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10 Charming Vintage Etsy Finds for Your Apartment

Mar 7, 2016


Fun fact about me: I’m a vintage freak. There is no better high for me than walking into a vintage shop with the anticipation of finding some amazing treasures. I truly think vintage pieces bring so much life into your home–I love looking at a piece and trying to imagine the story behind it.

For example, wondering what type of Don Draper character was pouring out of that decanter before me, or how many homes that accent table saw before making it’s way into my living room. Maybe it’s because I love history so much, but there’s truly no new replacement for those one of a kind vintage finds. 

Many people I talk to want to incorporate vintage pieces into their home, and love the “collected” vibe they bring to a room, but don’t really know how to begin. The easiest way to do this is to start with accent pieces–you know, knick knacks, table lamps, accent furniture, and the like. These are easy to commit to because they’re smaller items with a small price tag, and they’re also super versatile. (I.E. If that lamp doesn’t work in your living room like you’d imagined, chances are, it’ll could work in the guest bedroom, or in your home office. And if that doesn’t work–hey, it only set you back $35!) 

So–vintage accent pieces. You’re with me. Perhaps, though, the old fashioned process of rooting through a Saturday flea market does not appeal to you. Or maybe it does, but you just don’t have time for such activities at the moment. The perfect solution? Etsy!

Etsy.com is chock full of incredible vintage treasures, no smelly old basement antique store required! Here are 10 of my favorite vintage home decor finds that will add loads of charming personality to your apartment. 


Brass Pineapple Salt & Pepper Shakers –$42



Vintage Folding Chair – $38



Vintage Brass Horse Bottle Opener – $52

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.10.43 AM


Mid Century Gold Magazine Rack – $28



Cheery Vintage Moroccan Rug –$760



Hand Painted Globe–$28 



Brass teapot vase – $24



Vintage Geometric Peach Glass Decanter – $68

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.54.21 AM


Vintage Rattan Side Table–$60



Vintage Black Industrial Lamp – $55


What are your favorite Etsy shops? Do you have any awesome vintage Etsy finds? 

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