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5 Goals I’m Working on This Month

Mar 22, 2017

Cropped pullover: Zella at Nordstrom–I also love this cropped crewneck that ties in the front! Also, how cute is this backless crewneck sweatshirt to show off your cute sports bra? // Green yoga pants: Zella at Nordstrom, they come in 6 different colors and patterns! This pair is similar if you like cropped yoga pants.// Strappy crop/sports bra: Reebok at Nordstrom (available in teal here)–also seen in this workout motivation outfit postThis one and this one are cute, too! // Shoes: Nike (old) but I think I’m going to get this grey & white pair next.

I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or because our wedding is slowly (quickly?) creeping up on us, but this month has been all about making little changes with big impacts. Regardless of why I’ve gotten the sudden burst of inspiration, I thought I would share the 5 personal goals I’ve been working towards this month!

Getting up at 6am

I have always been a huge proponent of getting up early, and I used to all the time. For whatever reason, over the last year or so, I’ve been sleeping in much later–until 7:30 or even 8, and it was really taking a toll on me. I always felt like I was in catch-up mode and there were never enough hours in the day. When I get up early, I feel like I have so much time! Does EVERYTHING on the to-do list get done? No, not even close, but a lot MORE gets done when my alarm goes off at 6! I’m also SO much more productive in the morning hours!

Kelly inspired me to get back into my early-morning routine. One of her goals this month is to get up at 6, so I just jumped on the bandwagon. We text/g-chat each other in the morning to make sure we’re both up 😉

If you’re one of those people who always seems to struggle to find enough time–do yourself a favor, and get up earlier! If you have a problem hitting the snooze button several times like I do, you NEED an app called Kiwake. I wrote about it in this post! You’ll absolutely loathe it and love it at the same time. (Just trust me.)

Working out 4 times per week

The six month wedding countdown has begun! While I’m not trying to “lose weight” for the wedding, I definitely want to feel the best that I ever have, and tone up all over. I’m trying to make it a goal to work out at least 4 times per week–usually that’s in the form of yoga (I belong to CorePower and LOVE it! I wrote all about it in this post, if you’re curious) but even just a 25 min workout at home counts. My workouts tend to ebb and flow with the time of year and admittedly, any form of physical activity is the first to to when my to-do list gets too long (terrible, I know!)–so I’m really trying to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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Eating healthy Monday-Friday

Again, not trying to go overboard here (who are we kidding? I’m not the kind that can keep a super strict diet for 6 months! I love pizza and fries too much!) but Monday through Friday I’m starting to make a point to eat clean. I go to the grocery store on Sunday or Monday and plan out my meals for the week. In terms of go-to’s, I usually get a rotisserie chicken (great for healthy chicken salad, wraps, and soups), veggies, eggs, string cheese, crackers (thin Triscuits and Mary’s Got Crackers are two favorites) I also love making turkey joe lettuce wraps. If you guys want me to do a post where I go into more details on my grocery list–let me know! (You can also check out my Trader Joe’s favorites I wrote about here.)

We also love going out and date nights are really important to us, so on the weekends, I usually let things slide. (Because, hello? LIFE?) We’re still 6 months out from the wedding…I don’t need to go that nuts too soon 😛

Drinking a lot more water

Have you read Blair’s post on diet changes?? She inspired me to drink a LOT more water. I realized I was drinking like, 1/16th of the recommended amount of water for my weight. (Okay, I didn’t do the exact math, but it was BAD.)

She shared a cool trick I didn’t know–to determine the recommended amount of ounces you should be consuming per day, take your body weight and divided in half–that number is about the minimum of ounces you should be drinking!

So I’ve started filling up my tumbler cup (16oz) and adding a few pieces of frozen fruit for flavor. It makes it delicious and now it’s so easy to get down several cups per day!

Scheduling my days

I wrote a post about my favorite productivity methods a year or so back–if you haven’t read it, pop on over here! The Pomodoro method in particular works really well for me, so I try to do that whenever possible.

For example, I sit down early in the morning with my coffee, assess my to-do list, and assign time-slots for each of the to-do’s. I work for 1.5 hours on, and then take a 20 minute break. During this time I tidy up the house, change/get ready for the day, do a load of laundry, etc. It not only makes you motivated to stay on-task, but you also accomplish a TON of non work-related stuff, too!

This month I’ve been working on sticking to this method as much as possible, and planning out my week in advance. This makes it easier to be a lot more organized and avoid feeling like I’m scrambling when Thursday or Friday rolls around!

What personal goals are you working on this month?

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