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16 little ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with yourself, friends & family + significant others

16 little ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with yourself, friends & family + significant others
16 little ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Happy Friday! 

We made it to another weekend and a holiday weekend at that — Valentine’s Day is on Sunday! Just like every other holiday in the past year, this Valentine’s Day might look very different than years past. Whether the holiday is typically your thing or not, I think it’s safe to say we could all use an excuse to share some love! 

Whether you’re planning on spending the day solo, checking in with friends and family, and/or connecting with your significant other, sometimes the simplest things are the most meaningful. 

Today, Kendall and I have rounded up 16 simple, little ways you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day weekend to relax, indulge, and celebrate those you love — covid safety approved, of course. Let’s jump in!

16 Little ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with yourself, friends & family, and significant others


for yourself

Listen to loud music in the shower

Start your day off with some self-care and dance/sing your heart out in the shower! I dare you not to be in a good mood after starting your day this way.

Treat yourself

Take yourself to your favorite bakery for a take-out croissant, order a cheery sweater to get you through the rest of winter, and/or pick up a houseplant to brighten up your space! Whatever your “treat” is, you deserve it this weekend!

Set the mood

Make this weekend feel special (and not just another quarantine weekend) with ample ambiance! Light a candle, dim the lights, and put on a festive playlist. Need new music? Check out 40+ Spotify playlists to listen to now!

Watch your favorite rom-coms

Valentine’s Day during a pandemic calls for cozying up on the couch and enjoying a rom-com movie marathon. Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite beverage, paint your nails and/or put on a face mask, and curl up with a cozy blanket while reliving the classics or trying something new. If you live with family, ask them to join! Need movie ideas? Check out 40 of the most romantic Valentine’s Day movies.

Have an unplugged evening

Try unplugging after 5 p.m. (or earlier!) and reap the benefits of being technology-free. Read a book, draw, write, meditate, take a bath, or anything else that gives you joy off-screen! Spending time with yourself free of distraction is always time well spent. 

for friends and family

Give a little sugar

If you live local, bake some festive treats and drop them off at your friends’ doorsteps for some holiday cheer. These red velvet sugar cookies are so fun and festive and take just 10 minutes to prep, and these m&m brownies look simple and delicious! You could also whip up a batch of Kelly’s mom’s three ingredient sugar cookies

Send a surprise delivery

Remember when we all used to give valentines to our whole class in elementary school? Tap into that nostalgia by sending a surprise to some friends and/or family. Have their coffee order or favorite dessert delivered from a local place to let them know you’re thinking of them. If you’re running low on time, you could always Venmo them a treat on you, too!

Have a cookie swap! 

Better yet, if you have a couple friends who like to bake, have a cookie swap! You could drop off your cookies at one another’s doorsteps, or if it’s warm enough where you live, have a socially distanced swap outside. 

Host a happy hour  

Lead the charge and host a casual holiday happy hour with friends or family! Even a quick 30-minute catch-up is a great way to see faces you love and toast to each other before diving into your dinner plans. I know we’re all sick of zoom happy hours by this point, but this blog post has TONS of ideas on out of the box things to do

Go out of your way to tell people what you love about them 

Take your “happy Valentine’s Day” texts a step further this year, and list three reasons why you’re grateful for your friend or family member, share a favorite memory you have with them, and/or tell them which qualities you admire/love most about them. What a meaningful way to make your friends and family feel loved! 

Call loved ones

Sounds simple and it is! Pick up the phone and call your loved ones to let them know how much they mean to you. It’s such an easy way to make their day! 

for your significant other

Surprise them with breakfast in bed

Valentine’s Day on a Sunday calls for a slow morning and a decadent breakfast! Surprise your significant other with their favorite breakfast in bed. Is there a better gift than waking up to food and coffee at your bedside? Plus, if you give your s.o. breakfast in bed, you’re off-duty for the rest of the day! ????

Create an at-home spa night

This idea really is a win/win — creating an at-home spa gives you a fun activity to do together! Open a bottle of wine, draw a bath, and indulge in some relaxation together. It might feel a little hokey, but literally what else do you have to do? Who couldn’t use some extra zen in their relationship right now? 

Have dinner picnic-style in the living room

Switch up your typical dinner location to make the evening feel more special! Pull some cushions on the floor, light some candles, and enjoy a homecooked meal together. It sounds silly, but sometimes mixing up your location is all you need to do to make things more fun and interesting! 

Need recipe ideas? Check out 15 easy recipes perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a fireplace, throw this one on your computer or TV, or this bonfire on the beach for added ambiance! 

Progressive takeout dinner at-home

If cooking in isn’t your thing, try a “progressive” dinner night! Order takeout or delivery from some of your favorite restaurants and recreate your favorite date night routine at home. Order an appetizer from one place, dinner from another, and dessert from yet another. Bust out your “fancy” linens and dishes to be even more extra. This is a special way to enjoy your favorite places and makes take-out feel fancier!  

Engage in deeper conversation

Psychologists developed these 36 questions couples can ask one another that are proven to facilitate a deep level of intimacy–(I wrote a whole blog post on it many years back!) Go through some of them together, they’re such fun conversation starters and seeing as we’re almost a year into spending 24/7 with each other, I think we could all use some new topics to discuss, right!? 

Hope this inspires you to get creative and share the love this weekend! Happy Valentine’s Day!