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10 Random Things

Neal and I outside Ada Street | 10 Random Things

Above: Neal and I outside Ada Street (it’s basically in a back alley behind Home Depot, don’t be alarmed. One of the best meals we’ve had in a long time!) I’m wearing this dress from Mango! (Runs big, order your smaller size!) 

Here we are again! Another “random things” post. (Told you there would likely be more of these). Today I’m having one of those “almost 39 weeks pregnant and my brain feels like scrambled eggs” days so thought this was a good post choice for today’s mood. Here we go, 10 of the first things that come to mind…ready…go!

10 Random Things 6.18.21

I am antsy, extremely bored, but not motivated to do anything at the same time.

I feel like I’m kind of starting to hit that “end of pregnancy wall” where I don’t know what on earth to do with myself. And I can’t say that any particular activity (including laying on the couch) is particularly comfortable, so binging Netflix doesn’t even have the same allure that it used to. (FYI: the last thing a super pregnant lady wants to hear is “GET ALL THE REST YOU CAN NOW!!” Like REALLY? Have you ever tried to sleep at 39 weeks pregnant? IT DOESN’T GO SO WELL. Even SLEEPING is uncomfortable!) I have basically just been waddling around the condo into different rooms being like, “why did I come in here again?”

I’m just ready for LR to get here already!!

I’m going to TEA with KARLA this afternoon!! 

I know this will be the perfect thing to get me out of my funk–I’m FINALLY meeting Karla in person! We’re going to tea at the Drake, which I have always wanted to do! Karla and I have been friends for years on Instagram now. I absolutely adore her as a person as well as her super authentic content on Instagram. She just moved back to the Midwest (near Rockford) and she’s in the city for the day–I’m so happy we’re finally able to meet up!

Tomorrow is Juneteenth! 

Juneteenth has officially become a federal holiday! (Vox’s “Juneteenth explained” is a good one to read today.)

On one hand, I think it’s an important step, it’s a mark of progress (seeing as it’s not something most of us even learned about in school and I hope this means it will bring much needed awareness, conversation, and education). I’m glad that it’s finally received the recognition it deserves–that is surely something to celebrate! On the other hand, I do worry that this was just a pacification/band-aid tactic. There is a SO much legislative change that still needs to happen–from police reform to education to voting rights and more–at the same time, GOP lawmakers are passing more voter restrictions across the country. (You can see a roundup of them here.) Certain states are regulating teaching about slavery, race, and issues of equality in the classroom. This is incredibly alarming.

I guess this is all to say, I think we can celebrate the deserved recognition of Juneteenth while at the same time, continue to make our voices heard, continue to educate ourselves (and especially our kids), and hold our elected officials accountable.

A great way to spend your day off for Juneteenth: shopping and supporting black owned brands!

A few brands I love and shop personally, to get your shopping spree started: Dynasty George’s beautiful and comfy dresses, Zou Xou’s pretty sandals (their Lagos sandals reviewed here), Pear Nova’s nail polishes, EVERYTHING in the New Origin’s gift shop, 54 Thrones’ luxurious hand cream, Vintage Royalty’s earrings, Woo Me’s nail strengthening + growth serum, Elisa Mama’s fun colorful childrens’ clothes + matching women’s dresses, PUR home’s nontoxic laundry detergent + other home cleaning supplies, and of course, DesignDua, where LR’s bassinet is from.

I stocked up on even more Nespresso coconut iced coffee pods in anticipation of LR’s arrival. 

They’re just SO GOOD. (If you love coconut, and iced coffee, that is.) It also makes me giggle because her Baby Brezza and our Nespresso machine sit on either side of our sink and I am envisioning a frequent “one for me, one for you!” routine happening. I can’t wait to have unlimited coffee again.

I’m reading The Paris Library and I am loving it so much so far.

Not to be confused with The Midnight Library, which I also read recently and it was good but was not entirely my cup of tea. The Paris Library is much more my jam. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. You can pry my WWII historical fiction books out of my cold dead hands.

Neal and I finally started Mare of Eastown.

I think we might be the last two people on earth who haven’t watched it yet, but in case I’m wrong, and YOU still haven’t watched it–it’s so good. It’ll hook you from the first episode–which I can’t say about a lot of shows. (I’m kind of a tough cookie when it comes to watching anything.) Watching Kate Winslet in a role that is so different from what she usually plays is a true treat. She’s incredible.

If you’re looking for an AMAZING eye mask (as in, a sleep mask), I just ordered two of these from Amazon to pack in our hospital bags

(I didn’t want to bring my expensive silk ones in case I lost them or something) and OMG. These work better than any of my fancy masks. They are TRUE black-out masks, and feel like pillows for your eyes!

Loeffler Randall on sale at Bloomingdales!

You know they make my favorite bow heels–the Penny (taller heel) and Emilia (low heel)–I have and adore both. They’re SO COMFORTABLE too, and I think they make every outfit look 100x cuter. I would size up if you don’t have narrow feet. Those pairs and many more are 30% off right now with code SAVEMORE. Hurry though, they’re going REALLY fast!

So many of you out of towners planning trips to Chicago soon! Many have asked for good restaurant reccos.

I can’t say I’ve got a great pulse on the Chicago restaurant scene (I’m no longer cool) but what I CAN tell you is that I have had some of the best meals in a LONG time recently at Ada Street (go to the Hideout after, we have never made it there but have ALWAYS wanted to go!) and Andros taverna. Can’t recommend either highly enough, so put them on your list!

That’s it for now! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!