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10 Super Cozy Holiday PJ Sets

Dec 15, 2016


Hi from Oregon, guys!

Today’s post will be short and sweet because between keeping up with my nephews, cooking, and baby holding, I have a pretty full schedule at the moment! Some rambling updates in bullet form (because my youngest nephew, Andrew, is making things a little difficult to concentrate and accomplish the “full paragraph” thing :-P):

  • My niece and sister are doing great! Pretty low on sleep at the moment, but my mom and I are spending the night tonight to take some shifts with her, so hopefully that will change soon!
  • It is DUMPING snow here today. More snow than I’ve seen for a longgg time. It hasn’t stopped snowing since this morning, and its about up to my knees as of now. Needless to say, we’re staying in tonight, haha!
  • Speaking of tonight, we’re decorating the Christmas tree! (At least, that’s the plan anyway!) I haven’t gotten to decorate the tree with my family in a long time, so that should be really fun!
  • My nephews are requesting that I make this mac and cheese recipe (ZERO CALORIES! HAA just kiddinggg.) that I usually make around Christmas time. It’s SO good, and spicy. Yum!
  • Neal gets in on Friday afternoon, and we’ll spend the weekend with my family here in Bend, and then we’re heading over to Portland to do some wedding planning stuff. Yay!
  • My mom recently got her hands on a random DVD player so the kids could watch all our old Christmas movies. Blast from the past. Dying laughing.
  • Reminder: There are only a few days left to order gifts online in time for Christmas with standard shipping! Bookmark some time before Sunday to wrap up your holiday list!

Anyway, one of my favorite things about winter and the holidays are ALL THE COZY PJ’S!! Matching pajama sets are kind of an essential in my house. (Especially now that we moved and our new place is sligghhtllyyyy on the freezing side.) Plus, they make for some pretttyyy darn cute family photos on Christmas morning! Shop my favorite PJ sets above!

Have a happy Thursday! 


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