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5 favorite things that are shockingly on sale right now

Jan 17, 2020

Happy Friday friends!!

Do you have a fun weekend coming up? We don’t have a ton of plans, which is always my FAVORITE kind of weekend! (Although, we are going to Home Depot because this is the year we finally redo our kitchen. #ThisIs31. YAY.

This wasn’t the post I originally planned today, but there are a handful of my absolute FAVORITE things on sale right now and I didn’t want you to miss them.

Elfa Door Racks (BEST storage solution!!)

Elfa Door Racks

Elfa over the door racks are my OBSESSION. They’re on sale for 30% off at The Container Store!

We have them on almost every door in our condo because, you know, city living = NO storage anywhere. They are the best use of space I’ve ever seen. You can use them for your Utility closet, pantry, closets, bedrooms, entryway––basically anywhere there is a door. They have several attachments and they are renter-friendly! Fully customizable and removable and you can take them with you wherever you go!

Where to start? Measure your door dimensions, and then start here and it’ll walk you through how to customize best to suit your needs!

Everlane Sale!!

Elfa Door Racks + more favorite things that are shockingly on sale

Everlane rarely has sales, and they’re running one right now that includes a ton of amazing staples.

One is the Modern Loafer (which is going away FOREVER. ????) Size up! I usually wear an 8 and I’m glad I got a 8.5. They’re so chic looking and great for the office and beyond! I wear the a ton on the blog, just search “Modern Loafer.” 

It also includes my fav cashmere sweater–the Square Cashmere Sweater (I am SHOCKED it hasn’t sold out yet! Shown above!) It’s so pretty, not remotely itchy at ALL and runs TTS. If I had to pick a favorite cashmere sweater, it would hands down be this one. It’s a crazy deal! This runs true to size.

Also, my favorite Japanese Go-Weave jumpsuit of theirs (reviewed here) is on sale too! Along with their jeans(I have their Modern Stretch Skinnies and love them!)

Blondo Boots + My Lo & Sons Backpack

Elfa Door Racks + more favorite things that are shockingly on sale

(I’m combining these in the same section because I’m wearing both in this photo ????)

I am SHOOK that two of my favorite items of all time: Blondo waterproof suede boots and my Lo + Sons backpack are BOTH still marked down from the holidays! You can get the boots for HALF off––$99!! And the backpack is 30% off!!

More details on the boots: 

These are the #1 pair of boots I recommend to ANYONE who lives in a colder climate and deals with weather. Whether that’s rain, sleet, or snow–these can sub for rain boots on any day of the week, and snow boots for most occasions. (Obviously not if it’s like, blizzarding, but if there is an inch or two of snow on the ground, or it’s at that gross melting slushy stage, these are great.) They have tread on the bottoms so they help you not slip, and all around they are just beautiful boots.

For $99 on sale? They cannot be beat. I have received probably hundreds of DMs at this point thanking me for turning you guys onto these boots! They run TTS. Tip: If you have really small calves (like me) you can wear knee socks and they will help them stay up better, but I generally don’t have any issues with them not staying up! You wear them out of the box–no weatherproofing needed!

More details on the backpack: 

I have been wearing this backpack nonstop since I got it. It is so amazing for work and travel–it holds a TON and is so smartly designed. It’s honestly incredible! You can see my full walk-through review of it in my IG stories highlight titled “backpack.”

They do an amazing job of highlighting all the features on this page, including what size laptop fits inside, all the pockets, etc. But it easily holds my laptop, giant DSLR camera, a change of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, and a makeup bag, all at once. It’s fantastic.

J.Crew Velvet Jumpsuit

Elfa Door Racks + more favorite things that are shockingly on sale

This amazing jumpsuit sold out SO FAST on Black Friday and then they never put it on sale again, haha! UNTIL NOW! It’s back! The best jumpsuit ever–so great for Winter Weddings! (My MIL has it as well!!)

J.Crew is running an up to 60% off sale with code LONGWKEND, so snag it while you can! I wear a 0! See the full review in this post!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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