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5 Stylish & Affordable Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Image via Sarah Sherman Samuel

If you’ve been following along on Instagram (or saw yesterday’s post!) you know that I’ve been on an organizing kick lately. When we moved into our new condo, we were so concerned with getting everything put away and presentable (duh, so we could start having PARTIES) that we didn’t really stop to think much about where things should really go and how we should go about organizing.

So, fast forward 7 months later…we now have a drastic case of disorganized crankiness going around our house. I truly believe that clutter originates when things don’t have a “home”–so that’s what I’m setting out to do this spring so we are insanely organized before the wedding and we can start married life on the right foot. (Also, so I can start married life with my husband not wanting to murder me for being messy, for once.)

Basically, the past two lengthy paragraphs are my round-about way of saying–I’ve been doing a lot of internet stalking lately on storage solutions for our condo that happens to have zero storage. Here are some of my favorite finds, in case you’re aiming to do the same with your Spring cleaning!

1. Ladders as shelves

Image via Sarah Sherman Samuel

I love the look of ladders to hold blankets and towels. It’s a really cool piece of decor that doubles as storage–it’s great if you don’t have the space for a shelf as you can lean one up against pretty much any nook or cranny in the house.

2. Baskets, baskets, baskets


Images via Style Me Pretty and Foster House

ALL THE BASKETS!  A word of warning: your husband will hate the baskets. He will think they are ridiculous and serve no function. But what he doesn’t understand is that the more baskets you have, the less clutter there will be! They’re the best catch-all solution for pretty much anything. Under the bed storage, closet storage, bathroom storage, and the best part–they make cute laundry baskets that you actually want to look at. (Instead of your future husbands’ ugly plastic one from college. COUGH.)

3. Sneaky Built-Ins

Cute furniture and accessories that double as storage can go a long way in maximizing your space! I really want to get this jewelry-holding mirror for a little wall in our bedroom and create a mini vanity! My jewelry is scattered between several drawers and catch-all’s and it would be so much better to have it all in one place. There are also floating cabinets like these that also provide a lot of extra storage without taking up a ton of space.

4. Wall shelves

Image via

We have two small under-the-sink cabinets and three teeny, shallow drawers in our master bathroom. That’s it! We don’t have a linen closet so there is really no proper place to store towels. I’m looking into buying something like the above (available at West Elm!) as our solution! I love these copper floating shelves from CB2. How adorable is this vintage-inspired version, too?

5. Stylish Hooks

closet organization, gold closet hooks

Image via A Beautiful Mess 

I found this DIY on A Beautiful Mess over the weekend and it’s really inspired me to buy a bunch of gold hooks and pegs and put them in our closet and entryways. (You know, since the coat closet only holds like 5 total coats.) I love these hooks from CB2!

Do you have any favorite storage tips?