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4 Ways to Wear a Beret

4 Ways to Wear a Beret

Striped tee: old, but very similar here and here, Jeans: old but my Everlane BF jeans are similar as well as my Levi’s Wedgie Jeans! Lipstick: Beautycounter lip sheer lipstick in “coral” (I also love their color intense lipstick, if you’re looking for something brighter!) Beret: Urban Outfitters but also love Halogen’s berets!

In the fall, winter, and spring, I wear a LOT of berets–they are my absolute favorite kind of hat and I think they make any outfit look SO chic, put together, and the best part–add a little bit of Parisian flair! I’m really glad berets have seen a resurgence so you can embrace them as part of your wardrobe and not feel like you’re wearing a costume ?

I always get questions from you guys asking how to style them, afraid that you won’t be able to pull them off (not true!!)–so today, I’m sharing four ways to wear your beret–but truthfully, there’s no wrong way to do it, whatever makes YOU feel the most confident!

How to wear a beret:

First, you want to start with the right sized beret and one that is made with thick felt (cheap versions with thinner felt will look saggy and floppy–I tried ordering cheaper versions from Amazon and it did not go well ?) You also don’t want one that’s too big because then it will just look odd. Most of my berets are from Urban Outfitters but I also have one from Nordstrom that I love as well–both are the perfect size, shape, and fabric to lay correctly on your head! Rounding up my favorites below:

Okay, got your favorite? Great! Here are four ways to style it:

#1 Straight and forward 

Beret - #1 Straight and forward 

The first is pulled straight onto your head with the beret pulled down over your forehead. This is a very common way to wear a beret and along with #2 below, is what you’ll see styled the majority of the time! If you have a longer forehead, this is likely the style that will look best on you (I prefer style #2 below, though!)

#2: Forward and to the side:

Beret - #2: Forward and to the side

This is my favorite way to wear my beret and I typically wear it like this the majority of the time (unless it’s freezing and I just want more of my face covered, haha!) All you have to do is pull it straight on (like the above) and then pull it slightly to one side so you get that “perfectly undone” little slant look that you admire on so many French girls!

#3: Back of the head (like a beanie)

[one-half-first]Beret - #3: Back of the head (like a beanie)[/one-half-first]


#3: Back of the head (like a beanie)


If wearing your beret forward feels a bit much for you, you can totally wear it further back on your head so it’s less “beret” like and more “beanie” like. Instead of pulling it forward over your forehead, simply only pull it on the crown of your head instead.

#4: With a Chignon

Beret - #4: With a Chignon
Beret - #4: With a Chignon

There’s nothing more “French girl” inspired than wearing your beret with the signature French low messy bun. This is my ultimate go-to when my hair is dirty and just overall cannot be salvaged, haha! Just twist your ponytail and secure it into a messy bun, and top with a beret (worn in style #1 or #2 always works best if your hair is up!)

Was this helpful? I hope it convinces you to jump on the beret bandwagon if you haven’t yet ???

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