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What’s working for you lately? 17 reader-approved life hacks to copy

productivity life hacks to try

A couple weeks back, in one of my regular Q&A’s on Instagram stories, one reader asked, “what’s working for you lately?” and I thought that was such a fun question. One that would make a great reader roundup, actually! So I asked you all to share your favorite hacks making life a little bit easier, and received so many amazing responses! So many, in fact, that I thought it would be great to break them up into different posts. (The cooking, movement, and life with kids hacks are coming separately!)

Today I’m rounding up what I’d call general “life hacks”–things that you all have adopted into your daily or weekly routines to make life a little bit easier!

17 reader-approved productivity life hacks to try:

  1. Having a family meeting on Sundays to review what’s happening for the week ahead and assigning responsibilities so they don’t all fall on me!
  2. Utilizing the “downtime” feature on my phone to help with screen time before bed and wake up.
  3. Being intentional about scheduling time with friends. Listing it as an item on my to-do list each Monday morning so it’s always prioritized!
  4. Logging out of Amazon Prime each time to curb unnecessary spending. Simple but effective, ensures I’m only ordering what I need!
  5. Listening to a podcast or audiobook while I do morning tasks/tidying. It’s helped me look forward to it and therefore, it gets done more often!
  6. Setting up my “morning routine” before I go to bed. (Coffee prepped, outfit laid out, bottle of water on the nightstand to drink in the AM, etc!)
  7. Culling/organizing my photos once a month into a specific folder. Easy to do when watching Netflix!
  8. Keeping a notes page on my phone with my clothing sizes/holes I’m looking to fill in my wardrobe to discourage purchasing duplicates or impulse buys.
  9. Running the dishwasher every night before bed, no matter what. Helps me stay on top of the dishes!
  10. Lots of little lamps around the house to create cozy vibes vs. just letting it feel gloomy. (Many readers love candle warming lamps!)
  11. Finally investing in a cleaning service and a house manager to help manage household chores. Outsourcing is a game-changer!
  12. Investing in a combo robot mop/vacuum to clean around the house. So helpful with pets and kids!
  13. Having a household to-do whiteboard so everyone is always on the same page with schedules and tasks. (This one is so cute!)
  14. One load of laundry every day. Incorporating it into a routine (same time every day) has been really helpful in staying on top of it and then it never feels daunting.
  15. A rule of folding laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer. (Not allowed to pile it up).
  16. Dirty dishes aren’t allowed to touch the sink–they have to go straight into the dishwasher! Voila–no more pile up!
  17. Putting on my shoes before tackling household chores. It’s small but gets me into a productive mindset for whatever reason, and allows me to focus more!

Simple, but powerful, right? I can’t wait to implement some of these! Thanks to all the readers who shared. I hope you found a few tips to help make your life a little easier!