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10 Random Things

10 Random Things 10/25

June’s sweater, June’s leggings, June’s bows 

Happy Monday!

If you tuned into stories at the end of last week, I mentioned that I’m still struggling to get back into “work” mode, even though June has started daycare now. I definitely underestimated how long it would take for my brain to function normally again!? (Or maybe this is just the new normal?) Anyway, admittedly, I’m just not feeling super creative OR motivated. It’s an odd feeling because I WANT to get back into my “new” routine, and when I actually get GOING on writing a blog post, I love it and it feels good to be back. But getting there seems to be the tough part. I’m giving myself some slack–I’ve only been a mom for four months–I suppose that’s not very long in the grand scheme of things, is it?

Anyway, I asked for your feedback and idea ideas that you had for blog post topics, and THANK YOU to the reader who suggested I bring back 10 Random Things. It’s actually a idea I stole from Kelly but I wrote a few of them back in quarantine. So, thank you also to Kelly for coming up with this idea in the first place.

10 Random Things 10/25

So, here we go–a brain dump of the first 10 random things that come to mind! 

One: Last Wednesday-Saturday was my first multi-day overnight stretch where I had June solo.

(Neal was traveling for work. Yes. Work travel again! WILD!) The funny thing is that he’s been with her for several days on end, multiple times already when I’ve been gone on for a girls’ weekend and then, of course, Paris. It was HUMBLING and made me appreciate him even more than I already did. It was a TRIP to get both of us packed, ready, and out the door to drive to the lake house (we met Neal up there on Saturday afternoon) BUT I DID IT! And she only screamed for the last 15 minutes both ways. (She can go either way in the car!)

It was great to be back at the lake house with my in-laws. We laid low, went for walks in the chilly weather–the trees are all turning so beautifully. It was a great weekend! She also laughed the BIGGEST belly laughs we’ve heard yet. AND I captured it on camera! (See above!) We just love her so much!

Two: These LOFT pants are INCREDIBLE.

They arrived last Friday (where I wore them all day) and I’m wearing them again today. They look like “real” pants. But they’re made of a thick knit sweater material and have a stretchy waist, most importantly. They feel like sweats but you can totally wear them to work and dress them up to be biz causal as well. (Sizing: I think they run a bit roomy but I would still go with your normal size, I got smalls, but they’re a bit on the looser side, but I think XS would’ve been too tight for me in the waist.) They’ll go great with loafers, flats, ankle booties, pumps–you name it!

Three: I can’t believe we’re talking about gift guides already!

I plan to have them up extra early this year to account for the inevitable supply chain/shipping issues–but many of the things in my Jess’ Favorite Things gift guide will remain the same. If you’re already shopping, you can peruse it here!

Four: I think Equilibria should start marketing their Extra Strength Softgels as “mom gels” because they are the only thing that have helped my middle of the night anxiety.

I often still wake up paranoid, checking the monitor several times per night and it’s becoming really draining. (Often SHE sleeps through the night, but I don’t!) It’s taken me a bit to get back into a CBD routine after getting out of the habit for taking it for 9 months (I didn’t take it while pregnant) but after experimenting with my dose, the Extra Strength Softgels have been super helpful and most effective in managing that new mom nighttime anxiousness. (FYI, I would not take the extra strength unless you’re a regular CBD user and already know that you need a higher dose! EQ has a CBD quiz here to help you determine the right products/dosage for you! Use code JESSKEYS for 15% off your first order!)

Five: I’m putting this out into the universe:

I want to write a children’s book because I have a very unique and compelling story idea that came to me after my trip to Paris and it needs to be put into the world! (The world needs a book from this perspective!) I do not know the first thing about writing or publishing a book. I’ve also heard self-publishing is a big thing? I don’t know. But if you know anything about the topic, I would be so grateful for any advice you may have! (Feel free to email Jess at or DM me on Instagram). I did find this Skillshare class about how to write a children’s book that I want to take, so I’ll report back on that!

Six: Blair re-launched her design business!

That is SO EXCITING! Selfishly I’m so happy she did, because my site has needed a major fresh facelift for many years now and I was already planning to bribe Blair to come out of retirement to design it for me. We had a kick-off call on Friday and I can’t wait to see her first round of designs soon! If you have a small business and need a website, look her up!

Seven: Can we send you a holiday card!?

I’m partnering with Minted this holiday season to promote their amazing holiday cards and I asked if we could actually send all of YOU holiday cards! They loved the idea! I’m so excited. If you’d like to receive one, just pop your info in this google form. (We won’t do anything with the info other than just use it for address purposes, I promise!) By the way, they’re running a holiday card sale today if you’re planning to do holiday cards this year! We adore Minted. (They created our wedding invitations and always have the best personalized gifts!)

Eight: Is your phone always dying?

I bought this iPhone charging battery case thingy for Paris and I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it!? If your phone is always dead, I highly recommend.


If you don’t have this crackling Canadian maple syrup candle you’re missing out.


My friend Sara and her husband put all their stuff in a storage unit and are jet setting around Europe with their baby for the next several months. WHAT. A. DREAM. She just posted some incredible photos from France. Make sure to follow along her adventures–I can’t wait to do the same!

Eleven: (Look! I got to eleven!) Our nicknames for June are ever-evolving but the latest is “Puggy”

Because she makes the funniest noises that sound like a pug. Puggy has her 4 month doctor checkup today, so I’m about to hop off, scrounge something for lunch in the fridge, and we will head out. Hoping the rain stops so we can walk her there and not have to load her up in the car.

SUCCCESS! HOORAY! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Monday!