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20 Cute Swimsuits for Summer

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Cute Swimsuits for Summer

Cute Swimsuits for Summer

Beach vacation season is officially in full swing! As our wedding date is nearing closer, I’m thinking more and more about what to bring on my honeymoon, particularly in the bathing suit category, seeing as that’s what I’ll be primarily living in for 6 days in Cabo!

I’ll definitely be brining this favorite deep-v one-piece, but I’m even more excited to get to wear some of the cuter styles this season–being post-wedding, I won’t have to worry about tan lines anymore! Okay, that’s all I’m telling you. I guess the cat’s out of the bag–I’m NOT wearing a turtleneck dress, so tan lines are a concern 😛

Here are 20 of my favorite one-pieces and bikinis that have caught my eye over the past couple of days, if you’re also in the market for a couple new suits!

20 Favorite Cute Swimsuits for Summer: