe” but you know anything with “robe” in the name gets me excited! ????I love how retro this feels! The tropical palm print is so fun, the beachy linen material is soft but holds up well so it’s easy to throw in your bag or over your beach chair, plus, it’s cute enough to wear straight from the pool to happy hour! Doubles as a regular robe too which is nice so you don’t have to bring two with you on vacation. (Yes, I travel with bathrobes always. I wouldn’t ever describe myself as an “extra” person but this is a very extra tendency of mine. ????) 

Convertable high waist/low waist bikini

Convertable high waist/low waist bikini: 

Sizing: I would say it runs TTS if a little big. (Based more on feedback from my non pregnant friends because I cannot really give accurate sizing in bathing suits at this point haha!) 

I had a fun time trying to find bathing suits that would fit me for this trip and this has definitely been my #1 favorite! So much so that I ordered it in two more colors–I now have the red polka dot, leopard print and the blue and white stripe! It can be high waisted or rolled down to sit lower on the waist! I also love the bottoms–not too cheeky, not complete coverage, the perfect in-between. The back is not adjustable (but it’s very stretchy) but the straps are! 

A.Golde Reese Jean Shorts  A.Golde Jean Shorts 

A.Golde Reese Jean Shorts 

I will admit that while these fit me when I got here, they absolutely do not fit now ????but I bought them regardless because I love my A.golde Parker shorts so much (review here!) and I wear them so much in the summer that I wanted another pair (and liked that these weren’t as short and that they were a relaxed fit!) Styled here with this Madewell popover top

I sized up two sizes from my Parker shorts thinking that size might last me through the Florida trip (it didn’t but that’s okay, haha!) and also will be good for summer post-LR’s arrival. We’ll see. If not, there’s always next year. ????

BUT, long story short, if you’ve been wanting a pair of great jean shorts that aren’t too short OR too tight, I can’t recommend these enough. I know they’re expensive for jean shorts (it took me years to take the plunge on my other pair) but I wear them so much more than all the budget jean shorts I own and in cost per wear, these turned out to be worth it. Everyone is different though!

Hope this was helpful as you start curating your spring/summer wardrobe or plan your warm weather escape! 

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