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7 Easy & Tasty Fall Game Day Recipes

Sep 23, 2015


Photo via La Creme de la Crumb 


It’s fall you guys! How did this happen so quickly? 

Now that you know, it’s official, and football season is in full swing, I thought we could all use a little game day eats inspiration. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd, or just preparing a meal for one or two, these are super easy to scale, and customize to make your own! 


Slow cooker enchilada quinoa 


This slow cooker enchilada quinoa is not only a snap to pull together, it’s a great alternative to chili! To make it even healthier, you could omit the cheese (but I mean, who would want to do such a thing?) and top with greek yogurt instead of sour cream. (You should really follow La Creme de la Crumb by the way, I’m obsessed with all of her recipes!) 


Mozzarella stuffed rosemary and parmesan soft pretzels 

homemade pretzles

Are. You. Serious. I cannot imagine anything that looks and sounds more delicious. Gooey soft pretzel dough, savory rosemary, and two kinds of cheese? Whoa, Baker by Nature. Just woah. If this doesn’t please hungry guests, I’m not sure what will. 


Buffalo Chicken Meatballs 


Who doesn’t love meatballs? And buffalo chicken? Put ’em together, and you’ve got buffalo chicken meatballs! Just roll ’em, pop them in the slow cooker–and forget about them! Plus, they’re healthier than regular chicken wings, too. (And don’t worry, those are further down the list!) 


Cheesy one pot mac & cheese 

One Pot Mac and Cheese - 3

Anything you can make it one pot is a no brainer for football season. It’s easy to feed a crowd with minimal effort, plus–it seems that most things that are made in one pot taste EXTRA delicious. So clearly, this creamy mac and cheese is no exception, and it’s ready in less than 30 minutes. 


Crispy Ravioli 


Crispy Ravioli might be one of the more tasty things on earth. I mean, really. What’s not to love? Plus, they’re really easy. Start with store bought freezer ravioli, bread ’em, and fry them up! You can keep them warm throughout your party in a low oven. Easy peasy! 


Honey Chipotle Chicken Wings 


If you’re looking to mix up your standard buffalo wings, try out this honey chipotle version! I love a little sweet and spicy kick to my wings, so these are right up my alley! Dip them in ranch. Sooo good. 


Spicy ramen 


If there’s one thing we always have around the house, it’s ramen. Seriously, I’m not kidding. It’s such a snap to fix up, and the results are soo good. This spicy ramen recipe uses the packaged ramen noodles (but not the seasoning) and is ready in 20 minutes! Perfect for Sunday night after guests have gone home, and you want something easy and satisfying! 

What’s your go-to game day recipe? 

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