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5 Little Things To Do For Yourself This Month


Image via Messy Nessy

So, when I originally started writing this post last week, I had no idea I was about to get engaged! Now, today’s topic takes on even more meaning!

Life has been flying by so fast lately, that I can barely even stop to acknowledge how fast it’s actually moving! (And now it’s only about to get faster.)

I’m sure you feel the same way, right? (I mean, when are we not feeling like this?)

In an effort to actually slow things down every so often, I thought it would be nice to give myself five “little goals” this month. It’s always the little things that make life special and help us live in the moment, right? What do you think–do you want to join in my little challenge, too?

Here’s what my “five things” list looks like:

Take a bath

I never take baths. But why? I love baths. (At least, I think I still do?) But honestly, I don’t think I’ve taken one since college! I have a perfectly functioning bathtub and I even have some random bath bombs laying around. A bath with a glass of wine and Carla Bruni playing in the background–soooo lovely. Why haven’t I thought of this sooner?

Learn something new

It’s my dream to sign up for French lessons before we go to Paris. Although these are expensive and I’m not quite sure this is going to happen, I’d still like to make it a goal to try and learn French for a few hours per week. I recently purchased a French phrase book, and I’ve been loving the Duolingo app! Languages are so fascinating to me, and I forgot how much I loved them. The idea of sitting down for an hour on a weekend morning sipping coffee and learning French has me totally geeking out.

Invest in a really classic wardrobe staple

I’m really conflicted with my wardrobe right now–I just did a giant closet purge and now I’m kind of left with pretty much nothing, which is on one hand, very freeing, but on the other–kind of overwhelming. I’m really trying to focus on curating a closet that I absolutely love, filled with versatile staples, vs random pieces that make me roll my eyes and scream, “WHY did I buy you!?”

Cook a brand new recipe

I cook a lot, but I don’t often try out a brand new, from scratch recipe. I’m talking about something that takes some time, effort, and lot’s of love to make. There’s nothing that makes me more relaxed than cooking. (Unless I’m trying to do 5 things at once and I’m burning the garlic. Burn the garlic, the rest of your food is toast.) In all seriousness, I’d love to try out homemade fried chicken or this strip steak recipe with lemony yogurt and radishes.

Post up in a bookstore

I love book stores. They’re so calming, quiet, and full of nooks to cozy up and dive into a good book. Chicago has ton’s of really charming book stores–at least once this month, I’d like to take an hour or two to just browse and read with nowhere else to be and nobody else to talk to.
What are your five things for this month?