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12 Comfy Summertime Everlane Staples (And 8 Ways to Wear Them!)

Happy Friday! 


Why are short weeks always SO crazy? I mean, I know it’s because we always have to cram 5 days of work into 4 days…but still. I always get to the end and feel like the entire week was a blur. That’s all to say, I’m happy it’s Friday. 

How are things with you? It would *appear* this was our last full week of extreme quarantine. Chicago is starting to open back up on June 3rd, so we are hopeful over here! 

Today, I’m excited to be teaming up with Everlane for our monthly post! I’m reviewing some of their latest summer items (actually, many I’ve had for years now!) and they’re all comfy, breezy basics you’ll want to live in for the whole season–whether you’re staying home, or venturing out! (Also, it was such a nice day that I decided to shoot these on the back deck instead of the usual living room. I hope you like the change of scenery ????BTW all patio items are linked in this post!) 

Big tip: (I like to reiterate this often, because it’s a good one!) On each product page, you can scroll down to the reviews section, and actually sort the reviews based on your height/body type, so you can see how each item fits your body type specifically! It’s SO HELPFUL!! 

12 Comfy Summertime Everlane Staples (And 8 Ways to Wear Them!)

[one-half-first]Summertime Everlane Staples[/one-half-first][one-half]

Summertime Everlane Staples


Weekend Tee Dresses:

I’ve been a fan of many an Everlane t-shirt dress (they also make a midi version and a tank midi version!) for many years now! (They usually come out with a slightly different iteration each year! You can see older versions I wore all throughout Italy!) and this one is roomier than their others, which is very appreciated given the times! The length is short enough to keep you cool, but not TOO short! (I’m 5’6 for reference!) It’s basically like wearing a nightgown, but not. AKA, perfect quarantine attire.

I ordered my regular size and it’s a bit loose/oversized, but that’s how I was wanting it! 

Daily Crossover Sandals

The dress is super versatile and comfy, so it’s an ideal match for comfy leather sandals (the ones I’m wearing here are BUTTERY soft!) 

Court Sneakers:

For another alternative, the dress also looks SUPER cute with sneakers! Here I’m wearing them with Everlane’s Court Sneakers but if you were planning to do a lot of walking and wanted a super supportive pair, you could totally pull off a sporty look with trainers, too. (Which is pretty tricky with more feminine dresses!)

For more details and comparison between the Court sneakers and Trainers, see my review here! They are both INCREDIBLY comfortable and run true to size. 

Baseball cap:

This dress also looks cute with a baseball cap too, because hair washing is so 2019. ????I love that this one is simple and has no logos, etc on it. It just looks classy and *slightly* sporty at the same time, and goes with everything! 

Summertime Everlane Staples

Cotton Picnic Dress:

I’m so glad they brought the Cotton Picnic Dress back this year! It comes in this deep navy as well as a blue pinstripe!

It’s the sweetest little sundress that is comfy and so flattering at the same time! The straps are perfectly positioned and wide enough to cover your bra straps, so you don’t have to worry about wearing an uncomfortable strapless bra. 

The buttons are actual buttons to make it easy to pull on and get off! (I hate when dress buttons are fake buttons and they’re impossible to get in and out of!) I actually have it in another color from last year! (You can see that styled here!) 

This is another dress that is super versatile to dress up or down. You can wear it with casual sandals for a BBQ or pair it with some wedges or other summery heels for a date or summer party! 

Sizing: TTS. Wearing a size 0! 

[one-half-first]Summertime Everlane Staples[/one-half-first][one-half]

Supersoft Summer Jeans:


Supersoft Summer Jeans:

BEHOLD. The most INCREDIBLE summer jeans ever created!! These are so, so soft–thus their name “the supersoft jean” (formerly called “the summer jean”) If you’ve been looking for a new pair of jeans this summer, these are them. They’re a relaxed cut that isn’t exactly straight but not skinny–definitely a great “in between.” They’re light and more breathable than regular denim! 

Sizing: They run TTS. I think the white runs a bit more relaxed than the blue denim (which I’m wearing below). I ordered my normal size (25) which are only more snug than usual because of quarantine, to be expected, haha! And I wouldn’t say they stretch a lot but they do “break-in” like non-stretchy jeans do. If you haven’t put on jeans for the past couple months, I’d see how your regular jeans fit, and then adjust your sizing from there. 

Lightweight button-down

You’ve seen me wear this quite a few times on stories over the past couple of months, but it is truly the greatest summer button-down. It is LIGHT as AIR without being see-through. Comfy enough to wear to wear from home, but polished enough to wear into the office…whenever that happens again. I also love it thrown over a bathing suit with a pair of jean shorts for a cover-up! 

Sizing: I’m wearing a size 0, my normal size. It’s supposed to be an oversized fit. 

Linen jumpsuit

Linen jumpsuit: 

A jumpsuit SO wonderful I had to have it in multiple colors! I have the cheery marigold yellow and this grey and white stripe is my second version, the blue and white pinstripe. It also comes in black! Like everything sleeveless Everlane designs, the straps are wide enough to cover your bra straps, and the straps have buttons in the back to adjust the length. It’s also stretchy in the back for easy on, easy off! It’s also very soft and breathable–not like scratchy linen! The belt is removable and looks super cute tied front or back–see how I styled this four ways in this blog post

Sizing: I took my regular size, 0. Being that its linen, it will stretch out a bit with wear, just a heads up. (But not enough to be too big!) I’m also 5’6 for height reference–but in the reviews, girls as short as 4’11 and as tall as 6 feet have said they love this jumpsuit–so it definitely works for a wide range of heights due to the crop! 

Tip: Another AMAZING jumpsuit is their cotton jumpsuit–which is basically sweatpants (but better) while being very pulled together at the same time! 

Cotton Crewneck Sweater: 

I don’t have many “warm weather” sweaters that are great for that in-between weather and cool summer nights. So I’m glad I added this one to my wardrobe! I couldn’t resist the sunny color, and it looks great tied around your shoulders, or paired with shorts or jeans! I went with a medium (one size larger) because I wanted it to be loose/slouchy!

Air camisole

Air camisole: 

Far and away my favorite basic tanks! The best part of the air cami is that it’s loose and flowy and breathable (but also looks super cute tied!) and the shape of the straps––you guessed it––covers your bra straps! I’ve had this white tank in particular for three years now, and they hold up great. Runs TTS. 

Supersoft jeans (distressed version): 

Same jeans as the white ones I’m wearing above, but the distressed version! I love them for all the reasons listed above–they’re a relaxed fit, SO comfortable, soft, and breathable. The best easy summer jean you could ask for. I do think these fit a bit more snugly than the white ones do, just FYI. I ordered my normal size and think they’re TTS. 

Cotton Shirtdress

Cotton Shirtdress: 

Wow, I guess the theme of this post is really becoming, “I’ve had an iteration of this Everlane item for years now and I’m so glad they brought it back! ????” So, YET AGAIN, here we are! I have this dress in white and a yellow stripe (from years ago now), and they are THE best all-purpose dresses. I love wearing them as house dresses. But they’re a great item to throw over a bathing suit for a polished cover-up! I wore them all over Italy for our trip a few summers ago! 

Sizing: Runs TTS! 


That’s all for now–it’s aperitivo time! I hope you have the most wonderful weekend! 

Huge thanks to Everlane, one of my all-time favorite partners, for sponsoring this post! ❤️