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30+ transitional outfits to wear in 60 degree weather

Europe in fall

Outfit details here

Permanent Fall weather is officially here! Some would argue it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Truthfully, I’m more of a summer girl through and through, HOWEVER, I do love a good “in between” weather outfit. And since it would seem our Midwestern summer weather is behind us, I figured, why not round up all of my favorite outfit ideas for 60-degree(ish) weather? (Of course, just add a heavier coat, and you’ve easily got a 50 degree outfit, too.)

I hope this helps you whenever you’re trying go get dressed (or pack for a trip!) during the fall, spring, or anywhere with mild weather! (Europe in the fall, perhaps?) 

My favorite 60-degree weather outfits

My 60 degree weather outfit staples for in-between weather: 

Trench coat or light jacket:

Chances are, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reputable list of fall/spring wardrobe essentials without a trench coat. It’s not just stylish (iconic, even), but it’s one of the most versatile and practical items in your wardrobe! It’s the perfect coat for 60-degree weather–sunny days or rainy days. Plus, a trench happens to make every outfit look extra chic, too. My trench is many years old, but I highly recommend Sezane’s trench (based off reviews from my friends!) J.Crew and Everlane also make great trench options with excellent reviews!

Leather jacket: (Your best friend for mild temperatures)

My #1 go-to layer for fall and spring weather. I own the ABLE Maha leather jacket in two colors and can’t recommend it enough. If you’re looking for more of a moto look and want some cool, out-of-the-box colors, I LOVE my Quince leather Moto jacket and highly recommend that as well. Both are fantastic options for the price.

Denim jacket:

A staple you’ll wear year-round, but especially for the in-between 60-degree weather! A good jean jacket goes with everything. I also love layering it underneath a coat for added warmth when temps dip even further! My favorite denim jackets are ABLE’s Merly and Bailey denim jackets which are both reviewed in this blog post!

Oversized blazer:

A great outer layer option to add some class to your 60-degree weather outfit rotation is the oversized blazer. Of course, it’s a no-brainer for work, but I especially love it over a striped tee, graphic tee, slinky camisole, whatever! It adds both warmth and polish. A go-to classic of mine is Sezane’s Michele jacket, which comes in a bunch of colors! Sizing is TTS. Madewell is another great go-to for trendy blazers.

Also, have you considered a sweater blazer? J.Crew has several amazing sweater blazer options! (The Giselle v-neck sweater blazer is my favorite!)

Want something a little edgier? You could even play around with a faux leather blazer!

Blue denim jeans:

There are so many jean trends to keep track of right now, but I say wear what you love. Love skinny jeans? Keep wearing them! Love a wide leg? Go for it! Want something in between? I highly recommend the Sezane Brut Sexy jeans for an easy-to-style, classic, but on-trend pair that is super flattering and easy to style with booties, flats, sneakers and more. Sizing is TTS but go up if you’re in between.

White jeans:

I know white denim is usually associated with summer styles, but white jeans are actually a great go-to for in-between temperatures, and even in the dead of winter! (No, I don’t believe in putting the white jeans away after Labor Day!)

White jeans go a LONG way in “brightening up” an outfit on a dreary day. They provide a fresh twist while keeping you warm–they’re still long pants after all! Spring outfits, fall outfits, winter outfits, I rock them in any kind of weather and I especially love how they look paired with fall hues like rich browns and oranges.

You heard it here first, no matter the weather forecast, you have my permission to pull out your white pants. 😉 If you’re in the market for some new white jeans, I love Abercrombie’s 90 straight-leg jeans in cream, and Madewell’s Perfect Vintage white jeans in both the wide-leg and straight-leg versions!


You can barely look anywhere in 2023 without seeing trousers! They’re one of the biggest trends, but also a total classic.

My favorite way to wear trousers is with sneakers for a chic but casual look.

I’m excited the weather is finally going to be cool enough to wear them again! If you’re looking for a trouser recco, I love Abercrombie’s Sloan trousers. (Just make sure to size up, I think their latest iteration runs small!)

Striped tee:

Two favorites to recommend here: AYR’s “French Fry” tee for a more casual/soft option, and Sezane’s Marinere striped tops for something a bit more substantial/thicker material/easier to dress up. I own and love both and wear them both all the time! I prefer the long-sleeved versions to short sleeve as they provide more warmth and are the perfect under layers and add a stylish element to any outfit–layered under a denim jacket, leather jacket, sweater vests, even a puffer vest to provide extra warmth when the weather gets on the colder side!

White silk blouse:

It can be worn with jeans and flats for a casual 60-degree weather outfit, it can be unbuttoned further for a date night, you can wear it to work–I rarely travel without a white silk blouse in the shoulder seasons because it’s so versatile! The long sleeves provide coverage, but the thin material makes it easier to layer without making you hot. Sezane’s Chlo blouse is beautiful and I love the feminine lace scalloped details, I’ve loved my Everlane silk blouse for SO many years, and Quince also makes a great washable silk blouse option.

Oversized button-down shirt:

I love an oversized button-down but as a bottom layer or an outer layer over a t-shirt or crop/bra for an athleisure look! I love Sezane’s chambray version (pictured above) and ABLE makes a great oversized button-down as well! If you want something less preppy and more comfy, I highly recommend Faherty’s Legend sweater button-down shirt. I wear it as a second layer over a tee, on its own as a button-down (feels like a super soft tee, but with the polish of a button-down!) and I often wear it layered over leggings and a workout tank for outdoor activities like hiking, walks at the lake house, etc!


Leather mini skirt:

I’ve owned this Sezane Harlow leather mini skirt for years now and it’s still a favorite. When it’s chilly outside, I love wearing a short skirt with tights and a chunky sweater on top to balance out the shorter hemline. Wear it with loafers or sneakers for a casual look or dress it up with heels and booties for a night out. It’s one of my #1 “going out” outfit staples.

Patterned midi skirt:

​A feminine staple that is ideal for work, weekend, or even wearing out to dinner! I also love one styled with knee-high boots, sneakers, or ballet flats! (Tip: if it’s really cold, you can totally get away with wearing leggings underneath with knee-high boots. Remember that for winter. 😉) Big surprise here, but Sezane makes my favorite midi skirts always in the most beautiful patterns.

Fall maxi or midi dress:

I love a long dress styled with booties for fall! It’s a great way to take your summer maxi into the new season. A one-piece outfit you can wear for so many occasions. I love this flowy version that is super similar to one I bought last year and still love!

Slinky camisole tank top:

A slinky tank top like this one is a great choice for layering any time of the year, and this Sezane version (yes, Sezane, again) is a staple in my “going out” wardrobe. I love it layered under a jacket, or dressed up with a pair of high-waisted jeans or even leather trousers. For daytime, it adds a bit of a dressy touch when layered under a cardigan or light sweater. It’s a feminine and subtle statement-making combo with pretty much anything you pair it with!

Boyfriend cardigan:

You can read my review of the Quince Mongolian cashmere oversized cardigan (and see lots of black cardigan outfits if you’re in need of some inspo) over in this post. I own this cashmere cardigan in two colors and am trying to resist purchasing a third. One of my most worn sweaters in my wardrobe and the perfect 60-degree-weather layer.

Reversible “dressy” cardigan:

Really any light sweater will do here, but I love Sezane’s Gaspard or the Barry cardigan because it can be worn with the buttons front or back, buttoned all the way up for daytime, and unbuttoned for nighttime. (Very few sweaters can be “sexy” in my opinion, but Sezane’s sweaters are unmatched. They are my go-to for fall/winter/spring date nights when it’s in the 60’s!)

Heeled booties:

If you’re looking for a good pair of heeled booties, I love the J.Crew Stevie or Everlane Day boot. Great for elevating your outfit but comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time!

Flat booties or knee-high boots:

When looking for a great pair of boots to wear for every day, I like a low or flat heel and ideally, something that is waterproof. (Because Midwest weather.) Chelsea boots like the waterproof Blondo Hallie or water-resistant Caslon Miller are both great options this time of year for rainy days.

I also love the look of the Everlane City boot but don’t own it personally so can’t speak to the specifics! Blundstones are also one of the #1 reader favorites for flat walking shoes!

Cowboy boots (like these Freda Salvador western-style boots 😍) are also very “in” for 2023 and would be a great option for fall footwear!

Versatile fanny pack:

My most worn lately is the Clare V Grande Fanny. I’ve been wearing it throughout the summer during warm weather and I anticipate wearing it just as much for cooler weather. I think the rattan especially adds some texture and interest to my outfits! (I LOVE the cream rattan if you’re searching for a neutral color, but it comes in different colors as well.)  It makes an excellent travel bag, I’ve worn it everywhere from New York City to California and all my travels this summer.

If you want a classic leather look, look at ABLE’s Berkeley Belt Bag, and for a more casual/sporty look, I highly recommend Lululemon’s city adventurer bag!

Pretty scarf or bandana:

Adds a stylish personal touch to everything you wear it with. (I mean, you knew there was going to be a scarf on this list somewhere, right? 😂) One of the easiest ways to jazz up an outfit, even if it’s your favorite jeans and a plain white tee!

My favorite place to shop for scarves is Sezane, Madewell, and Amazon. You may also like these blog posts on how to tie a neck scarf and how to tie a hair scarf. 

60-degree weather outfits with boots: 

60 degree weather outfits: trench outfit in Paris

 Sezane marinere top (it’s a boxier fit, but went with my normal size, small! // SUPER old Rag & Bone that they don’t make anymore but this version is very similar and marked down on Amazon! I also highly suggest Madewell skinnies! //  Old Coach boots, but this pair looks very similar! // London Fog trench coat (mine is several years old, but mine runs large, I have XS!) This year’s version is on sale at Macy’s! Everlane also has a similar single-breasted version! 

#1: Trench coat, striped tee, skinny jeans, and tall boots

One of my favorite outfits I wore in Paris! I know what you’re thinking and YES, your skinny jeans absolutely still have a place in your closet. (Wear them every day if you want to!) I think they’re still an essential for wearing with tall boots. To me, this polished trench look is as chic as they come. 

60 degree weather outfits: mini skirt and combat boots

Old crewneck sweater (Madewell has a similar one!) //  Old skirt, similar here and here // Old Stuart Weitzman combat boots (similar options at Madewell and Cole Haan) // Old Staud bag (found a similar look at Mango for less than $50!)

#2: Sweater, mini skirt, tights, and combat boots:

I love the mix of edgy/feminine at play with this outfit and mixing these two elements is one of my best style tips! The boots are edgy, the tights and mini skirt are feminine. The chunky sweater balances out the shorter hemline of the skirt. Can’t wait to wear this combo again for fall 2023! 

60 degree weather outfits with white jeans for fall or spring

Faherty sweater (old, new version here) // Old Sezane belt, but they have a similar one! // Madewell white wide-leg crop jeans (TTS, 26) // Stuart Weitzman sock boots (TTS, on major sale at Nordstrom Rack!)

#3: Wide leg crops, ankle booties, orange sweater, statement belt: 

See what I mean about the white jeans with the fall colors? Try mixing your white jeans with rich browns, burnt oranges (a deep burgundy would be nice too!) to create the perfect look for fall. 

60 degree weather outfit idea: maxi skirt with booties

Amazon dress // Stuart Weitzman sock boots (TTS, on major sale at Nordstrom Rack!)

#4: Maxi dress and booties: 

I love a good maxi dress (which is no secret, of course–more on how to style a maxi dress right here!) The easiest way to take your favorite maxi from summer to fall is by styling it with your favorite bootie. For a more casual look, you could even play around with a pair of chunky boots! 

60 degree weather outfits and ideas: hoodie outfit with skinny jeans and booties

Treasure & Bond sweatshirt (old, but here’s the new version!) // Old Navy warm jeans // Caslon water-resistant boots (on sale at Nordstrom Rack) // Nordstrom Beret // Similar scarf

#5: Hoodie, Skinny jeans and Lug sole boots: 

Skinny jeans for the win again! I know “they” say skinny jeans aren’t cool anymore, but I wanted to include this outfit as proof that they in fact still ARE. I still love a skinny jean paired with an oversized tunic-length top like a hoodie, sweatshirt, or sweater. With chunky socks pulled up on top, this outfit provides enough warmth without making you overheat! (Yes, we’re bordering on 50 and 40 degree outfits here but, I wanted you to be able to plan ahead, too. 😬)

Cotton crewneck tee (TTS, wearing small) // Oversized Plaid Blazer (Oversized fit, wearing 0) // Corduroy Skirt (old, similar option in different colors) // Glove Boot

#6: Oversized blazer, plain white tee, mini skirt, ankle booties: 

Remember when we talked about oversized blazers? Here’s a fun way to play with both dressy and casual elements! 

Old Blazer, similar here and here // very similar bootie // Everlane straight leg crops // Everlane washable silk blouse // Everlane Tote 

#7: Oversized blazer, wide leg crops, ankle booties, silk blouse: 

And speaking of blazers, here’s a perfect outfit that meets your office dress code, but is cute enough to wear out to dinner after work! 

60-degree weather outfits with flats: 

60 degree weather outfits with jeans

Similar sweater // ABLE Chelsie Jeans–use code JESSKEYS15 for 15% off (run small, I went up 1 size to 27), Madewell lug sole loafers (TTS) // Similar scarf

#8: Lug sole loafers, straight-leg jeans, cable knit sweater, neck scarf 

A great casual look that can also work for a variety of occasions! A fun way to wear your cozy knits is with a pair of jeans and lug-sole loafers for a laid-back feel. Cute enough for weekend, polished enough for work. 

60 degree weather outfits with jeans and loafers

Similar sweater // AGOLDE jeans // Sam Edelman Lorraine Loafers

#9: Classic loafers, straight-leg jeans, striped sweater 

Here’s another example of a casual but polished look. This time with a striped sweater and a more classic loafer. (Love these, I’ve been singing their praises basically since I started blogging! They come out with new colors every year–they’re SO soft and comfortable. A great Gucci dupe and I highly recommend them.) 

60 degree weather outfits with your favorite jeans

Quince leather jacket (TTS. Went with a medium for a slightly more relaxed fit) //  Sezane jeans (TTS but go with your larger size if you’re in between) // Schutz Arissa ballet flats (go 1/2 size down) // Clare V tee (gifted) and Grande Fanny with added resin strap

#10: Leather jacket, graphic tee, ballet flats, fanny pack 

Another one for those not-too-cold days: this is one of my favorite casual outfits of the year! It’s a little bit feminine, a little edgy, a little playful–and 60 degrees is the PERFECT weather to wear it. One of the best outfits of the bunch, in my opinion. 😉

60 degree weather outfits with black cardigan

Quince cashmere boyfriend cardigan (TTS but oversized, wearing small) // Cuts Tomboy tee (TTS, wearing small) // A.Golde Riley cropped jeans (TTS if you want them tight, size up if you want them relaxed) // similar Sezane neck scarf // Rothy’s flats (I love LOVE these flats–see my Rothys review here!)

#11: Oversized cardigan, straight leg jeans, ballet flats, white tee, and hair scarf 

I have been loving the look of a buttoned-up cardigan over a plain white tee to put a casual twist on an outfit. Here I paired it with some raw-hem jeans and my favorite feminine cap-toe Rothy’s ballet flats and a hair scarf. I love this chic outfit for every day or even working from home. For more warmth, it would be super easy to add a trench coat or even a wool topcoat for extra chilly weather. 

60 degree weather outfits for work

Sezane denim shirt // Similar scarf from Amazon (see how I tie my hair scarves here) // Similar cap-toe pumps // Madewell Perfect Fit wide-leg black jeans // Sezane Artemis belt

#12: Oversized button-down, black jeans, heels, statement belt and hair scarf

Sometimes I miss dressing up for work (sometimes 🤪) and this is a great example of something I would’ve worn to my ad agency job! Fashionable but professional, and comfortable enough to run back and forth to the creative department 100 times a day! 

Oversized button-down transitional outfit

Sezane denim shirt (also available in a darker denim and lots of other colors!) // Abercrombie 90’s straight white jeans // Claire V rattan grande fanny // Sezane coin necklace // Freda Salvador Keen mules // Ray Ban Hexagon Sunnies

#13: Oversized denim button down, white straight-leg jeans, woven slides, fanny pack 

Same button-down shirt, totally different look! This is definitely a more transitional summer-to-fall outfit idea, and would also be perfect for transitioning into spring!

Europe fall outfit idea

Sweater: similar here // Pants: Everlane straight leg crop pants in Sandstone (TTS), similar here // Jacket: ABLE Maha leather jacket (I sized up so it’s roomier but it’s TTS.), similar here // Scarf: Old, similar here // Sunglasses: Ray ban // Headband: similar here 

#14: Leather jacket, cashmere sweater, straight-leg crops, ballet flats 

I love this whole look snapped in Paris in October! Timeless, but still trendy–I think if I were to choose one outfit to represent my overall style in the fall, this would be a top contender in the “60-degree weather outfits” category.

60-degree weather outfits with sneakers:

Sezane denim shirt // Similar hat // Kizik sneakers (c/o- size down 1/2 size!) // Alo bike shorts 

#15: Bike shorts, oversized button down, sneakers, baseball cap

I like to call this my “Annie from Father of the Bride” inspired look. (Remember when she was super pregnant and wore a button-down over bike shorts?!) Daycare pickup, hot girl walks, even a casual weeknight patio hang in the crisp early fall air. I’ve been wearing a variation of this outfit all summer, and the addition of the button-down makes it perfect for the “warm but chilly when the wind picks up” kind of weather. 

ABLE Merly jean jacket // similar dress // Freda Salvador D’Orsay sneakers // similar belt bags

#16: Jean jacket, T-shirt dress, white sneakers, belt bag 

Another easy summer-to-fall or even spring-to-summer outfit idea! For more ways on how to style a t-shirt dress, you can check out this post! Also, see this post for how I styled this look with a pair of sandals! 

leggings and cardigan outfit

Quince cashmere cardigan // Lululemon leggings (although for a long flight I’d choose something less supportive, like their Align leggings or my fave budget-dupes, the Aerie offline leggings // Bombas socks // Kizik Lima sneakers // Lululemon city adventurer fanny pack // Amazon baseball cap

#17: Leggings, crop top/sports bra, cashmere cardigan, quarter socks, sneakers  

Pretty much the exact outfit I’ve been wearing daily for daycare drop-off and pickup. Perfect for being ready for my mid-day workouts but also still feels more like an “outfit” – you know what I mean? The boyfriend cardigan is the best thing for layering over crop tops and leggings/bike shorts! 

graphic tee and sweatshirt with jeans

Old tee, similar here // Faherty button-up (TTS, I went with medium) // Madewell jeans (new wash // Freda Salvador sneakers (TTS) // Baseball cap

#18: Faherty legend sweater shirt, graphic tee, wide-leg jeans, classic white sneakers, baseball hat

I love this sweater shirt as a long-sleeved option for layering in unpredictable weather. It can be a shirt, a shirt jacket, it takes up very little room in your bag and is easy to throw on whenever and wherever! A chic neutral baseball cap is also great for look presentable when you haven’t washed your hair in days. 😬


neutral trousers and blouse outfit

Willa blouse (TTS, S) // Everlane trousers (TTS, 2) // Freda Salvador Eda Sneakers (TTS for me but read reviews carefully)

#19: Neutral trousers, white blouse, sneakers: 

Another favorite outfit of the bunch. Classic white sneakers (my favorites rounded up here) are my footwear of choice to pair with trousers. I love the mix of casual/dressy this combo gives an outfit. For colder days, it would look extra chic with a wool coat layered over the top!

60 degree weather outfits

Similar popover top // American Giant kick flare pants // Freda Salvador Eda Sneakers // Similar scarf

#20: White popover, black pants, classic white sneakers, neck scarf:

This is one of my favorite outfits from a spring weekend capsule wardrobe I put together a couple years back, and it absolutely still holds up!  A timeless combo that would be ideal for something like a conference where you needed to look put together but you wanted to be able to style the same items casually as well! More details in this blog post. 

leather jacket outfit

American Giant tank // American Giant kick flare pants // ABLE leather jacket // Freda Salvador Eda Sneakers // Similar scarf

#21: Leather jacket, tank top or tee, black pants and white sneakers:

Another versatile travel outfit that works for any season! Comfy while still being put together. 

Quince cashmere boyfriend black cardigan

Quince cashmere boyfriend black cardigan (TTS but oversized, wearing small) // New Balance sneakers (TTS, also sold here!) // Cuts Tomboy tee (TTS, wearing small) // A.Golde Riley cropped jeans (TTS if you want them tight, size up if you want them relaxed) // similar Sezane neck scarf

#22: Plain white tee, black cardigan, jeans, neutral trainers:

I purchased these New Balances back in the spring and they are SO comfy and also a great casual footwear option for all kinds of weather. I tend to lean toward neutrals even more in cooler weather, so I plan to wear them a lot as we get into fall. While they’re great for athleisure (obviously) they’re also cute when styled with a pair of jeans, plain white tee, and cardigan!  

Faherty mariner sweater

Faherty mariner sweater (sized up to M for oversized fit) // Sezane jeans // Converse high tops

#23: High-top sneakers, jeans, chunky sweater:

If you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers for 60 degree weather and under, may I suggest a high top? They’re a great option because you don’t have to worry about cold ankles like you do with other sneakers! Here I styled them with a chunky knit Faherty sweater and my favorite Sezane jeans for a classic look.  

Faherty legend sweater button down

Faherty legend sweater button down // Madewell straight-leg perfect vintage jeans // converse high tops // Sezane scarf // Amazon hat // Quince cardigan sweater (reviewed here)

#24: Boyfriend cardigan, white jeans, Faherty legend shirt, high tops

Multiple repeat offenders you’ve seen before in this transitional outfit! White jeans, the Quince boyfriend cardigan, and the Faherty shirt–this time worn as the bottom layer, instead of the top layer! (See? I told you it was the perfect weather essential for cooler temps!) 

Mango coat // Madewell button down // Converse high top // Sezane jeans

#25: Sezane jeans, oversized button down, classic white sneakers: 

Love busting out bright layers (especially in spring) — a perfect way to feel springy even if you still need a few layers while the temps rise! This outfit combination is some of my closet MVPs- great-fitting denim, a lightweight versatile coat, classic striped button down and go-to high-top sneakers.

Mango coat (runs big, reviewed here!) // Sezane sweatshirt (I’d size up, I went with M) // Sezane jeans // New Balance sneakers (TTS) // J.Crew tissue turtleneck (TTS) // similar headband

#26: Sezane jeans, Sezane graphic sweatshirt, Colorful Scarf, New Balance sneakers, Headband:

Another way to style a colorful coat! Love how the coat, scarf and headband feel very feminine, yet the sneakers and oversized sweatshirt add the right amount of masculinity.

Abercrombie hoodie // Abercrombie sweatpants // ABLE denim jacket, Madewell court sneakers, Lululemon belt bag, Amazon baseball cap

#27: A cozy groutfit, denim jacket, court sneakers, Lululemon belt bag:

Ultra cozy, but pull it together! I love how retro this grey sweat set feels and with a few accessories, it’s really versatile for a lot of occasions — travel, drop-offs, athleisure, etc. I love this slightly larger belt bag too!

Everlane coat // Sezane cardigan // Levi’s denim // Schutz flats // Old scarf (similar)

#28: Cocoon coat, Sezane cardigan, Levi’s jeans, neutral ballet flats: 

This is a go-to spring uniform of mine! You can’t go wrong with neutral layers. My favorite Sezane cardigan and the most comfortable ballet flats are sweet and feminine, and I love how the boxier cocoon coat brings it all together.

ABLE Jean jacket //  ABLE Tee // ABLE Joggers // Freda Salvador Mules // ABLE Backpack

The key to this outfit is texture! Subtle distressing on my favorite jean jacket, amazingly soft leather backpack and the fun rattan mules! Such a versatile and comfortable look for everyday, travel, etc.!

#29: ABLE denim jacket, Freda Salvador Mules:

ABLE Maha leather jacket (Quince makes a great one too!) // Sezane striped shirt (similar here) // Madewell perfect vintage straight leg denim (similar style) // Madewell sneakers // Amazon hat

Love the simplicity of this outfit, but the cognac leather and striped tee are more unexpected than your typical black-and-white combo! Simple, elevated and versatile! I sized up to a medium in this jacket!

#30: ABLE leather jacket, striped tee, white denim, court sneakers: 

denim shirt and jeans

Sezane denim shirt // Clare V. classic t-shirt // Sezane Brut Sexy jean in “Denim” // Ray Ban Hexagon sunnies // Everlane tennis shoes

#31: Sezane jeans, Clare V graphic tee, oversized button down, classic white sneakers: 

Last but certainly not least, paying homage to another favorite 90’s movie character: Chessie! (From the Parent Trap, remember?) This shirt always reminds me of her, especially how I styled it here! I love it layered over a graphic tee, paired with jeans (yes, denim on denim!) and classic white sneaks. This kind of look never goes out of style and is one of my favorite 60-degree outfit ideas. 

I hope this post was helpful! Looking for more 60-degree weather outfits? I am always posting new outfits on my LTK profile, so head over there for more “in-between” outfit inspiration!

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