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when life gives you lemons…make whiskey cocktails

Oct 6, 2013

blackberry whiskey sours at chicago gourmet

blackberry whiskey sours at chicago gourmet

delicious blackberry whiskey made by canadian club

delicious blackberry whiskey made by canadian club

1 of probably 25 whiskey tastings

1 of probably 25 whiskey tastings

I’m pretty jazzed about this new series coming to my wee corner of the internet: featured cocktails! this idea was inspired by Neal, being a skilled cocktail craftsmen and previous bartender himself- you’ll see some of his work in posts to come.

This first post highlights a cocktail we had last weekend, when we were lucky enough to score some complimentary tickets to Bon A Petit’s Chicago Gourmet event in Millennium Park. it was un.be.leivable. You couldn’t walk 5 feet without another fabulous liquor or glass of champagne being waved in your face. That doesn’t even count the amazing food- although, both of us having a completely irrational hatred of lines, we opted out of most of the food tastings and instead invested our time into experiencing all of the quality beverages the day had in store for us.

We were very surprised by the cocktail we were most drawn to, Blackberry whiskey! (?) I was very suspicious. At first it me think of my college days drinking berry flavored Burnett’s vodka. (if you’re not familiar, it comes in a plastic bottle) However, it was delicious! No plastic flavor here, sir.

What do I make with it you ask? You could start with a refreshing Blackberry Sour:

  • canadian club dock 57 blackberry whiskey 
  • good squeeze fresh lemon juice 
  • lemon wedge (for garnish)

Mix equal parts whiskey and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. 



Can that even be called a recipe? Probably not. It doesn’t matter- go make it and you won’t be disappointed! If you like whiskey drinks, this one’s for you! I think we’ll make this at home and add egg white to make it extra special. What do you think? 

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