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12 Piece Fall Weekend Capsule Wardrobe

Oct 10, 2018

12 Piece Fall Weekend Capsule Wardrobe

We’re back with another CAPSULE WARDROBE ?? Huzzaahhhh!

Today’s post is a longgg time coming–we are way overdue for another capsule post! You guys loved my summer weekend getaway capsule so much that I decided we had to do a fall version, too!

Today I’m breaking down 12 fall wardrobe staples (9 articles of clothing, and three pairs of shoes!) and remixing them into 12 different outfits! Whether you’re planning a short cabin getaway or a 5 day road trip, you’ll be able to remix these essentials into endless outfit combinations!

Packing for a weekend away:

First thing’s first, I was very selective of the items that I chose for this particular capsule because I tend to be a very light packer. There is nothing more frustrating than opening your suitcase when you get somewhere and realizing that nothing you packed goes together and you have that dreaded “I have a suitcase full of NOTHING to wear!”

My rule for whatever I’m packing is that each item needs to be able to be styled at least two ways for day and night. Your guidelines of what is suitable for “day” vs “night” will obviously be different based on the occasions you’re planning on your trip–for these purposes, I kept things pretty casual–because, obviously, most fall occasions on the weekends are casual ones–and I thought that would be most helpful!

Even if you’re not planning a trip anytime soon, you’ll love this post to give new inspo on new and creative ways to style the basics you already own! (And give you a ton of suggestions on what new investments to make this year!)

Fall weekend away essentials

12 Piece Fall Weekend Capsule Wardrobe

Planning my “fall weekend away” capsule (and my love of traveling light)–I kept these packing tips in mind:

Comfort is key: 

Every piece of clothing here had to be COMFORTABLE. When the temperatures drop, all I want to wear are super soft things that feel like they’re giving me a hug–I figured you might be the same ?

Versatility is a must: 

Again, nothing made this list that couldn’t be styled several different ways for lot’s of occasions. This becomes especially important when you’re packing for more than just a night or two–because space in your luggage is precious! You’ll notice I also kept to a color scheme of black, brown, cream and pops of burnt orange to ensure everything went together.

Extra layers are your friend: 

Sometimes it’s freezing, others you’ll be sweating–you definitely want to bring a couple extra long sleeved layers so you can add and subtract as necessary based on cold or warmer weather!

As I did with my summer capsule, in today’s post–I’m back partnering with American Eagle (yep! Everything I’m wearing here is AE!) Their items not only check all of the above boxes, but they are INSANELY affordable in addition to being cute, comfy, and versatile! Also worth noting: SO many of the items included in this capsule are also on sale for 40-60% off! 

If you haven’t given them a chance in several years–you need to again. I know you will LOVE them!

Ok–what are we waiting for–let’s get into it, yeah!?

First, the packing list:


I actually chose the first two pairs of jeans based on an Instagram poll you guys answered! So many of you said that you loved AE’s mom jeans and jeggings–and those of you who haven’t tried them were most interested in hearing my thoughts on them–thus, here we are!

Pair of black jeans: This was one of your #1 most recommended pairs of jeans, and it’s very easy to see why. They have the perfect amount of stretch, insanely soft, not too thin but not thick, the perfect high-rise to hug your curves and define your waist. I adore them–and I can’t believe the price, either–they’re $34 right now!! I ordered the regular length and I roll them to wear with ankle boots–I’m 5’6 for height reference.

Pair of mom jeans: This was your other super popular recommendation for jeans–I have heard about AE’s mom jeans forever and it was about time that I tried a pair–I have to tell you, I LOVE them. I’m really weird about ripped jeans and I feel like I never feel quite “me” in them–but I truly love these. They have a vintage look and feel and they are the softest, most comfortable jeans I now own. They feel like sweatpants! Also, they run TTS and they’re a little looser through the thighs + calves with a taper down to the ankle! I love them folded up at the ankle. I’m 5’6 for height reference here.

Black denim skirt: I really love skirts and I feel like I don’t really own very many, so when I saw this black denim skirt I thought it would be the perfect fall/winter version. It looks adorable with just about everything! Runs TTS!


Striped bodysuit: Another first for me–I’ve never worn a bodysuit! Mostly because the thought of using the bathroom while wearing it really just was a big turn-off ? But this one has snaps (like an infant onesie ?) so that debacle is avoided. You’ll see in a lot of these outfits I use the bodysuit as my base layer–it’s really cute on its own but it’s also very cute with other things layered over the top of it, so it’s really easy to dress up or down! TTS.

Flannel button up: Who doesn’t love a good flannel shirt in the fall? You’ll be surprised at how versatile it can be! I love AE’s and they have a TON of different colors– they are so incredibly soft! TTS.

Open back bow sweater: Definitely one of my favorite pieces of this whole capsule–the color, for one–the orangey-red-brown-rust color is stunning and one of my favorites for fall! The best part though is the bow in the back with the peek-a-boo slit! (I wear a sticky bra so your bra doesn’t show!) However, you can also wear a really cute strappy bralette to show off too! TTS.

Ribbed cardigan: A staple in everyone’s closet–a comfortable, cozy chunky cardigan is a no-brainer for any trip! It’s easy to throw in your tote bag to keep you warm on the plane, and is the ultimate extra layer for any outfit! They have a ton of cardigans right now too! TTS.

Henley sweatshirt: My other favorite piece I found–I’m not a fan of old dingy sweatshirts, but I love being comfortable, so this sweatshirt is my newest obsession! It’s basically like a very elevated stylish version of sweats–it’s the softest thing you’ve ever felt and I love the button details! TTS.

Shoes + accessories: 

I included three pairs of shoes for this capsule–you really don’t need more than that, and you could easily just get away with two! (Or one pair of booties, if you’re really getting lean on the packing!)

Neutral booties (if you prefer a higher ankle + rounder toe, these are also super cute!) My go-to booties during the fall and winter are always neutral ankle  boots. You can wear them with everything from a sweatshirt and jeans to a dress, skirt, and everything in between. Go for a small heel so you’ll be able to dress them up at night but still walk for miles in them during the daytime. They’re also easy to pack and don’t take up much room, like other boots can.

OTK boots are another must-have in the footwear department. I own them in both tan and black, so feel free to pick whichever fits in best with your color scheme! Flat OTK boots are a great way to feel “dressed up” but super comfortable–so your feet aren’t killing you at the end of the night!

White sneakers (I especially love these Keds!) They go with everything–I’ve been a fan of the classic white sneaker ever since I was a kid–and not much has changed since ?

Plaid scarf: Is it REALLY fall if you aren’t wearing a big plaid scarf ? The one I’m styling here is old but this one is super similar and comes in lot’s of colors!

Weekend Capsule Wardrobe

Fall weekend outfits to replicate

I decided to break these outfits up into three different sections centered around the anchor piece of each outfit–denim! First up, boyfriend jeans, then skinny jeans, then a denim skirt!

Outfit #1: Mom jeans, Flannel, Cardigan + booties

Outfit #1: Mom jeans, Flannel, Cardigan + booties[one-half-first]Outfit #1: Mom jeans, Flannel, Cardigan + booties[/one-half-first][one-half]

Outfit #1: Mom jeans, Flannel, Cardigan + booties


The thing I love about these jeans is that they truly make everything feel very “fall” to me–which is a little surprising seeing as I always associate ripped denim with summer. A lot of questions I get are around how to style mom jeans–since they aren’t skinny–can you wear them with boots? How? What else do you style them with?

Honestly, you can wear jeans like these with pretty much anything you’d wear with regular jeans–just keep in mind that since the legs are baggier than skinnies, you can’t wear them with high boots (they look funny tucked in)–so opt for footwear that cuts off around or below the ankle. I really like mine rolled up at the ankles (which you can also do to accomodate booties that might be a bit higher cut up the ankle–you want there to be a little bit of space in between where the bottom of your jeans and your boots meet–otherwise, you’ll look like you have cankles ?)

Here, I love them paired with the flannel, cardigan, and booties! You can also add a subtle statement earring if your outfit is feeling too “tomboyish” for you!

Outfit #2: Bodysuit, Cardigan, Mom jeans, Booties

Outfit #2: Bodysuit, Cardigan, Mom jeans, Booties [one-half-first]Outfit #2: Bodysuit, Cardigan, Mom jeans, Booties[/one-half-first][one-half]

Outfit #2: Bodysuit, Cardigan, Mom jeans, Booties


Same mom jeans, cardigan sweater, and booties–but a striped bodysuit and bandana totally changes up the look! This is a great outfit to transition from night to day. If you’re going out to a bar and you want to dress it up a bit, remove the cardigan and scarf and add a statement earring–then you’re ready to go!

Outfit #3: Henley sweatshirt, Boyfriend jeans, Sneakers, Scarf

Outfit #3: Henley sweatshirt, Boyfriend jeans, Sneakers, Scarf

[one-half-first]Outfit #3: Henley sweatshirt, Boyfriend jeans, Sneakers, Scarf[/one-half-first][one-half]

Outfit #3: Henley sweatshirt, Boyfriend jeans


I have been LIVING in this henley sweatshirt ever since it arrived a couple weeks ago! It’s seriously the softest thing ever. You can’t get away with pairing any other sweatshirt with a pair of booties–but this one is cute and polished enough to do just that! It’s a great go-between if you want to look cute and stylish but really comfortable at the same time. The jeans are also insanely comfortable, so paired with your favorite sneakers and a scarf, this is an ideal “travel” outfit if you want to be ready to go out and explore as soon as you arrive!

Outfit #4: Black skinny jeans, sweater, and booties

Outfit #4: Black skinny jeans, sweater, and booties

Outfit #4: Black skinny jeans, sweater, and booties

Transitioning into skinny jean territory over here–I chose to go with these in black because black jeans seem to be what you guys have the most trouble finding–and I figured they’d be a good test drive! Let me tell you, they did not disappoint! They come in short and long, so you can find the perfect length that works for you. Sizing: They do run small, I went one size up and they fit perfectly!

I think this outfit is PERFECT for fall party where you want to look cute and stylish but comfortable. The peek a boo back of the sweater paired with the bow is really the cherry on top and makes this outfit extra special. If you wanted to dress it up more, you can swap the booties for a pair of pumps!

Outfit#5: Black skinny jeans, bodysuit, scarf, booties

Outfit#5: Black skinny jeans, bodysuit, scarf, booties [one-half-first]Outfit#5: Black skinny jeans, bodysuit, scarf, booties[/one-half-first][one-half]

Outfit#5: Black skinny jeans, bodysuit, scarf


Our trusty striped bodysuit again! I specifically chose the striped version because it adds a lot of personality no matter how basic your outfit is–that, and, stripes actually are the perfect pattern pairing for plaids. I knew I was going to have at least two plaids in this capsule–so thin stripes were the perfect foil! The pattern pairing works because the stripes are small, skinny and subtle, while the plaid scarf is bright, large print, and bold!

I love how the high waisted jeans look paired with the bodysuit–and I rolled the jeans at the ankle for a little added personality with the booties!

Outfit #6: Black jeans, bodysuit, flannel, OTK boots

Outfit #6: Black jeans, bodysuit, flannel, OTK boots[one-half-first]Outfit #6: Black jeans, bodysuit, flannel, OTK boots[/one-half-first][one-half]

Outfit #6: Black jeans, bodysuit, flannel, OTK boots


Mixing our striped bodysuit and plaids yet again! Another trick to mixing prints is to go with two patterns in the same color scheme. These work well together because they’re both black and white and work so well with black jeans! This outfit also gets versatility points because we took the flannel–what was originally a base layer–and turned it into a top layer!

Feel free to play around with your button-downs–they make great top layers when you don’t feel like wearing  a sweater or a jacket!

Outfit #7: Black denim skirt, sweater, scarf, booties

Outfit #7: Black denim skirt, sweater, scarf, booties


Outfit #7: Black denim skirt, sweater, scarf, booties


Anddd moving onto our final three outfits–each wearing this black denim skirt! (They have several available here!) I love this skirt because it’s soft and falls/hugs your curves really nicely–it doesn’t bag out at the butt and waist like a lot of denim skirts. This is another one of my a favorite outfits of the mix–with the shorter hemline playing nicely with the bulkier sweater up top–booties look adorable with it, but OTK boots would look cute too! I can’t get over how cute the back of the sweater is–if you wrap your scarf like I did here (with both ends hanging down the front)–it still shows off the back, too!

Outfit #8: Black denim skirt, striped bodysuit, cardigan, OTK boots

Outfit #8: Black denim skirt, striped bodysuit, cardigan, OTK boots [one-half-first]Outfit #8: Black denim skirt, striped bodysuit, cardigan, OTK boots[/one-half-first][one-half]

Outfit #8: Black denim skirt, striped bodysuit, cardigan, OTK boots


Next is an outfit featuring the striped bodysuit and cardigan that also easily bridges the day to night gap. I’d wear this outfit out for pizza or some fun casual bars on Friday or Saturday night. The best part about OTK boots is that you can wear them with denim skirts and not have the need for tights–all that material all the way up to your thighs adds SO much warmth!

Outfit #9: Black denim skirt, flannel button down, sneakers

Outfit #9: Black denim skirt, flannel button down, sneakers [one-half-first]Outfit #9: Black denim skirt, flannel button down, sneakers[/one-half-first][one-half]

Outfit #9: Black denim skirt, flannel button down, sneakers


Finally, last, but not least–a fun way to style your denim skirt during the daytime! (Skirts aren’t just for dressing up!) Pair it with a flannel and white sneakers (add a bandana for extra flair–mine is old here!) Wear this to brunch or out to the pumpkin patch!

What are your packing tips for a fall weekend capsule wardrobe? 

This post brought to you in partnership with American Eagle–a brand I have re-discovered and found a whole new level of love for! Thanks for supporting the partnerships that allow me to keep on creating the best possible content for you! 

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