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2019 Bestsellers: The Top 16 GG Buys of the Year!

Jan 14, 2020

Top 16 GG Buys of the Year

Before we blink and January is over, I wanted to feature a post of GG readers’ most popular buys in 2019! It makes me so happy when I see so many of you falling in love with tried and true pieces that I’m obsessed with! From a great pair of denim that fits just right to the best winter boots for both aesthetic, comfort AND to wear in the elements — and even fun Amazon pieces that turned out to be total wins AND steal of deals!

The list of Top 16 GG Buys of the Year includes many of my winter staples and summer go-tos as well as great transitional pieces that I reach for all year long. (Many of these were featured in my Jess’ Favorite Things post, too!) Without further ado, here are the most popular items you guys purchased from the blog last year!

Top 16 GG Buys of the Year

Cheeky Straight Jeans:

Consistently my #1 top-selling jeans all year — and for good reason! They are so flattering and the perfect mix between skinny and wider cut denim. They were a no-brainer add to my Jess’ Favorite Things list, too! These are probably the jeans I wear most often in the fall and winter. I love how classic they are and they come in lots of washes!

Sizing: Run TTS for me, I’m wearing a 25 (what I always wear).

P.S. I also love the 90’s Cheeky! (That I’m wearing above!)

Blondo Presto Waterproof Boots:

If you know, you know! I’ve been raving about these for years! Why? They are suede AND waterproof AND salt proof! You don’t need to do anything to them–you just wear them straight out of the box. You can wear them through the rain and sleet and slush without worry–they have tread AND are are BEAUTIFUL (which I think we can all agree can be a rare combo when it comes to true winter boots!)

They the topped the list in our Real Women Approved: 20+ Must-Have Essentials To Get You Through Winter.

Sizing: TTS!

Everlane Straight Leg Crop: 

My tried and true straight leg crops! I’ve styled these so many ways this year and my love for them continues to grow! I love the neutral color — somewhere between a cream and a tan. They are the PERFECT alternative to white pants and transition so well between seasons!

Sizing: Run TTS! I’m wearing a 0. These run the same as the wide leg crops!

Everlane Day Boot: 

Perfect in every single way, I have these in three colors now because they are just that good. Beyond comfortable, they are my booties of choice for travel and exploring! I have worn them A TON on the blog. Just search “day boots” 

Sizing: TTS

AGolde Parker Jean Shorts:

These are probably my #1 most worn pair of shorts, which is why I justified the hefty price tag. I’d rather have ONE pair of fantastic expensive jean shorts that make me feel like a million bucks than 5 pairs of jean shorts that I’m constantly pulling at because they’re too tight on my legs. I love that these aren’t tight on my thighs–which is my BIGGEST pet peeve with shorts. They’re definitely on the shorter side (2.75″ inseam) but what’s weird is that they don’t LOOK that short– because their loose, relaxed fit makes them not seem so short.

Check out my full review here.

Sizing: TTS



Tretorn Sneakers:

My top selling sneakers (they feel like walking on pillows), plus I love the way they look! They’re canvas, so yes, they do get dirty, but nothing a little oxyclean soak can’t fix. See how I styled them several ways in this post: 6 summer outfits with sneakers!

Sizing: TTS

Amazon Mumu:

I raved about these all summer long and I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can wear these again! These mumus feel like wearing a breezy, airy pillowcase AND they look cute! I also love that’s it wrinkle resistant- perfect for packing and summer travel. Also — it’s $29 — money. well. spent! Check out my ultimate Amazon Mumu Review!

Sizing: TTS (if you have a larger bust, I’d size up as the chest runs small!)

Urban Outfitters Out From Under Thermal:

This was a fan favorite this year! I grabbed it in a periwinkle color that isn’t currently in stock, but it comes in SO MANY COLORS! Tie in the front for a more polished look or leave it hanging loose and pair with leggings. See how I styled the periwinkle color for a travel look here!

Sizing: TTS- I sized up for an oversized fit.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings:

I reach for leather leggings a lot and I love both my Spanx and Commando pairs! (Check out this post comparing the differences between the two!)

Sizing: TTS. I wear a size small.


Amazon Ruffle Wrap Dress: 

I scooped up this summery ruffle dress from Amazon and wore it all summer! It’s lightweight, feminine and a steal of a deal! I’m glad so many of you grabbed it too! I wore it in my Mallorca post so you can see it styled!

Sizing: TTS

Ice Roller:

So many of you hopped on the ice roller trend last year! Use it every day as part of your skincare routine or every once in awhile for spa-like treatments — or both! Check out my full post on ice roller benefits! The best part? It’s $12 and from Amazon.

J.Crew Supersoft Turtleneck:

You guys know I love a good turtleneck and I adore this shade of emerald green! It’s also insanely soft and at a great price point! It also comes in a bunch of colors!

Sizing: TTS


Amazon Retro Straw Purse:

My favorite warm weather vacation purse! I got it for our honeymoon and have kind of beaten it to death–but hey, it’s $15. Is it the highest quality? Of course not, but it’s really freaking cute, doesn’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase and holds all the essentials! Plus, you won’t feel bad if you throw it on the ground under your pool chair, get sand in it at the beach––it’s liberating, really. (I’ve worn it a ton on the blog, just do a quick search here!)

Wubby Fleece:

My most reached for item in the winter — the incredibly soft and warm Wubby Fleece! Currently on sale, too! I have two now since I wear them so much!

Check out my full Wubby Fleece Review for more details!

Sizing: Runs big- I wear an XS.

Cole Haan GrandExplore Boots:

I love these snow boots! And don’t let the cream color scare you — I have worn them several times in the straight up MUD and they clean right off! Good as new! They’re really warm and insanely comfortable. I call these “everyday” snow boots because they aren’t so bulky that you’ll have trouble walking in them–good for light to medium snow, after skiing, etc. (But you’ll still need to pull out the Sorels for a snowpocolypse that comes up to your knees. ????)

They’re currently on sale at ColeHaan.com — and they’re also available at Nordstrom.

Sizing: TTS


Lena Cup:

At the beginning of last year, I tried out a period cup because I was SO curious what the hype was about. At first I was grossed out by the concept, but soon I was hooked. Check out My Honest Period Cup Review + How I Became a Convert! I go into allll the benefits of them in that post but here are the highlights: 12+ hours at a time without worry, no leaks, no string, no diaper, non-toxic, less TSS scares and better for the environment! My favorite cup is the Lena cup, and looks like a lot of you guys jumped on the bandwagon too, because it was one of my top-sellers! ????

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support in 2019! I’m so grateful for this community, and I’m excited for all the content to come this year!

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