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12 Versatile Wardrobe Staples from ABLE, and How to Style Them for Spring/Summer

Able Wardrobe Staples
Able Wardrobe Staples

To say I’m really excited about today’s blog post would be an understatement.

I’ve been such a huge fan of ABLE and their amazing brand mission for a while now, but this is my FIRST official partnership with them! (I hope I make them proud!) That being said, they are sponsoring my IG stories and Instagram feed post today, but they are not sponsoring this blog post. (I know it’s kind of confusing how influencer sponsorships work sometimes–but I didn’t want to limit this content to just Instagram followers, I want my blog readers to know how great this brand is, too!)

I have Karla, Natalie, and Ailsa to thank for turning me on to ABLE. But I really didn’t realize WHY they were such an amazing brand at first. I had no idea the company was created to actually be a SOLUTION to a huge problem–and that’s to help women who are trapped in a long-standing cycle of poverty.

ABLE began when the founders, a husband-wife team, Rachel and Barrett Ward, were in Ethiopia.

They met women who were coming out of the sex industry, looking for employment and a better way to make ends meet for their families. So they decided to hire and train these women to make beautiful scarves, with the thought that they would sell well to a US market.

They were right–the scarves sold like hotcakes, and the company took off from there and has become a full fledged lifestyle brand. Now they partner with ethical factories in Ethiopia, India, Mexico and Brazil to make their leather goods, accessories, and clothing, and own their own jewelry manufacturer in Nashville, where all jewelry is handmade by local women–all are audited, with wages published on their website, to ensure every worker is paid a living wage.

Their goal has always been, and will continue to be, to fight poverty by empowering and employing women both abroad and here in the US.

Of course, it’s wonderful to support any brand with this kind of mission, but let’s be honest–the goods have to deliver, too, right? ABLE makes really great quality items in classic styles that will easily transition through many seasons and years to come. That’s the name of the game around here–stylish, but versatile.

Not only that, but they work really hard to keep their prices as low and accessible as possible, while ensuring they’re always ethically-made and as sustainable as possible! I know this is a brand that you will love, and feel really good about supporting!

Right now is an amazing time to purchase some ABLE staples because they’re running a 20% off clothing sale, but they actually gave me a code for an even BETTER deal just for you guys–use code JESSKEYS25 and you’ll get 25% off site wide!

Able Wardrobe Staples I’m Loving:

Some of the items I’m sharing here are new to me, but many of them I’ve owned for over a year or more! Some have also been gifted by the brand, while others have been purchased with my own money. Regardless, nothing makes it here on the blog unless I 100% love it, would recommend it, and would spend my own funds on it!

You can shop ALL my ABLE favorites in one place right here on their website! 

Able Wardrobe Staples and how to style

It only seems fitting to kick off with the outfit formula that I’ve been wearing over and over and over because my options for PANTS are quite limited these days. Obviously these leggings are NOT from ABLE (more about them here) but they were so nice and said I could style their items with any pants that fit me at the moment. (For background, usually with a sponsorship, brands only want you to wear THEIR items only, rightfully so–so I very much appreciated them being so understanding, haha!)

Anyway, aside from the leggings, here are the details on these amazing staples:

How to Style Able Wardrobe Staples

The best white tee EVER: 

I’ve been raving about this white tee for a VERY long time now, for good reason. It’s amazing. It’s the softest tee I own, in drapes beautifully, and the best part: It’s not REMOTELY see through. I would go as far as to call it OPAQUE. If you’ve searched high and low for a white tee that isn’t see through–this shirt is it! (I also have it in black!) It’s also really high quality–I’ve had it for about a year now, and it still looks like it did when I got it. No pilling, no wear!

With my 25% off code JESSKEYS25–you only pay $30 for the tee!

Sizing: It’s meant to be drapy so it’s a little oversized, perfect for knotting. I have a small and it fits me perfectly–obviously tighter these days than usual haha, but it still knots with no problem! I’d say order your regular size, and no need to size up.

Neck scarf: 

Their Emerson scarf comes in tons of colors and with the discount, will only set you back around $13 with my code! The one I’m wearing here is from last year, but they have a lot of other cute colors! It’s the perfect accessory pop to make your outfit shine.

Dainty initial necklace: 

They have so many pretty, dainty personalized jewelry pieces that would be amazing to gift to yourself or a loved one! (Especially for bridesmaids, brides, or new moms with their little’s initial?!) I love this dainty “J” necklace. (Does it stand for Jessica, or does it stand for LR’s name? You’ll find out in about a month!!) The necklace is typically $60 (again, still a great price) but with my code it comes to $45, which is perfect if you’re buying gifts for multiple bridesmaids!

Classic leather sneakers: 

If you’re looking for an all-leather, classic pair of sneakers (with a little bit more stylish flair) you have found your pair in the Emmy sneakers! I will say they take a couple of wears to break-in, but it’s well worth it. They have 5 stars on their website for good reason. I love the pop of cognac at the heel, and the slightly thicker platform sole. The best part: the leather wipes RIGHT off, making them easy to clean! Price comes out to $115 with code JESSKEYS25!

Sizing: They run small/narrow–I don’t have wide feet (nor would I say they’re extremely narrow) but even I found that I needed to go up a size. I’m typically always a size 8, and I went up to a size 9!

The Merly Jean Jacket: 

Able Wardrobe Staples for spring/summer
Able Wardrobe Staples

Able Wardrobe Feedback
Able Wardrobe Feedback

I will admit at first I wasn’t sure if the Merly jacket was going to be too distressed for me, but I have heard Karla rave about it for so long, I wanted to try. I asked you all on IG stories if you had it and what your thoughts were–and you all convinced me to give it a try–I’m so glad I did!

It’s definitely more distressed than the classic jean jacket, but it’s definitely not too much once you have the jacket on and see it with the rest of your outfit. I like it because it’s different than my classic jean jacket! It’s got a more vintage feel, it’s WAY softer and more comfortable, and I think it adds a little more personality to your outfits! It already feels like that homey, lived-in piece you’ve had and loved for years.

With the sale + my discount code JESSKEYS25, you can get the jacket for $112!! (Regularly $150!) Even at full price, I think it’s well worth the money, but it’s a steal at $112!

Sizing: I personally found that I liked sizing up to a medium better because I wanted a more relaxed fit, but the small still looks cute! It just depends on how you want it to fit, but overall, the consensus among you guys was to go up a size!

Abera backpack purse | Able Wardrobe Staples

The convertible Abera backpack purse: 

This versatile and roomy little bag quickly won over my heart in so many ways. I see why it’s Karla’s #1 favorite bag. The leather is absolutely stunning–the kind of leather that wears in beautifully and looks better the longer you have it and the more you beat it up. With my code JESSKEYS25 you can save $50 off and only pay $150! Here’s why it’s so awesome, in my opinion:

It fits a ton of stuff: 

My favorite game to play when I get a new purse is, “how much crap can I cram into this bag?” and I have to say, it passes the ULTIMATE test–the “Jess abroad trip” test–meaning, it fits my GIANT DSLR (with the biggest lens), a book, wallet, lipsticks, full-sized water bottle, and scarf. Plus, it packs flat, so if you want to throw it in your luggage and not use it until you get there (and opt for a larger carry-on “personal item”), it’s easy to do! It is the PERFECT travel bag.

Another thing it’s great for? Mom life! It’s too small to be a diaper bag, but I know when LR gets a little older and I’m not lugging around diapers and different changes of clothes at all times, it will be plenty roomy to still carry enough mom essentials–a snack or two, a pack of wipes, band-aids, a book, etc, in addition to my own essentials!

It zips: 

For extra security, a zipper is a must-have!

It converts into a regular purse: 

Don’t want to wear it as a backpack? Remove the straps, and carry it over your arm.

It’s the perfect day to night size: 

Fits all your daytime essentials, but not too big to where you’ll feel silly carrying it out to dinner at night.

Chessy shirt | Able Wardrobe Staples

The Chessy shirt!! 

THE SHIRT I can’t stop talking about.

Okay it’s not actually called the Chessy shirt, it’s called the “April oversized western chambray shirt” (officially) but, in our eyes, it’s the “Chessy from the Parent Trap” shirt. And I have to say, ever since I bought it last month, it’s without a doubt been the most worn “real” shirt of my third trimester. It’s really comfy, it’s polished but still got a little western/trend twist to it. It also snaps which like, the little things, but LBH even buttoning a shirt makes me tired right now. I love wearing it on it’s own, fully buttoned down the front, or as a second layer over a cute tee. It’s also adorable tied in the front!

Sizing: It’s oversized already, but I went up to a medium anyway because I wanted to make sure it was QUITE oversized. Since it’s supposed to be oversized anyway, it’s not too big to the point where I won’t wear it once I don’t have this belly anymore, either! It’s truly the perfect boyfriend chambray.

It’s regularly $85, but you can get it for $63 with my code!

Mare convertible belt bag/crossbody: 

This little crossbody has been a favorite of mine since I got it last year! (It also comes in cognac!) It can be worn as a crossbody OR a belt bag–perfect for whenever you need to go hands-free and don’t need a lot of stuff with you! Plus, again, you can use my code JESSKEYS25 for extra savings!

low strappy heels

The perfect low strappy heels: 

I have been looking for a pair of heels just like theseminimalistic, strappy, with a low, block heel that’s easy to walk in. The Scillia heels are perfect! I can’t say I’ve worn them long distances yet, but wearing them around the house, they are very comfortable, don’t rub, and the heel is low and supportive enough to where I know they won’t leave my feet hurting at the end of the night! SO versatile–great wedding shoes, but great with jeans, too! With my discount, they come out to $105–a great price for a quality pair of heels!

Sizing: TTS. Also pls don’t zoom in on my pedicure, we’re addressing it okay?

Gwen knot front dress 
Able Wardrobe Staples

The most flattering and versatile knot dress: 

The Gwen knot front dress is a transitional wardrobe staple you’ll wear in spring, summer and fall. It’s so comfortable, really flattering, and works perfectly for a bump but isn’t maternity! The material is so soft, but also a nicer material than the usual stretchy cotton–it would totally work dressed up for a wedding, for a nice dinner date, or dressed down with a pair of sneakers and the Merly jacket! Also comes in black. Rings up to be $101 with my discount code JESSKEYS25!

Sizing: The small still fits me best even while pregnant, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it runs big.

Comfy tank midi dress

Comfy tank midi dress: 

This dress is a fantastic wardrobe staple. You can see how I styled this dress multiple ways last year (pre-bump). It’s super comfy (happens to work well with a bump!) And is versatile so you can wear it throughout multiple seasons! I also appreciate that the length is long enough to bend over, get on the floor with LR, chase her around, etc. Another great thing about it: the material is a little more substantial than the usual t-shirt dress, so it provides you with more coverage!

I know my short dresses on the regular are likely to take a hiatus while she’s little. And instead, I’ll be reaching for dresses like this one much more often! It’s also conservative enough to wear to the office too. Which is a big perk, as I know many are returning to their offices soon! Comes out to $90 with my discount code! 

Mare convertible belt bag/crossbody: (Again!) 

Same bag, now worn as a belt! This little crossbody has been a favorite of mine since I got it last year! It can be worn as a crossbody OR a belt bag. Perfect for whenever you need to go hands-free and don’t need a lot of stuff with you!

Pooja espadrille sandals

Chic, comfy flat espadrille sandals: 

Last but not least, I purchased these Pooja espadrille sandals during ABLE’s Mother’s Day sale last month and while Chicago has only been warm enough to wear them a couple times, they are already a fan favorite of mine. I wanted a pair of flat sandals that felt a little more chic/dressy than my usual slip-ons. And that I could walk long distances in. Our plan this summer is to get out and walk a lot with LR, meet friends on patios for happy hour, etc. And I wanted a pair of shoes that made me feel pretty and put-together, but that I could put a lot of miles on. I’m happy to report–these were the perfect choice!

They’re currently on sale, plus with my code, the price comes to a very reasonable $48!

Sizing: Run TTS

I hope you fall in love with ABLE as much as I have! Remember you can get 25% off anything site-wide with code JESSKEYS, and their current 20% off apparel sale runs through Monday the 17th!

You can shop ALL my ABLE favorites in one place right here on their website