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designer inspo: Lim fo’ Less

Sep 13, 2013

Designer Inspo- Phillip Lim

What’s the matter with you. You don’t want to spend $600 on a plaid sweater dress? I mean, I’m sure you want to. The reality is, we all can’t afford such autumnal luxuries.

I freaking love this dress. Why? Well, year after year, there is nothing that says “fall” like plaid, and the black and white adds an odd amount of sophistication. Wear it with a messy bun tied up in a bow, your boyfriend jeans and some heels and you will have achieved an A+ in “dorky-grubby-chic” one can only pull off when the leaves start falling.

I’ll get off my soap box. I’ve found three other adorable black and white sweater options inspired by Phillip’s original creation. Go buy one of them- you can afford $45.

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