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Friday distractions: 10 cute dogs you need to follow on Instagram

May 15, 2015

Happy Friday once again! (I love being able to write that in my blog posts, because it means it’s officially the weekend!)

Because we’re all looking for distractions on Friday, I decided to start a little series appropriately called, what else? Friday distractions.  And what better inaugural topic than a round up of cute dog accounts to follow on Instagram? I think nothing! So here we go. Here are my 10 absolute favorite dog accounts. You should probably block off some time on your calendar.


I like to call Nacho my gateway drug into dog Instagram accounts. He was the first one that I started following and then it kind of just spiraled downward from there. He looks like a little frog and I can’t even handle his squishy face.


Manny is the squishiest faced frenchie I’ve ever seen, and is a fellow Chicagoan who uses his social influence to do tons of great things for the community. He often holds dog friendly fundraisers called “pawtys,” loves to play dress up, sleep in bathroom sinks, and he has four other bulldog siblings, who all have their own Instagrams as well. (I’m secretly wondering if his owners just manage all of these dog instagram accounts full time?)  I think if I saw Manny on the street, I might ask for his pawtograph. (I’m so embarrassing.)


Tuna is one of those dogs who is so ugly that he is adorable. He also happens to have 1.3 million followers, and helps raise a lot of money for pet charities.


On the contrary, Noodle might be the cutest dog you’ve ever seen. She also happens to be my dog niece, belonging to Kelly, and all. I have no doubt that Noodle will soon surpass me in the amount of followers she has on Instagram. Because who can resist those stubby legs, pouty face and the longest body you’ve ever seen? Big city, tiny wiener.


Bentley might be the cutest teenage English bulldog in the city of New York. He recently had to wear a cone and then I just lost it.


Despite their Instagram name, this account follows three dogs: Harlow, Sage and Reese–two weiner dogs and a Weimaraner. I can’t look at this feed without giggling.


The dog version of The Sartorialist, The Dogist snaps incredible photos of dogs, documentary style, on the streets all over the world. If you love dogs of all kinds and incredible photography, definitely give this account a follow!


Yes, fine, Frenchie, but just look at her little grin? Chloe is a little bitty fashionista frenchie in NYC. She recently just launched her website and her new line of poo bag purses. Seriously. Is this real life?


The pups behind this account (Jazzy & Cooper) have got the whole Instagram branding thing down. Not only do these two rescue dogs have a beautiful feed, but they’re just about the cutest pair of buddies you’ve ever seen.


The fact that rescue dog and King Charles Spaniel, Toast has a sweet face and a tongue that hangs permanently out of her mouth makes her pretty great. The fact that her owner is @TheFatJewish makes it so much better.

Who are your favorite Instagram dogs?

main image via @bordernerd

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