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10 Random Things

10 Random Things on a Friday | fresh flowers in a vase

Flowers in my cute vase from New Origin shop! (Vase is gone, but her shop has so many great finds!) 

Hiii friends! Happy Friday! 

Happy almost Easter and happy Passover to those who celebrate! 

We’ll be heading to the lake house this weekend for Easter, and I’m very excited because it’s supposed to be beautiful weather! (Still too chilly for beach weather, but sixties and sunny–we’ll still take it! ) 

I have quite a few blog posts in the works but none that are finished for today, so I’m sitting down at the kitchen table short on time and thought I’d do a stream of consciousness, first ten things that come to my mind blog post. Haven’t done one of these in a while, but they’re always fun. (I’m even curious to see what ends up coming out?! ????) 

Ready? Let’s go! 

10 Random Things on a Friday

I’m making GrossyPelosi’s deviled egg charcuterie platter this weekend 

(AKA the creator of THE SAWCE!) Have you ever heard of a thing so genius as a charcuterie and deviled egg COMBO platter? Why has this never been invented before? Leave it to Grossy to create this magic concept! I’m going to be making it this weekend for an Easter appetizer, putting my own spin on it by adding in fresh veggies and dip–thus it’s more of a deviled egg/charcuterie/veggie platter! (I love me a good veggie platter). 

I have a new mayonnaise obsession? *Things I never thought I’d say* 

Grossy uses Duke’s mayo in his deviled egg recipe, which I have never had before–as a straight Hellman’s/Best Food’s girl I have never bought another brand of mayonnaise (when I can help it) but I had Neal pick up Duke’s at Mariano’s and I have to admit…it’s REALLY GOOD. I made chicken salad with it last night and it’s absolutely delicious. I think I might be a convert for life. 

The song in Kelly’s latest IG video will NOT get out of my head

Did you see it? It’s so cute. ????It made me cry. And made me so excited to cook with LR when she gets old enough! The song Kelly used in particular has been stuck in my head ever since. It’s called “Crowded Table” by The Highwomen–I’d never heard it before! (I think maybe I need to look up how to play it on the ukulele). 

Speaking of, pregnancy hormones are in full swing. Half the songs I play on the uke make me cry. For no reason. 

Oh yeah, all the songs make me cry these days. I learned to fingerpick “make you feel my love” and was so proud and tried to play it for my mom and started crying. I tried to play “House that built me” for Neal–started sobbing. Couldn’t get through it. ???? STILL HAVE NEVER FINISHED THE SONG. 

If you’re shopping for a ukulele–shout out to Aloha City Ukes in Highland Park!

I got a new Uke right before Florida–a nice one, not from Amazon like my first one, and omg. WOW. What an incredible difference. It’s an Ohana tenor uke and it’s so beautiful–I bought it over the phone from Aloha City Ukes in Highland Park–their store is open, but it was snowing that day so I just caved and had it ship it to me. He was SO NICE over the phone and so helpful! Highly recommend if you want a really great ukulele! 

I bought these Water Drop flavored water tablets on a total whim and they’re my favorite “new thing” this week–they taste like spa water and help me drink way more! 

A couple weeks back I saw an ad from like THREE different influencer friends on this random product called Water Drop that I’d never heard of. I was intrigued. So I bought it using Krista’s code (KRISTA10) and they arrived yesterday–I LOVE THEM. They’re these little lightly flavored tablets (lightly sweetened with Stevia) that taste like spa water, you just drop them in your water bottle and shake. I have never drank so much water so fast! 

We just started Newsroom from the beginning and are loving it so far 

Have you watched Newsroom? It’s an older show, we never got into it before, but we just decided to start it and are loving it so far! It’s hard to find shows we both like, that are face-paced enough to keep my attention, but not too violent or depressing for me and not too fluffy for him. 

Third trimester officially starts on Monday. WOW that went fast! 

Everyone always jokes, “wow your pregnancy has gone so fast for me!” and I always answer “ME TOO!!” but it really has. I am so fortunate! 

Third trimester (28 weeks) starts Monday. Things are starting to feel real–I can’t believe she’s going to be here in just three months. I kind of wish I could just fast-forward to June right now and have her be here already, but we still have a lot to do, so it’s probably best that I can’t. ????

What’s really cute is that my birthday is July 9th (LR is due June 28th) and this is an Olympics summer, so we will be watching the Olympics around the clock! I was talking to my mom the other day and she told me I was also born during the summer Olympics and she has memories of watching them at all hours around the clock with me. (Pre Netflix, of course. She goes, “The Olympics saved me! I don’t know what I would’ve done without them! There was nothing else to watch late-night back then!)

So cool that we’ll be doing the same, exactly 33 years later! 

I feel like my French is finally improving ????

I’ve been taking French for about a year now! (Once a week for an hour, used to be in person but now over Skype!) My tutor Marie is one of my favorite people and is so patient. I will say, previously in life I would’ve told you that it was easier for me to pick up languages than a lot of people–I always did well in Spanish and I picked up Italian quickly when I studied abroad–but French? Oh man. Different ballgame. NOT EVEN CLOSE. The past couple of weeks I feel like something has finally clicked with French and it’s starting to make more sense–so I’m very excited about that! 

By the way, I’m not sure if Marie is taking more students right now, but she teaches both French (beginner and intermediate) and Arabic. I can’t recommend her enough. Feel free to DM me and I’m happy to give you her email!

(She doesn’t have Instagram so she doesn’t really get how it works, but I’ve sent her several referrals and she’s always like, “I heard from some of your friends! You have a lot of friends!” ????) Je t’aime, Marie!!

Today is the LAST DAY for the Dynasty George Kickstarter! Can we get her to $30K!?!?

If this is your first time hearing about this awesome WOC-owned, sustainable and ethically-made brand, click here for my blog post! They make the most beautiful house dresses and I bought two to support the kickstarter! 

…aaannnnd that’s it!! Hope you enjoyed this very random post. Happy weekend!!!