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12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today!

Oct 26, 2020

12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today!

Above: Daphne Topcoat, and  Tissue Turtleneck

Hi friends!

Double posts today because I wanted to re-share my J.Crew + Madewell favorites that are between 25-50% off for the retailers’ Black Friday Preview event! (Ends tonight!) This comprises a handful of winter staples I’ve owned for years now (and a few that I’ve bought this year!) 

If you’ve been wanting to purchase some fall/winter staples to round out your seasonal wardrobe at a discount (or even been waiting for some to come back in stock), now is a great time to do so! 

Ready, set, let’s go!

12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today!

And, I also feel the need to input this disclaimer:

It seems like sale season is starting even earlier this year. You will inevitably start to see more sale alerts on here because style is a huge vertical of this blog and most of my readers look to me to help guide their purchases.

BUT. (Huge but) this does NOT mean that you need to buy ANYTHING new to be stylish, it does not mean that you should ever be purchasing clothes when you have a credit card balance or student loans to pay off. Money is tight for a lot of people right now, don’t let social media fool you into thinking you need things that you don’t! 

Alternatives: There are a lot of great gently used J.Crew items on Poshmark or eBay too. (Which isn’t just budget-friendly, it’s eco-conscious too! Buying second-hand is always a fantastic option and in my early twenties when I was on a ramen noodle budget, many of my name-brand clothes were second-hand!)

This is important for me to reiterate because I want to make sure that you always come away from my posts feeling like you got some great recommendations and ideas, and NOT feel pressured that your lifestyle needs to look a certain way, or to feel inadequate that something is not within your preferred budget-range even when it’s 40% off.

The social media comparison game is always real (seriously–even for me!) so just remember that whatever your life and wardrobe look like right now, it’s great just the way it is. The outfits I post and products I review are meant to be fun, helpful and inspirational suggestions IF you want them, so take what you want, and leave what you don’t.

**Steps off soap box** Okay, let’s jump in! 

[ggheading style=”light” size=”1″ text=”My Top J.Crew Sale Picks:”]

Use code FRIDAY at checkout

12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today!

J.Crew Supersoft Turtleneck sweater: 50% off! 

This turtleneck is SO incredibly soft and it comes in several beautiful colors! (Including my fave, camel!) It is SUCH a steal!! Runs TTS.

12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today!

Fiona leopard booties: 50% off!

I purchased these boots last year and they are probably one of the most “fun” staples that I have in my wardrobe! They’re super chic and sleek due to the pointed toe, but also comfortable due to the low heel! They run TTS–I walked a lot in them the first day I wore them and no blisters, rubbing, or pain! I got so much wear out of them last year that they’re currently at the cobbler getting the heels re-capped, since I wore them into the ground. ???? 

cocoon coat - Fall/Winter Staples

Cocoon Coat 50% off

Probably the warmest non-puffer coat money can buy you–not to mention, it’s just an adorable coat! These go VERY fast every year–seriously, I know so many people wait to buy coats during Black Friday, but this coat (especially in this color) goes so fast that I wouldn’t risk waiting if this is something you’ve been saving up for. (Plus, with the doubled-up-discounts, it’s likely cheaper right now than it will be Black Friday!)

Sizing: I Personally think this coat runs very roomy! I have a 0 and it’s still great for wearing bulky layers underneath, so I’d either order your current size or a size down, you don’t need to size up. I think it really just depends on how you like your coats to run and how many layers you typically wear! 

Click here to shop ALL J.Crew’s coats! 

12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today!

12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today!

Tissue Turtlenecks: Select colors on sale! 

If I had to choose ONE staple that rules my wardrobe for fall/winter, it would be the J.Crew tissue turtleneck. They are the best layering essentials–truly–and look cute on their own or layered under your favorite chunky sweater. I own them in so many colors and I wear one probably 3-4x per week in the colder months. (Even without the sale price, they are well worth the money!) 

Sizing: It depends on how you want them to fit. If you want them tight, order your regular size (I have them in both XS and S). If you want them still form-fitting but a bit looser, order a size up. (For Pandemic sizing, I prefer the small to the XS these days.) 

12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today!

Italian Double Cloth Thinsulate Lady Day Coat: 50% off!

Everything I said about the above coat also applies to the Lady Day coat! It’s VERY warm for how thin it is–it’s definitely a more refined coat than the Cocoon coat. I love both coats and since obviously, they’re such different styles, I wear them for different things! This coat is more polished. So I like to wear it whenever I want to look extra nice–whether that’s to dinner, a party, a meeting, etc!

Sizing: I wear a size 2 in this coat and it fits perfectly. I don’t usually wear a lot of layers under this coat (though I treat it as more of an evening coat) so if you need it to accommodate a ton of chunky layers you may want to go up a size.

Click here to shop ALL J.Crew’s coats! 

topcoat - Fall/Winter Staples

Daphne Topcoat: 50% off!

Last but not least in the coat department, the Daphne Topcoat–which is a BEAUTIFUL jacket and a perfect weight for fall/spring. It’s definitely not as warm/heavy as the other two coats (which I’d classify as winter coats) I highlighted above, but it’s a great mid-weight coat! (It was the main coat I wore in Portugal–where the first photo in this post was taken–and it was perfect for the 40-50ish degree weather!)

FYI–The color I have is a mustard-camel color which is from last year–they have other beautiful colors this year though! 

Sizing: Runs TTS. I ordered a 4 because it’s not as heavy as my other coats so I wanted it to be able to accommodate more layers. But I probably would’ve been good with a 2 as well.

Click here to shop ALL J.Crew’s coats! 

sophie blazer

Sophie Blazer 

One of my top selling items during fall/winter last year for good reason–it is an AMAZING wardrobe staple. It’s perfect for work or weekend–it’s part cardigan, part blazer. I love it in the camel color (can you tell camel is my favorite fall/winter color?) but it comes in lot’s of other colors as well!

Sizing: I’d say it might be SLIGHTLY oversized. If you’re between sizes you may want to go down but buy what you’d usually wear in a cardigan, not a blazer. (I went with an XS.)

12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today!

Classic white tartan scarf: 50% off! (And unisex!)

THE classic tartan J.Crew scarf that really just signifies the holidays for me. I’ve owned this scarf for several years and it’s always a favorite–they bring it back every year! It looks so festive and pretty with everything! They made it in several different pretty colorways this year. Makes a great gift as well. 

[ggheading style=”light” size=”1″ text=”My Top Madewell Sale Picks:”]

Use code SNEAKPEEK at checkout! 

[one-half-first]12 Favorite J.Crew and Madewell staples up to 50% off today![/one-half-first][one-half]

mom jeans


Madewell Mom Jeans: 25% off with code SNEAKPEEK

These are one of my more recent jeans purchases from Madewell–I got them last month and have worn them a TON! I love the vintage fit and feel, and they definitely “break in” and get more comfortable the more you wear them! They also make your booty look fab! ????????


I got a size 26 (a size up from my pre-pandemic size, but now my new true size) They will for sure be tight at first, but they have stretched out a lot as time has worn on and now I think they’re the perfect fit. I like these as my [socially distanced] date night/out and about jeans. If I wanted to wear them around the house all day, I would have gone up another size! 

Harper Mules: 25% off with code SNEAKPEEK

Above I’m wearing the Harper Mules in bone (which are no longer available) but they do come in cognac, black, and leopard, and they’re part of the sale! They are so comfortable and one of the pairs I wear most often when I’m not in the mood to wear booties but I want something a little bit of a heel! 

If you’re on the hunt for any kind of quality leather shoe, from classic booties, to loafers, to slides–I think Madewell makes excellent ones and nearly all of them are eligible for the 25% off discount! Shop them all here

Ruffle Sweater

Madewell Ruffle Sweater: 25% off with code SNEAKPEEK

The girly ruffle detail is the thing I know will bring a smile to my face on a grey wintery day. Easy to dress up for dinner, cozy enough to wear around the house, and nice enough for work! (Even if it’s over zoom!) Also comes in the prettiest red that would be perfect for the holidays! 


Transport Tote: 25% off




Madewell Transport Tote: 25% off

An oldie but goodie. I have two versions–the non-zip top and the zip-top. I got the zip-top second, but I much prefer it for security purposes, so that’s the version I always recommend going with! 

New: I LOVE the look of the fold-over Transport tote which can accommodate a variety of needs and is even more versatile and practical than the classic tote! Bonus: You can get different bag straps to jazz it up, too! 

Happy Shopping!!

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