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6 way better ways to spend your tax return

Apr 14, 2015

Okay, so I have to admit–unfortunately I did NOT get a tax return this year. I actually owed money for the first time ever–which comes with the territory of working for yourself. However, seeing as the majority of you guys probably receive a nice little bonus after filing your taxes, I thought it was only appropriate that we brainstorm some better ways to spend that money this year.

For the past several years (back in the day when I DID get a return) I would never know what to do with the money. I would pretend like I was going to spend it on something significant only to let it slowly trickle away on non-exciting, non-significant, I-didn’t-even-need-that everyday purchases. And I don’t want that to happen to you this year. Here are some way better investments you can make with that refund:

An all-inclusive trip to Punta Cana: $999

Yep, Groupon Getaways is offering 5 nights at a 4 star, all inclusive resort, with airfare–for $999. I know what you’re thinking–it’s Groupon, and that’s sketchy. However, I do have a friend that took a trip to Asia on a Groupon Getaway and said it was a fabulous experience. At basically one-third of the normal cost, what do you have to lose?

A Vinyl subscription: $27/month or $284/year

Vinyl Me, Please is essentially a monthly record club, where you get a record, custom art print, and a cocktail pairing to go with the record. Pretty sweet, right? So much better than depleting that return on sporadic trips to Forever 21. And it kind of makes you feel like Don Draper.

A big girl couch: $1,699

I know this isn’t that exciting, but hear me out. Every other time of the year we write off big purchases saying, I can’t spend that much money all at once, or I can’t spend $2,000 on one thing! But think of your tax return as something you had been saving up for all year (because really, that’s exactly what it is.) Now is the time to purchase that big investment piece you’ve been dreaming about. I love this Crate & Barrel Verano Sofa ($1,799) or the Build-your-own Peggy sofa/sectional from West Elm ($799-$1,699) A nice couch is a big purchase in every girls life, so use your tax return money on something that will last forever!

The perfect trench or classic pumps:$595 and up

Speaking of investments that last forever, there’s nothing more classic, everlasting, and versatile than a trench coat, or a classic pair of pumps. If you’re going to invest in ANY staples in your wardrobe, these would be at the top of your list. For trench coats, you’ve got to go with Burberry. For pumps, look for a nude or black pair in patent leather (much easier to clean, harder to ruin!) with a pointed toe (a classic look that will never go out of style.)

Go somewhere: $39 and up airfare

Frontier and Southwest are running a lot of flight deals starting at $39 and up! Sign up for their email lists to get flight updates whenever they run a special. Also, you can sign up for fare alerts on sites like Trip Advisor, who will alert you when a trip price drops. Tip: Tuesdays are the cheapest day to book travel!

Redecorate your apartment: $100 and up

If you’ve been wanting to spruce up your apartment but haven’t wanted to spend the cash, now you’ve got it! Look into Homepolish, an online interior design service that starts at $100/hour. Invest in a couple hours with an expert who will transform your space for cheap, plus, give you access to hundreds of industry discounts, which will help you save in the long run!

Main image: via Homepolish // Pinterest pin: Vaughn Berry Photography

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