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5 Dainty Gold Jewelry Pieces I love

5 Dainty Gold Jewelry Pieces I love

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Happy Wednesday!

How is your week going so far!? Mine has been busy!

Yesterday I also had a productive day shooting a lot of cute projects with Cassandra, so that was a big win, and I’m so excited for today for a few reasons:

1. Blair is coming over for a work date (we haven’t seen each other in awhile, it’s been too long! Okay it’s actually been like two weeks but it feels like forever :-P) Shaheen is also going to walk over with baby Zain and I can’t wait to see them both!

2. It’s cleaning lady day! HOORAY!!! I knew I was opening up Pandora’s box when I first hired a cleaning crew and now I can’t stand to go more than three weeks without them. (How did I do it before??)

3. We’re hosting our VERY FIRST Blogging For Keeps meet up tonight at Frontier! If you’re a blogger (or thinking about starting a blog) and haven’t joined our private BFK BFF’s Facebook group yet, make sure to do so! The details are listed in there if you want to pop by!

Anyway, let’s get on to today’s post! I often get questions on the dainty gold jewelry that I wear day in and day out, so I thought I’d do a post on my 5 most worn dainty gold jewelry pieces! All of these items also make amazing gifts and are relatively affordable, too! (Always great to have in your back pocket, you know?)

5 Dainty Gold Jewelry Pieces I love

Alphabet Charm Necklace | 5 Dainty Gold Jewelry Pieces I love

See original outfit post here

Alphabet Charm Necklace

I swear not a day goes by where I don’t hear the question: “Where is your gold initial necklace from?!” I wear it every day and never take it off! It was a birthday present from Neal (I think the first one he ever gave me, actually!) The way he surprised me with it was so cute. We were at a wedding and I was getting ready in the bathroom and was wondering what necklace to wear with my dress. He walked up behind me and pulled this out of his pocket and put it on! (This guy, he gets all the romance points.) It’s made by Helen Ficalora but they sell a really similar version from Nordstrom that I typically link to on the blog because it’s half the price! It comes in gold and rose gold! Nashelle also makes a really pretty similar version!

Dana Rebecca 'Sylvie' Bar Pendant

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Dana Rebecca ‘Sylvie’ Bar Pendant

I also love my Dana Rebecca bar diamond pendant necklace, which was a gift from my friend Courtney to all of her bridesmaids. (Seriously how nice of a bridesmaid gift?!) It’s the perfect necklace to layer and I think it’s a really good length–it’s not too short but it’s not too long either. It also comes in several colors–there are also earrings that match!

Tiny “J” Necklace

Have you heard of Vo Jewelry? She’s a Chicago based designer and her jewelry is just as lovely as her personality! I met her during a shoot last year and fell in love with her dainty gold designs–especially this gold mini letter necklace (which was seriously made for layering!)–it’s only–wait for it–$40!

gold bracelets

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Monica Vinader ‘Fiji’ Chain Bracelet

You’ve likely seen this bracelet in just about EVERY photo lately on the blog, because it looks pretty with everything! I love that it looks just as nice by itself as it does layered in a stack. Monica Vinader is a British designer who makes the most beautiful classic yet contemporary pieces at several different price points. I think these bracelets make really great gifts, too!

Busywrist Little Gold Bead Bracelet

Another one you see quite often, is my little gold bead bracelet from Busywrist! You’ve heard me talk about my friend Meg pretty often (her blog is so cute!) She’s also a small local designer and runs a jewelry company called Busywrist! Her designs are so much fun, but the best part is that this bracelet is only $44!

What are your favorite dainty gold pieces?