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10 Random Things

10 Random Things 3.25

Friday morning cuddles selfie. Just kidding, there was no cuddling. June is too busy for that now. What a ragamuffin. (Our PJ’s are linked here!) 

HIII! It’s Friday again! This week was a whirlwind but a really good whirlwind! How was yours?

I’m still so excited from the Elisamama dress reveal and buzzing from all your wonderful kind words! My brain is just too scattered to complete any other posts aside from a random word-vomit “10 things”–which we haven’t done in awhile, anyway! So here we go. The first 10 things that come to mind!

10 Random Things 3.25…

Elisamama launch! 

As mentioned above–still on a high from posting the big reveal yesterday! I have never launched dresses before so I honestly have NO idea what to expect. I mean, I love our designs so much, and we designed them with YOU all in mind specifically–but as happens when putting myself out there in any new capacity–admittedly there has definitely been a little voice inside my head at times wondering, “Will people buy them!? Will I be able to pull my weight as a partner for Fisayo!?” so seeing the amazingly positive and overwhelming response has just been so so wonderful. Like simultaneously giddy and kind of a sigh of relief? THANK YOU. ♥️ I really hope you love the dresses as much as we do! This has been such a fun experience and we’re already talking a second partnership!

More exciting project partnerships on the horizon: 

Exciting strides in TWO other collaboration projects have been happening this week. One is with Whitney–it’s not a Paris trip but…somewhere else that is equally fantastic! Make sure to get on her email list so you don’t miss the details when we send them out!

The other is with a brand I’ve been working with for a while now, one I’m passionate about and a brand YOU all adore. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say who it is yet so I’m going to confirm right now and spill the beans as soon as possible. But we’re looking at an accessories launch for fall! Eeeek!

It’s FINALLY not freezing in Chicago! 

I say this as it’s going to be like 37 degrees this weekend. But despite the rainy weather, I’m just so, so thankful I haven’t had to wear a puffer coat since coming home from Florida. It’s been so nice to be TRENCH COAT weather! (Are you even a midwesterner if you aren’t constantly talking about the weather?)

I walked past daycare today on the way to run errands and peered in the window and who did I find but June sitting on the head teacher’s lap!

Little teacher’s pet! It’s so sweet to see how much she loves them and how much they adore her. I get a lot of messages from readers asking how I felt about daycare and if it was the right childcare decision for us, and it absolutely was. There is nothing better than seeing them light up when they see each other at drop-off! Not to mention, having my day (and house) to myself Monday through Friday has been key for my mental health and finding some semblance of balance juggling work, life, time for myself, motherhood, etc. (As if that exists, but, you know.)

I’m going to early happy hour today with my friend Sam, June, and her little boy!

We made impromptu plans this morning and I am SO excited! Neal is heading out tonight to watch March Madness games with his friends. Excited that we are both getting friend time in!

And on that note…we have a date night on Saturday! 

We finally got a REAL babysitter! (My amazing sister in law usually watches June, but we’ve needed to find a local sitter we aren’t related to for a while now and I’m excited we finally did! I actually used the Bambino app! (If you sign up and book through that link we’ll both get $10!) Brighton was the one who turned me onto it and it was really helpful!

Another “work” related win: I hired a team to help me make graphics! 

This has been on my list for SO long. I have always admired the pretty graphics and helpful shopping/styling roundups that some of my other blogging friends had, but I never had time to do it myself–much less the time to do them WELL.

I finally bit the bullet and found the ladies of 2 Social Co and it’s been AMAZING. They have done an incredible job bringing my Lucky Mag style collage-inspired dream to life. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve been posting a lot more of these pretty graphics! You can see them all  published on LTK as well if you miss them on stories!

I know outsourcing can be really hard to do, even when if you have the budget for it! Whether that’s in your home life (hiring a cleaning service, organizer, house manager, handyman, etc!) or your professional life (outsourcing various professional tasks you aren’t great at or just don’t have the bandwidth for), but each time I’ve taken the leap, it’s been an absolute godsend and I can’t recommend it enough. If you’ve been on the fence about it, consider this my push!

New Rothy’s code! 

Full transparency, Rothy’s is a sponsor! But they’ve opened my discount code back up for 48 more hours! They are so lovely-they saw I was incorporating a lot of my Rothy’s shoes and my tote in my collages and they asked me to do more stories about the products I love and also opened my code back up! Code JESSKEYS20 gets you $20 off your first time order of $100 or more! Shop all their products here! (My favorites are their driving moccasin, “the square” flats, and their tote bag! All are washable and made of 100% recycled ocean plastic!

Freda Salvador sneakers on sale!! 

This NEVER happens. I have never seen the white leather version on sale before, and even better–they’re 25% off as part of the Bloomingdales Friends and Family sale, meaning, the sale price saves you $73! I can’t believe it! They are my probably my #1 most worn shoe in warm weather and I can’t recommend them enough. I paid full price for them and I would pay full price again for them in a heartbeat. Plus, Freda Salvador is a small, woman-owned brand, so I love to support them! ♥️

“Why have kids?! It sounds so hard!”

I loved this Cup of Jo piece on the most magical parts of motherhood if you need a feel-good read. You don’t need to be a mom to enjoy it! I even had child-free by choice readers DM me after I shared it on Instagram saying, “this was so sweet and made my eyes well up with happy tears!”

Hope you have an absolutely fabulous weekend!