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6 simple things to do on Fridays to transition into a joy-filled weekend

6 Things to do on Fridays for a joy-filled weekend

Hi friends- HAPPY FRIDAY!

Kendall here–congrats on making it through another week!

I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead — whether that’s simply resting and taking it easy, accomplishing a fun project, or doing something adventurous!

These days, as we continue to spend more time at home, weekends can easily seem like a continuation of the weekly grind (especially if you work from home!) One minute it’s Friday night and before you know it, the Sunday scaries are in full force and you find yourself neither relaxed nor accomplished. The key to avoiding this? Taking advantage of Fridays!

Taking a few minutes to wrap up the week — actually shut down by 5 p.m. — and transition your perspective into a weekend mindset can go a long way in making the most of your weekends and actually feel refreshed and ready to tackle a new week come Monday morning. 

Check out these to-dos and ideas to prioritize on Fridays to wrap up the week and shift into an off-duty mindset! 

6 Things to do on Fridays for a joy-filled weekend

Shut off social media 

By the time 5 ‘o clock rolls around on Friday, you’re most likely completely wiped. It’s all too easy to grab your phone and scroll through social media for a few minutes of relaxation. But the next thing you know, an hour has gone by and you’re no more relaxed than when you started. And now you’re hungry to make matters worse ????. Instead of reaching for your phone, do any one of these other ideas to actually recharge, accomplish something on your t-do list, and appreciate the weekend. 

Brain-Dump Your To-Dos for Next Week

A great way to transition from week to weekend mode is a brain dump. Before powering off on Friday, list out everything you already know needs to get done on Monday — or sometime next week. Calls to return, project next steps, meetings to schedule, items to order. Write down anything and everything while it’s fresh on your mind, and don’t think about it again until Sunday evening or Monday morning. Now that you’ve outlined what needs to get done next week, you don’t need to fret about it all weekend.

Put your favorite parts of the week on paper

You probably scribble all of your to-dos on a notebook or agenda throughout the week, which is great for organization, but when you look back at your week, all you see are the work accomplishments, completed chores, and appointments/meetings you attended. Taking five minutes (over a glass of wine perhaps?) to reflect on your favorite parts of the week is a great exercise in taking a pause, appreciating the little things, and getting in the weekend mindset.

Things like: the blooms you saw on your morning walk, the phone conversation you had with an old friend, an unexpected thing your partner did for you, the sun setting later in the day, feeling strong during one of your workouts, etc. It might even give you inspiration for how to spend your weekend!

Do one of your weekend chores 

There’s nothing like waking up on Saturday only to find your place is a total disaster and all the chores you put off during the week are waiting to be tackled over the weekend. It’s daunting, not relaxing, and a total buzzkill. If you’re up to it on Friday, try to complete a chore or two to free up the rest of your weekend. Picking up the house or folding laundry on Friday afternoon doesn’t sound so bad when you’re listening to a fun playlist, watching a show and/or sipping a cocktail!

Reflect on what you *really* need

Especially these days, it’s easy to hype up weekends throughout the week. “I’ll work out a lot this weekend, I’ll do something adventurous on Saturday, I’ll get to all those personal projects, I’ll catch up on work over the weekend.” That’s a lot of pressure for two days, especially if you don’t account for downtime. No matter what you’ve “scheduled” for the weekend throughout the week, take time on Friday to check in with yourself and determine what you *really* need your weekend to be.

Maybe you had a beast of a week, and you need to pivot your overly zealous ideas, maybe the week was a breeze and you want to take advantage of the weekend and pack it full of activities, or maybe your body is physically exhausted and you need to take a break from working out this weekend. Whatever it is that you need, take the time to identify it, and change your plans accordingly — even if they only lived in your head. 

Add your hostess touch 

Imagine your friend is coming into town and staying with you for the night (yay!). What are the special stops you’d pull out for her? Do those nice things for YOU!

Light some candles, put on a fun playlist, bust out the fancy wine glasses, etc. Treat yourself like you would your best friend and pull out all those special touches for you to ring in the weekend in style!

It’s Friday after all, and that’s more than enough reason to celebrate!

Hope these tips make your weekend even brighter! 

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