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15 Fun Statement Earrings

15 Fun Statement Earrings

Happy Friday from Santa Barbara!

June and I got in yesterday, staying at my aunt’s house in Santa Ynez along with my mom and my other aunt– it’s so stunning here. I’m so jealous of you Californians! Seeing as summer seems to be officially in full swing (hooray!) I’m pulling out all my fun statement earrings, and thought it would be fun to pull together a collage of statement earrings that have been catching my eye lately! Whether you’re going for a big splash, you want to play around with new colors, textures, or you prefer more of a subtle statement, I think you’ll find some really fun ones in here!

15 Fun Statement Earrings:

1. Abcrete & Co. Arch Statement Earrings:

I love these clay and resin earrings that come in multiple colors! They’re a statement without being overpowering or blingy–and I love the tortoise because it matches everything!

2. Sezane Lila Earrings:

I love the colors of these earrings and the beautiful stone details! A little earthy but not overly so, and serve as a fun pop of color!

3. Kendra Scott Sophee Textured Drop Earrings:

I’ve owned these earrings for YEARS and they’re still a favorite! A different alternative to gold hoops!

4. Amazon Art Deco Antique Earrings:

I love the vintage look-and-feel of these pretty green earrings. Would be fun for a formal occasion or just to spice up a basic outfit!

5. Vintage Royalty Naoko Earrings:

I love local Chicago designer, Vintage Royalty, and her super fun jewelry! I own two pairs of earrings from her and also love that they aren’t too heavy!

6. Raffia Wrapped J.Crew earrings:

J.Crew has some really fun earrings right now, and I love the color of this raffia wrapped pair. Perfect for summer and also adding a little bit over color to any outfit!

7. Madewell Edged Chunky Small Hoop Earrings:

These gold hoops are so pretty and I love the chunky design. They’re also not too big so they can make a statement without being too overpowering!

8. Amazon Rattan Ball Hoop Earrings:

Clearly I have a thing for rattan earrings right now! I think these are so fun for vacation!

9. Sezane June Hoop Earrings:

I bought these earrings last year and I’m so happy they brought them back! I love the size–a true medium hoop, which is easy to wear day or night, and of course, the name is what really sealed the deal for me.

10. New Origin Shop Geometric Earrings:

New Origin shop is such a great website with tons of beautiful items from small makers. They also have their own line which includes some really pretty earrings, like these!

11. Sezane Esmee Earrings:

I have had my eye on these earrings for years now (they’re a classic Sezane piece) and I think I’m ready to take the plunge. They’re so pretty!

12. Amazon Acrylic Tortoise Shell Earrings: 

My sister in law got me a pair just like these for my birthday many years ago, and everyone always asks where they’re from! These are some very close dupes! I love that they can be dressed up or worn casually!

13. Amazon Rattan Woven Dangling Earrings:

I have a very similar pair that I’ve had for a couple years now and I wear them so often–every warm weather vacation and constantly during the summer!

14. Casa Clara Folly Abstract Wood Drop Earrings:

I think these are SO cool and unique, but also neutral so you can wear them with lots of different things.

15. Sezane Gloria Earrings:

Last but not least, these emerald colored beauties! I love the feminine seashell-inspired shape–they also come in other pretty colors!

Hope this was helpful if you’ve been in the market for some fun new earrings! Have an AMAZING weekend! ♥️